ToC argument

How much is too much?

With the Tour of California (also known as "the Race to Keep Levi Quiet in July") now occurring at the same time as the Giro, has the date change for the race raised or lowered its profile? Are you watching (assuming, of course that VS allows you to watch) both races? Is it too much, or is it a lovely smorgasbord of cycle racing? I have also seen the future of cycling coverage and it is the online tracker for the ToC—I didn’t realize how addicting it would be to monitor Tommy D’s rotation from 25th to 65th place in the peloton live as it happens.



After yesterday, I’ll not bother with them again. I’d rather watch the feeds on the net than listen to Liggett anyway.


I like that ToC tracker and they even had somewhat live video with it yesterday. It was even displaying Jens’ wattage and cadence!

But having to listen to Paul & Phil was a downder. Is it me or do they actually sound bored?! Even during the exciting finish yesterday it was like they were commenting on the front nine of some no-name golf tournament. Add to that the non-sensical blather that comes out of their mouths every 2 minutes. Seriously, at one point one of them was literally spending time talking about how deep the Pacific ocean is and how “mighty” it is! LoL!


This has been the best starts to the Giro I have ever seen. Loved the muddy stage, and hated all the crashes but couldn’t turn away. I watch the ToC later later if I’m still awake mostly because of Little John but like the Radion Shack /Garmin battle. HD is nice, if I watch the Giro after the HD it looks blury. Yesterday ToC was so lame with the coverage ending before the end of the stage.


While VS definitely has de-emphasized cycling in their programming (which sucks), I’ll cut them a break on yesterday. The NHL paid them a lot of money (for a regional sports network on steroids) to broadcast games, and so they should get priority when it comes to time slots. I got back from traveling for FBF’s rainout last night and immediately when I turned it on there was a ticker saying that the finish would be broadcast on the race’s website. In this day and age is it so hard to watch something on the internet?

Nevertheless, for the cycling fans VS is not doing well anymore. I’ve enjoyed watching the Giro on Universal Sports (now if Cablevision can get their HD channel that’d be sweet); hopefully they can pick up some of the slack.


Amerigo Clearcoat

VS has been a network in search of an identity for years, even when it was OLN. What is it? Huntin’ and fishin’? Bull ridin’ Hockey? Ultimate fighting? Cycling has always been the odd man out. They haven’t figured it out. It’s been a revolving door for management and staff within the industry since its inception.

Sofiane Neck

You guys complain about everything, upgrades, local race promoters, race coverage, blah, blah, blah

Juiced Newton

Blood, mud and tears…probably the best start to Giro…every day there are sit on the edge of the seat moments.

Maybe not as exciting yet, but still pretty cool to see the big guns go out to Cali and put the smack down.

I DVR them both and FF through the really slack parts.

Make sure to watch the Giro first though, cause every day Bone Head Phil throws out the Giro spoiler.

Amerigo Clearcoat

i like to watch the giro streaming, in italian and read live text updates on velonews


Uh, ToC can’t even update their website. They still have Lancaster as the yellow jersey and Zabriskie 10 seconds back

Loic Lube

Dan, can you test that on NYVelocity? The fact that the rumoor came from the US…No wonder Lance admits to no doping, he had other help?…What’s the penalty forgetting busted? the ride gets 2 years suspension? That sound almost stupid, as that’s more likely a “team” effort…


I would love to test the macGruber system, of course, I wouldn’t use it in a race or anything…

Guido Biopace

i’ve wondered about such a system, only in the rear hub and disguised as a power tap


I agree, this is great!

And thanks to Italian TV for actually getting video of a rainy stage, unlike VS on the Santa Rosa ToC stage.


VS coverage of ATOC is like watching Lost for the past six years: Just when things get interesting, they cut away to something so seemingly pointless that you get frustrated and turn on some porn. And by porn I mean pre-recorded Giro coverage on the DVR.


Yeah, that was pretty lame. Probably told them the planes had to stay grounded or else they’d get sued if someone crashed. Univest had a bird in the air during a freekin’ hurricane; ToC should hire those guys.

Pro Spring

I haven’t watched one second of the ToC coverage. The greatest Giro in years is enough to get my fix. Plus, no Lance boot licking on Universal Sports. And the US announcers are orders of magnitude better than Phil and Paul.


The Giro is really kickin it up a notch in the drama dept. What was Astana thinking?
ToC coverage is top notch on the tracker site. Awesome to see dznuts get some.
I get an itching feeling that Evelyn will be standing on the top step at l’Aude. She’s really kickin some veteran tail out there – @ 43sec.


Sastre will win overall. He is now in a perfect position. Gerdemanns could threaten him but its now Sastre’s Giro.


All he has to do is follow wheels. I think Evans and Vino arent done yet though and those guys are much stronger than Carlos right now. Lots of stages to race still.

Guido Sarducci

My man Cayetano Sarmiento Tunarrosa is going to take the magleeya rosa just you wait & see.


The problem with VS Network’s coverage, in general–ToC, TdF, etc…is the b.s. filler/human interest segments, and over-production they shove down our throats. NBC Universal is perfect with the un-cut Euro feed and commentary in the background. Can’t ask for more than that.

West Coast Reader

Who will end their career tomorrow?

Who will pay lawyers thousands, hundreds of thousands starting tomorrow?

Who will lay themselves under the guillotine?

Who will throw their fellow cyclists under the bus?

All to be seen at the start of today’s stage!


Will they now be disinvited to the Tour? The French have been on to something all these years…

Schiatuzzo Brifter

His jersey says it all.

Big deal, a liar decides to tell the truth. They all dope or have doped. Well, maybe except Cadel. Poor bugger.

Maxine Waters

The funny thing is that Floyd said that the test at the Tour was a false positive (which explains why he would spend so much coin to fight it). He said he used testosterone at other events, but not that Tour. Where’s the guy that said “the system works”?

"Moosehunter," apparently

After a brief hiatus, our young scrivener comes in first place yet again – check out who gets first billing on the WSJ by-line:

Way to go Mr Albergotti. Chapeau.*

Suck on that, Bullwinkle!

* Disclaimer & certification for the chapeau po-po: No, I did not actually remove my hat as I typed that. I did, however, re-adjust my toupée. Also, I do happen to be a Europhile (in particular, Italophile) doosh, dooch, or Deutsche depending upon your orthographical proclivities.

Piero Sealant

“He already made those accusations in the past,” McQuaid said. “Armstrong has been accused many times in the past but nothing has been proved against him. And in this case, I have to question the guy’s credibility. There is no proof of what he says. We are speaking about a guy who has been condemned for doping before a court.”

Pat McQuaid sounds like a retard.

William Internal Routing

Here’s to a new era in pro cycling!? (if it survives)

A little too late Floyd but thanks any way.

Kudos Mr. Albergotti


McQuaid is a well paid retard, like the “donations” that the UCI received from the livestrong foundation. Funny, I didn’t know that the UCI was in the business of cancer research…


“2005: I had learned at this point how to do most of the transfusion technicals and other things on my own so I hired Allen Lim as my assistant to help with details and logistics. He helped Levi Leipheimer and I prepare the transfusions for Levi and I and made sure they were kept at the proper temperature. We both did two seperate transfusions that Tour however my hematocrit was too low at the start so I did my first one a few days before the start so as to not start with a deficit.”

Andy hook us up with another Lim interview!

Titouan Bottle

I know it’s incredibly naive of me, but I was sad to see that Zabriskie was implicated.


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buttermilk jones lover

Floyd = most disloyal, scumbag rat f-ck the cycling world has ever seen. This is the same “Positively False” jackass who suckered young fans into giving him money to defend his doping? Are you f-cking kidding me? You gonna give that money back, Landis?

Say what you want about LA – Floyd is a f-cking disgrace. The doping I have no problem with, and never have. Who cares? Guys at the top will do whatever they can to win – enjoy the entertainment. But to dope, get caught, lie to get money out of your fans, and then unsolicited turn in teammates, coaches, support staff after the fact? Complete dishonor and disgrace. Shameful.


buttermilk jones, that is the best Lance impersonation ever! He must be saying exactly the same thing right now.


This is where Asian cyclist usher in a new era of clean cycling.

Oh wait, Alan Lim? Nooooo!

Joe Public (Duh!)

AND F@#% Lance!!!!

It’s about time the truth comes out. It’s the riders that are rumored to be clean, I mean really clean, that we’re all interesting in hearing more on. Do they exist? Are they out there? Taylor Phinney? VanDevelde? Anyone – hello??!!

We’ll all look back to the past two decades of the sport with mixed feelings. Think about, LA doping, Operation Puerto, Festina Affair, blah blah…. And what of a major Pharma Co known for manufacturing EPO sponsoring a major tour? Isn’t that a bit odd in the light of the sports troubles with doping?

buttermilk jones lover

just a buttermilk jones lover. (don’t want to give a bad name to the jones’ses’)

schmalz, i live ethically – when i f-ck up, i admit it, apologize, make it right as best i can, make a commitment not to do it again, and move on. i’m sure you do the exact same. that’s what floyd should do. come clean about what he did. give his *loyal* fans who he lied to and stole from an apology and their f-cking money back.

what i don’t do is point out people who either were/are loyal friends/teammates and highlight things they’ve done wrong.

generally, another man’s transgression (within reason) ain’t my business. what others have done is between them, their fans and their conscience.

buttermilk jones lover

oh, and what got the financial system in trouble was china’s recycling of dollars into US fixed-income assets, lax US monetary policy, and the fact that we have a sociallized housing system in the US but didn’t want to acknowledge that fact. all the rest is more symptom rather than cause.

Vincent Ergopower

you mean lim was doing more than making his special rice balls for floyd? ohmigod! shocker!


No worries cycling fans, I’m sure Phil and Paul will offer words reason in this shit-storm by mid afternoon.

H. Ater

Verb 1.hero-worship – love unquestioningly and uncritically or to excess; venerate as an idol; “Many teenagers idolized the Beatles”
idolise, idolize, revere, worship
adore – love intensely; “he just adored his wife”
drool over, slobber over – envy without restraint

Fanboys, take notice. Believe in yourself, the real heroes are dead.

loquacious jones

why would you be a loyal fan of ANY pro athlete, let alone a cyclist who tested positive for dope. if you sent money to the FLoyd Fairness Fund, you forfeited your right to be outraged by being a complete sucker.

and do you really think that landis’s teammates, doctors, etc. are “loyal” just because they haven’t ratted him or each other out? that’s ridiculous.


I think this whole thing is just a ploy to take our minds off the (mac)gruber-gate scandal from yesterday.

Paul Pulley

LA was still the best doped cyclist in a doped field. He doped better, he rode better. They are entertainers, he entertained me. Imagine a clean Keith Richards.

buttermilk jones lover

-2 for reading comprehension & logic. i wrote *generally* and *within reason* what another man does isn’t my business. i know some dude who cheats on his wife. you want her number so you can turn him in?


Is it within reason to talk about activities that could potentially costs athletes their health or their lives? And is the guy’s wife hot?

sane man in an insane world

“and do you really think that landis’s teammates, doctors, etc. are “loyal” just because they haven’t ratted him or each other out? that’s ridiculous.”

i do not see it as ridiculous. try this:

would i be proud if i helped a good friend cheat on a test in college a couple of years ago? no.
would i regret it? probably.
would i turn him in now? hells no! never!

doping is systemized is cycling. and its an administrative violation of a frieking sporting event. you’re not killing anyone. or cheating on a spouse. or being a bad father. or a million other things i consider far worse. you’re breaking a rule in a sporting event. you are only responsible for implicating yourself.

i am not saying he shouldn’t come forward. that f-cking guy should go back on his world tour ASAP handing out dollar bills and apologies to all those naive fans who loyally supported him.

to me, disloyalty is really beneath contempt. a man needs to have a code, and his word needs to be his bond. floyd implicitly or explicitly agreed to keep mum when he started cheating with these other idiots. he has gone back on that, in addition to stealing from people he lied to. he is a liar, thief, and a disgrace.

sound like many of you disagree with me. ok. i’d wager you’d rather have a guy like me as your friend when push came to shove.


There’re not killing anyone, but they were allegedly banking their own blood, keeping it in their fridges at home and transfusing themselves—sounds a little dangerous to me.

Std Op proc

just the facts…
FL should have dropped a dime when he got caught. Not 5 years later…
I want my Brlkn beer money back…
oh, and that guys wife that has been cheating on hisslef, she has already been there done that…one way or another.

Krispi Kristin got her 80%
Betsy shoulda gotz hers but she f-d up…
Lance will have his lawsuits a la OJ from all those “shocked” sponsors and fans…

Only thing more shocking is a 9volt battery from the freezer….

If you see somn, say somn….

iron injection

those are local candy…more guys on than off…

except Greg Olsen, he has 808s and a Casco for the same effect…


A Lance press conference alleged to happen at Cali today, how fast can we get Kimmage there?

sane man in an insane world

“sounds a little dangerous to me.”

ok. so what? its their choice. cyclists will make plenty of risky decisions regardless of what floyd does. and floyd can be anti-doping, speak out aggressively, explain his methods and still not implicate anyone. the guy lied to his naive fans’ faces to STEAL their money. he is a complete f-cking scumbag.

if your concern is really about protecting cyclists from themselves (i’m not concerned with that, btw), floyd’s irrelevant – push to legalize doping under strict medical supervision. you will never completely eradicate doping from any sport. the “war on doping”/zero tolerance policy inevitably leads to people making more dangerous decisions. pick your poison – everyone dopes safely, or some dope relatively more dangerously. those are the only two options.

West Coast Reader

So far under the bus from the letter, just keeping tabs:

Lance Armstrong
Joe-Han Bruyneel
George Hincapie
David Zabrinski
Michael Barry
Matt White
Chechu Rubiera
Dr. Ferrari
Pepe the team “trainer”
The 2004 USPS Bus Driver
“Duffy” Johan’s assistant of sorts
Allen Lim
Levi Leipheimer
Andy Riis
Jim Ochowitz
UCI Prez. Mr. Vrubrugen
Kristen Armstrong

and of course

Floyd Landis

Then in partial listing of the whole USPS TdF team of 2004.

Verrochio Neck

I’m on Skittles and Diet Pepsi program, got it from my online coach. The ass blowout propels me up state line while turning a 53×12 no problem.

Baldo Ziptie

Milligan, by her own admission, took a single dose of Nyquil cold medicine the night before the 5km pursuit race at the U.S. Nationals in January. She did so to relieve cold symptoms and a sinus headache, thus allowing her to sleep before the 5km race. Nyquil, a popular over-the-counter product, is often used (as in this case) to help a cold sufferer sleep. has yet to find a single documented case in which this product can significantly aid athletic performance. However, Nyquil does contain 60 mg of psuedophederine, a banned substance on the alphabet soup’s long list of banned substances. The net result of this situation? Milligan ended up with a post-5km urine test 7.5 mcg/ml over the legal limit of 25 mcg/ml.

After nearly 2 months, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency announced the suspension. It is also notable that a USADA spokesman confirmed that the Agency considered this case a “mistake” by the athlete (agreeing with Milligan on that critical point). The the three month penalty versus a multi-year suspension was viewed by the USADA as a way to reflect the more innocent nature of the offense.

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