Tour de France Insider Podcast #8

Tan’s last hurrah

Recorded inside the press room at Grenoble Velodrome, we bring you Episode #8 of the Insider from the 2011 Tour de France, our final podcast. Once again, Anthony Tan finds his friends in need, journalist and author, Richard Moore, and Procycling magazine’s European Editor, Daniel Friebe, to dissect one of the most intriguing editions of La Grande Boucle in years.


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Bryan Neck

Appreciated the podcast, guys, but I’m confused by your criticism of Evans re. answer to doping question.

Maybe the French or Italian question was different, but the English question I heard from the press conference was along the lines of, “You came 2nd twice when there was a lot of doping going on, how do you think attempts to clean up the sport has led to your victory now?”

It was a loaded question inviting him to slag off Sastre and Contador, the two cyclists who beat him in 2007 and 2008. By agreeing that ‘Yeah, it’s helped,’ he’s indirectly implicating them both as drug cheats! I bet that would’ve made a great story, but Evans decided it was more prudent not to take the bait. He has stated previously in 1 on 1 interviews that he believes in ‘innocent until proven guilty’ when it comes to drug allegations, which strikes me as reasonable. That question was inviting him to speculate about the status of others…a trap he chose to avoid.

I think what you’re calling ‘chippy’ and defensive is his awkwardness about public speaking and dealing with media conferences. It’s obvious he hasn’t had extensive media training – he gets nervous and flustered and hesitates a lot. Public speaking isn’t his schtick. I actually find it kinda refreshing – it makes him human. Not everyone is extroverted and expansive. You want him to be a spokesperson for cycling, something he’s not comfortable with.

And one more thing: what was wrong with Evans praising BMC for believing in him when people doubted him in 2008? There was a lot of bad press at the time – I recall reports saying that the Silence-Lotto team found him ‘difficult’ and prone to tantrums, that he choked in the TT, that he’d never win a Tour. As a sporting fan, I remember it well. Evans definitely hasn’t forgotten. So if you’re wondering why he’s so chippy in press conferences, just look to the flak he’s been given in the recent past!

Anyway, press conference comments aside, I appreciate the podcast analysis of the stage and tour overall. Thanks!

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