Roller Party!

Party with Paul

Come down tonight and meet Paul, Greg, Betsy, Frankie, and Emma. See you there!

We’re throwing another roller race party! It’ll be at the Parkside Lounge on November 29th, benefitting the CRCA juniors. Come hang out with Paul Kimmage and other special guests.

Sign up here.


Jacopo Seatmast

If you can figure out who I am. 🙂

PS. I think it is time to add some more captcha phrases. Adler
hasn’t been around for some time now.


I am the VP of Programs for the NYCC, the largest all volunterr cycling club in the USA,with over 2,200 members. I want to invite Paul Kimmage to speak at one of our monthly meetings, as he is a “real cycling hero”. Can you please email me with Mr. Kimmage’s contact information, I would really appreciate it. I am huge fan of pro cycling, have read “Rough Ride” and loved it. Thanks very much.
Eden J. Weiss E-mail:

Wout Bearing

Eden Weiss, how about bringing your 2200+ members to the roller races and supporting the CRCA Jr. team?

NYCC member

Eden, that was a great suggestion by Wout about the NYCC supporting the CRCA junior program. So please don’t use our celebrities. Go out and find your own. But if you really want to get in touch with Paul Kimmage, google is your friend.
And if you loved Rough Ride and are such a huge fan, can we assume we’ll see you at the roller races?

Andy Shen

So twee I forgot to add the registration link in the announcement. Sign up link is posted above now. Lotsa special guests coming, don’t miss it.

Farinata Biopace

i want some epo and i want it now. i have intervals to do in central park, i’m getting ready for the first spring race and my online coach said i need to get faster.


To follow in the tradition of admitted dopers as special guests should we expect to see lance? DA? Joe Papp?

NYCC old people

Don’t expect much support for the juniors from the NYCC. They now have a proposed bylaws amendment to ban juniors from membership. Seriously.

Ponce de la Yema

What do the 5 letters say? CHAIR? Give the guy a mullet and big shoulder pads and I will be there.

Maxence Brazeon

…as in ” you are not worth the —– you are sitting on”…..
yis yis I know the inside scoop…< secret handshake>


MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT $2 Redhook IPA pints and $3 Bulldog gin for the Roller Races. This counts as major in our book.

Andy Shen

Good one from twitter:

Dr. Michele Maserati
@nyvelocity That roller party with Kimmage sounds like it should be called “truth & inebriation”.


90 bones? I don’t think so. More power to him though, peeps sign up. I bet it’s the only race half of these guys do all year.

Evan Rubber Hood

You guys should auction the chair that Kimmage sits in, because as we were all once told by some guy originally from Texas, it wasn’t worth anything….

Wold be nice to prove that theory wrong.

Axel O-Ring

I’m not sure if EPO is going to help in an event like this. Is this poster suggesting LSD should be dropped *prior to your race? that might explain some of the crashes on youtube.

Anita Patchkit

Pick three:

Betsy Andreau
Greg Lemond
Floyd Landis
Paul Kimmage
Race Radio
Spike Legsworth
Tyler Hamilton
UCI Overlord


…that you could take the letters out of this list of names & spell “fuck lance armstrong” with ’em & still have plenty of letters left to say other stuff ???…

…Betsy Andreau
Greg Lemond
Floyd Landis
Paul Kimmage
Race Radio
Spike Legsworth
Tyler Hamilton
UCI Overlord…

…hey, it’s true…

…just sayin’…

…with love, boredom & a deviated mindset, bgw…

Betsy Andreu

I wish I could come but I’m helping Sally Jenkins out with Lance’s managed half-ass so-called tell-all confessional.
Besides, Country Buffet has an all you can special that day.

Enzo Skidmark

I’m guessing:

Tyler (coming back from London)
Lemond (on his way to London)
Floyd (Chen chum)
Kimmage (obviously)
There should be one more. The Toto hint suggests either Emma O’Reilly or Betsy. My hope is Betsy, but it’s probably Schmalz.

Enzo Skidmark

Andy, I think you should raffle/auction off the privilege of buying each of them a beer (or a coke in Betsy’s case), FBO the juniors. We can’t all buy them a beer, though I suspect many would like to.

Nolan O-Ring

I hope to see some most excellent freds racing tonight! Bring out the cervelos bro and be pro! How many crashes will there be!


…i want the skinny…pictures, an article, interviews, the goods…

…with baited breath n’ love, bgw…

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