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The UCI are taking Paul Kimmage to court for writing that they covered up a positive for Lance Armstrong (story on Velonation here). The same accusation is leveled by Hamilton and Coyle in The Secret Race, and will likely be further corroborated when USADA present their case against Armstrong. As David Walsh has pointed out, the UCI are vindictively suing only Kimmage and not the publications in which those accusations appeared (that includes us!). Our friends at and @Digger_forum have set up a Chipin for Kimmage’s defense fund below.

Update: A commenter below asked if Kimmage would criticize British Cycling with the same vigor. Here’s what he wrote about Wiggins and Sky this July.

Update: I’ll try to collect all the media reports on this I can, in no particular order. Thanks for getting the word out:

The Inner Ring








Boulder Report


Jonathan Sachse

Sports Journalists Association





Sydney Morning Herald




Bleacher Report

Cycling Weekly

As promised, Shane Stokes has written about the case again for VeloNation

Press Gazette

CyclingNews again!

VeloNews again!

Charles Pelkey again, in RedKitePrayer again

The Outspoken Cyclist

"From what I can see, all the UCI is doing is suing Paul Kimmage [the former rider and journalist] for speaking out about this, for asking the tough questions that needed to be asked. Everybody needs to be strong with Paul. There needs to be an uprising.” Tyler Hamilton interview

Quick audio statement from the man himself

Irish Independent

CyclingTips interviews Paul


VeloVeritas #2

Rough Ride reviewed

The Roar

VeloNation interviews Dick Pound

The latest from the man himself. Truth comes dropping slow.

More from Paul: The Big Reveal on Cancer Jesus

Twisted Spoke: Raleigh to introduce Kimmage Bike

A rousing radio interview with Paul conducted 10/22, right after the UCI affirmed USADA’s decision

VeloNews, 10/24/12

The widget below is flash and won’t show up on an Apple device. Click here for a direct link to contribute. Thanks to the commenter below for suggesting this.


UPDATE 10/26: The UCI have suspended the case pending an investigation. Press release here. Paul’s response? Read from the bottom up.

Statement from the administrators on what’s happening to the fund now that the suit is suspended.

Shane Stokes in the Irish Times

Owen Gibson of the Guardian on the suspension of the suit 

Paul Kimmage finds best defense is a strong offense, VeloNews

Kimmage makes position clear in relation to defence fund VeloNation



Just when you think UCI is trying to make the right moves by completely affirming the USADA sanctions and report, it pulls this idiotic stunt. The document is totally unnecessary, and if you read it, you will see UCI is using it as a platform to throw some jabs at USADA. If UCI was so worried about statute of limitations and enforcement, than why McQuaid man up and say that in the press conference? I don’t even understand why UCI is trying to vindicate this SOL issue. Does it really destroy its enforcement regime? ARguing SOL is a defense point.

To me, the document seems like the product of a debate between McBruggen, UCI lawyers and the UCI PR department. McBruggen wanted to throw some darts at USADA but the lawyers and PR convinced them to stand down in the televised press conference. Then McBruggen (steam coming out of their airs) pens this inflammatory piece.

The PR staff should have tried harder: this is only going to intensify the rebellion…


“Walsh later noted: “The question is this: why would UCI go after Kimmage and not go after Tyler Hamilton and publishers of The Secret Race?””

Enforcing omerta. This will probably make Kimmage a pariah.

“The UCI has summoned the following witnesses: Swiss Cycling federation president Richard Chassot; Daniel Malbranque, president of the CPA (Cyclistes Professionels Associes); Alan Rushton, who ran the Nissan Classic with Pat McQuaid in the 1980s and whose work now includes a role in the organisation of the Tour of Beijing; former Liberty Seguros manager Pablo Anton; former Tour de Romandie organiser and UCI disciplinary committee member Claude Jacquat; former Milram manager Gerry Van Gerwen and former UCI director general Jean-Pierre Strebel.”

Jeremy Polished

yet I know a lot of people are giving… Any updates?

Kimmage has our complete support. The UCI fucked this one up big time!


Just another ‘pleb’ bored with being treated with disdain by the people, unfortunately still, in charge of our sport. Dear Pat and Hein please show you really support the fight against doping by ceasing this ridiculous and deeply petty action against Paul Kimmage. He is absolutely the wrong target! I have donated $10 in support of Paul and will donate more each week until you withdraw this action against him. It’s time to climb out of your Ivory Tower, confront and admit the dark past of our sport so we can all look forward to it’s future… This kind of behaviour only shows your heads are stuck firmly in the sand so I’m afraid that all we can see, are you’re arses!!

Andy Shen

Paul’s friend had issues setting up a Paypal account. It should be verified by tomorrow, donations that were already made are pending and should clear then. If everything works out then we’ll set up a new one tomorrow.

Three Wheels Good

We have a lot to thank Paul Kimmage for, and he has spent a long time in the wilderness, from the first accusations that he had spat in the soup when “Rough Ride” was published, right through to now. With the years of Armstrong trying to bully and marginalise him, and this nonsense from the UCI now, Paul has suffered a lot for his integrity. I feel very, very grateful to Paul for continuing to shine a light on the dark recesses of pro cycling, in the face of omerta, lies and personal attacks.

Alexander Crank

Boo fucking hoo. Free Floyd! Free Floyd Again! Free Kimmage! Buy Tyler’s Book! Kiss Ashenden’s Ass! You just motivated me to donate 25 to Livestrong. First time seriously.

Mathis Tracknut

Yep, about what we all expect from a whittle Armstrong butt boy. It sucks when your false idol is a cheater, doesn’t it butt boy?

Tom Kellogg

I’ve chipped in to support Paul. I’ve also contributed to Livestrong. Livestrong had done a lot of good even though their founder has a lot to answer for (though he won’t). But that doesn’t detract from the good that Livestrong does.

And THAT does not have anything to do with the damage that Armstrong has done to the sport I love. I have enough basic intelligence to enable me to see that contributing to cancer sufferer support and going after the cancer at the core of the UCI have nothing to do with each other. Both causes deserve my money.

Tom Kellogg

Noa Biopace

U must be kidding! Waiting for Paul Kimmage and David Walsh to go after British cycling extraordinary performances. From a “non-cycling” nation to a powerhouse (road, track) in just about 10 years. Hmmmmm…..wonder what the real potion is this time.

Francis Foyle

Rough Ride and Racing through the Dark stand out on the display shelf of the Dundalk school library where I work. You’re a credit to Irish sport and journalism, Paul; hope you keep up your strength against the intimidation.

Andy Shen

Kimmage is keeping tabs on it, but he’s unemployed at the moment and doesn’t have an outlet. He was all over Geert Leinders being hired by Sky.

Digger Forum

To the people who contributed earlier I want to apologise fro any inconvenience caused. It was completely my fault. Not Andy’s.
No one’s account was debited. That was the whole point, it wasn’t working properly. I decided to hand it over to Andy and Cyclismas, people who knew what they were doing. As i say no one was debited, nor will it be. If it says pending, just say cancel and that will be it.
The important part is that it is now up and running properly thanks to cyclismas, cycletard, UCI_Overlord, and nyvelocity.

Paul has done an awful lot of good work for cycling. He has never once ran away from the truth, regardless of the consequences. His book Rough Ride was a seminal piece. But his interview with Floyd on this website is, in my opinion, the best interview on doping I’ve ever read, by a mile. He gave that to this website free of charge so as to illuminate as many people as possible.
what the UCI is doing is trying to silence a person they feel has become a hindrance.
This is our way of saying thanks to Kimmage for the work has has done and continues to do.
He was one of only two people to mention Sky and Leinders during the Tour, eventhough the piece was for a UK newspaper. He spoke the truth on Michelle Smith in Ireland back in the ’90s. National bias does not enter his mind. Just truth.

Let’s all do the right thing here.



Not a joke at all, but a public demonstration of solidarity with unemployed journalist Paul Kimmage, who has maliciously been singled out for bankruptcy and humiliation by a corrupt Hein Verbruggen and a drunken corrupt Pat McQuaid (not the UCI).

These cowards don’t dare name the publishers of the article namely L’Equipe because they do not care to face the financial resources and media scrutiny of an organisation. They ignore this is public knowledge now the USADA has published the same information, as well as Willy Vogt, and Hamilton in Secret Race. Again, they cannot go against WADA or the publishers.

This a disgrace and breakdown of morality of the highest magnitude. Journalists world wide should be calling them out, and newspapers refuse to publish the retractions in the highly unlikely situation they succeed

William Neck

Not only will the UCI get bad press when the USADA report comes out. They will get a second pounding when the lawsuit is dismissed because USADA corroborates from other sources what Kimmage reported from Landis.

C’mon, there has to be someone who can run the UCI better than this.


I’ve chipped in a tenner. Even by the UCI’s standards, it’s impressively low to sue an out-of-work journalist, rather than the media organisations who published him.

West Coast Reader

Wait, I’m confident he will win and know Lance doped so why the donation? is there going to be a party? I see it as if I donate, I don’t think he will win, not sure everyone is seeing the end game on this one.

Or is there a surcharge on taking the UCI down?

Gianni Seatpost

Buying Rough ride on iTunes or Amazon will get money to Paul also but I’m not sure how quickly. It’s a great read!

Michael Ashenden

Dear Paul,

I was shocked to read today that you have received a subpoena related to defamation proceedings brought against you by Pat McQuaid, Hein Verbruggen and the UCI itself.

It is not clear to me what the basis for the proceeding is; to the best of my knowledge it has not been publicly disclosed. Regardless, I find it deeply disturbing that, amidst the current turmoil surrounding cycling, you have been singled out.

I do not believe that court is the appropriate remedy in the current circumstances. For example, I don’t expect that WADA will sue him after Pat McQuaid claimed that WADA had launched a ‘15-year long political campaign against cycling’. Although his comments certainly do not reflect well on WADA’s integrity, to their credit WADA have shown admirable restraint.

I sincerely hope that after a period of reflection the UCI will adopt a similar attitude regarding your comments too.

Nonetheless, today I have had a change of heart. Earlier this year one of the UCI’s Passport cases that I had worked on as a member of their expert panel had to be dropped after we had received the rider’s explanation and us group of three experts could not reach a consensus decision. At the time, I chose not to invoice the UCI for the hours and hours which I had spent working on that case since October 2011. However, your subpoena gave me pause to reflect, and I have decided to invoice the UCI a token amount of 260 Euro (two hours at our expert rate) for my contributions on that case. I have simultaneously deposited that amount into your defense fund.

I sincerely hope you are not required to pay a fine. However in case you are, I hope it is some solace that to some degree you would be merely handing the UCI’s own money back to them.

Please keep up your good work – The Times They Are a-Changin’.

Best wishes,

Mike Ashenden

Rinieri Dry Lube

How does it work? I’ve read Rough Ride and some of Paul’s articles. I wish I could have power of conviction like him

Gabin Wave Ring

I think the root cause of the ‘cancerous tumour’ has its offices in Switzerland and is run by a little lying git and has no intention of cleaning up the sport!

Niccolo Rubber Hood

PS Someone who defames fellow journalists on TV, doesn’t deserve any support. And I believe he is being sued for those remarks as well.

Esteban Bushing

@ Niccolo Rubber Hood: Just send your UCI donations to Lance, and he’ll pass it on to Hein, I mean Pat for you.

Gregorio Bushing

After reading Hein’s wine soaked rant yesterday are Pat and Hein representing themselves in their case? if not can we set up a fund to make this happen?

p.s chapeau Mike Ashenden

Sixtus the Fifth

Pat and Hein are some double act. Chasing the wrong man through the courts. I bet the clowns in the UCI are sweating like f**k until the WADA report is published. They obviously don’t want to turn against a certain cheating Texan midget. If so the the knives will be out from all sides. Let the Texan and the UCI sink each other. That would be the best solution.
The sport I love is rotten from the top down. A new world governing body and complete honesty is required. Until then nothing will change. Otherwise, what’s the point…….
The UCI is dead, long live WADA/USADA

Tom Axle

Is there any way to contribute to the fund that doesn’t involve Pay Pal? They have long been allergic to my credit card for reasons I’ve never been able to work out.


What Paul did for cycling in riding his book was very brave. He knew it would alienate the community and impair his future career but he spoke out. It is to the shame of some of my heroes that they continued to stay silent, and worse, dismiss the book as a bitter ex pro.

The sport we love has been ridiculed for years because most were caught doping and covering it up and few have stepped up from within to clear it up for the good of the fans.

The UCI do not own the sport, they are supposed to govern it to be the best it can possibly be. Yet for more than 30 years they have continually failed to do so and it has taken new teams to finally enforce continual checks on their riders after the UCI reacted too slowly and with little impact.

All Paul has done is voice his opinion, through two reputable publications. The editors and owners are just as culpable as anyone and the articles were just stating a belief. This is clearly bullying, going after the little man, and if L’Equipe and the Sunday Times have any balls they will back him as well.

If Paul sees these comments I hope he realises how passionately people care about what he has done to help us all in moving towards making the sport we love something we can one day believe in.

Apologies for the rant, I just wanted to voice how strongly I feel about this and I hope finally some with money, power or followers stand up and speak out to help stop this ridiculous law suit.


Have donated to this fund because I feel Paul is being unfairly targeted by the UCI. He did the cycling world, supporters in particular, a huge favour by exposing the unsavoury side of cycling and the CORRUPTION ( come get me McQuaid) of the UCI. I wish Paul all the luck in the world, but to be honest, I think any court will come out in his favour when the facts and extent of the corruption is presented.


Paul is a great journalist, who also helped me a lot when I was starting out in the field. He has been proven right in everything he has said thus far and this is as you say sheer vindictiveness on the part of the UCI.

The truth always wins out in the end.


Paul, thanks for opening our eyes to the culture of doping in cycling. You have done more for the sport of cycling than those two UCI clowns. Time will judge them unsparingly. As proud as we are of Kimmage and Walsh, we apologise for letting McQuaid loose into the sporting world. Please dont hold it against us – there’s no talking sense to that eejit



Arno Rivnut

The support of Paul Kibbage needs to expand outside of the cycling community. This issue is much bigger than how you feel about Lance, doping or the UCI it’s about freedom of the press…

Bernardo Brazeon

I want to make sure all the Cat 1- 5 riders get nice socks for the winter. Can we start a PEDs fund for them? Don’t worry, it seems the USADA does not like to send files to the UCI even though the organization had enough evidence to go public in July.

Gabriel Swage

I feel like I live in a parallel universe alongside Paul. He and I were teammates in France and had the same decisions to make in our careers. I also studied journalism and became a journalist but could not speak out against the sport I loved so dearly yet despised at the same time.

Paul is just a regular guy from Ireland but his courage comes from Sparta.

Thomas Skidmark

Hey everybody,

This may be your only chance to cast a vote on the UCI leadership. The number of contributors is important as well as the amount of cash raised.

Pierre Tracknut

AS mentioned in my blogs , Parrabuddy.blogspot & Skippyaus.blogspot , there are several avenues open to help Paul Kimmage deal with the Pompous Prats of Aigle !
Buying his book thru ” Itunes & Amazon “!

Giving monies to the ” Chip in ” established and available on the Sunday Times Sports page !

Adding your signature to the Petition ( ridding UCI of ” phat ” ),started by the CNF Clinic members on ” “!

I am Skippy Mc Carthy and i will not stand back let those who BULLY truthful Journos succeed in their nefarious endeavours

Pierre Tracknut

SOMEONE PLEASE send me the ” link ” so that i can ADD the ” Chip In button ” to my blogs !

ALL Cycling fans should do this on their blogs also , and demand the blogs they read ADD ” Chip In ” also !

Not only will it add money BUT it will send a message to the Mainstream Media that ” UCI ” whilst run by the pompous prats of aigle is finished !

Sponsors will also get to understand the dilemna they are being placed in by these petty people !

Cycling as an industry , has grown because the fan base has grown , thus the industry needs to understand that they are at risk due to the chidish behaviour exhibited by those they allow to hold the reins of power over the Racers !

I am Skippy Mc Carthy and i won’t stand by whilst Truthful Journos are bullied by Pompous windbags !

Niccolo Rubber Hood

For Goodness’ Sake the guy made 200.000 plus per year writing for The Times. Sure he can pay his own defense.

Micheál Ó

Dream on Niccolo. Get real. Is the editor in chief of the Sunday Times paid £200000 plus expenses? The job seekers allowance in Ireland is 5% of that figure.

Nathan Steerer

Paul Kimmage has been one of the most prominent anti-doping advocates the Sport of Cycling has ever known. This law suit that has been initiated by the UCI against Paul Kimmage is an attempt to silence him for telling the “TRUTH”. And an attempt to suppress any future “TRUTH” that may be written or expressed by Paul Kimmage. It is an attempt to discredit an individual who has done absolutely nothing wrong. It is a sad world when an individual is being sued for telling the “TRUTH”. It is further evidence that the Omerta is thriving not only within Cycling but also within the ranks of Cycling’s governing body the UCI. The same original allegations were made against the UCI by Floyd Landis and have been backed up by Tyler Hamilton in his book, “THE SECRET RACE”. Lets hope that Kimmage win’s this case. Has he an “ACE” up his sleeve. What will himself and his defense have that will enable them to convince a Judge or Jury that indeed these allegations are the “TRUTH”. And bring Pat Mc Quaid, Hein Verbruggen and the UCI to their knees. Which should prompt an immediate investigation into the UCI itself in order to expose to what extent the level of corruption (alleged) that has been occurring within its ranks.

Niccolo Rubber Hood

According to colleagues that was his salary. Besides that he earned a hefty sum of money presenting for Setanta (TV). Mr Kimmage is a wealthy man who can well afford to pay his own legal fees.

Noah Fork

In his first year at the Sunday Times he was on a contract for 250K. He made more money in a year writing about cycling than riding a bike in his whole career.

Arnaud Tank

Niccolo you sound like Pat in disguise? With USADA promising to release all the info by the end of the year I just hope the trial can be delayed until then.

Ed Caesar

Kimmage is a fine journalist. Reports hard, writes easy. Sure he will be both embarrassed and fortified by the support he has received in the past few days. He deserves it.

Matteo Housing


There are many cancer charities out there.

Have you considered donating to one that doesn’t also serve to prop up the ego of such a amoral human being?

Tom Kellogg


Sure, and we have. Livestrong is a bit different in that it does not give money to research like most others do. It is aimed at support for those fighting cancer themselves. I get where you are coming from and I surely don’t blame you. As much of a dick as LA is, the foundation he started does do good work. I know folks who have had personal experiences with the work of the LAF. Shades of grey. Take care.

Tom Kellogg

Salvestro Tarmac

I donated a bunch of money to my wife thinking she’d do good with it. She went to Whole Foods and bought some organic shit, and now we broke. Damn, woman.

Enzo Skidmark

Someone tell David Anthony that his path to redemption includes a four-figure donation to Kimmage’s ChipIn.


Agree with Tom K that LiveStrong and Lance need to be separated in our thinking. LiveStrong does a lot of good and deserves support, but I will be more willing to donate when they make a strong pronouncement that even though LA has been the historical face of the foundation, he is no longer welcome to be associated with them. Lance is using his cancer activities to maintain credibility, without accepting any responsibility or facing up to the truth. I would take back that last statement if he would come clean, people deserve a second chance if they cop to the crime. The whole situation is a mess, but if we want to clean up cycling we have to be willing to go through the sewage. Remember the Shawshank Redemption?

Enzo Skidmark

Oh dear, I don’t think the trolls understand that this is not just about helping Paul Kimmage with his legal bills.

It’s about fans telling the UCI, IOC and the cycling industry that people are willing to make a statement. Not with anonymous posts, but with money. Nothing speaks louder than money.

I understand why current riders will not speak up. I can’t say I would if I were in their position. But in the Internet age, we the consumers can activate change on our own.

At $10k, a ChipIn is a nice thought. At $100k, it’s a cause and a force for change.

Whether Paul needs the money or not is not the point.

William Swage

Nice to see Lance’s PR hacks commenting on this thread, discrediting the messenger, not the message. Who cares what Kimmage made as a journalist? Perhaps he had a fondness for hookers and blow? Maybe now he has nothing left to show for his big past salaries except great memories of snorting piles of coke out of Campy Super Record bottom bracket bearing cups, while his escort (let’s call her Athena) wrapped herself with Benotto tape.

Mats Fork

I just donated and it feels great….hope truth all comes out shortly….Was a longtime Lance supporter until last few years..not so much the doping that bothers me it’s his ability to boldface lie and wreak havoc on the lives of those telling the truth..

Mathieu Chamois

If Mr Kimmage writes an article that is true then he has nothing to worry about. If on the other hand he can’t back up what he writes, he shouldn’t cry foul that he is being sued.


I am afraid that without money the truth will get buried in piles of cash from the other side. Even with truth on your side it’s a brave man who risks his own money/assets against an organisation or corporation where the leadership has no personal risk off financial loss.
I have sent $10 mainly because it’s the only way I can think of to let the UCI know how disguested I am.

Mathieu Chamois

Can someone explain how this works. Will PK be given a cheque or his lawyers? How do we know the money is administered properly? Will his legal bill be published on this website?

Mohamed Headset

you could’ve spent 45 cents on a stamp and a few cents in paper and toner to type a letter to the uci. that’s 9 bucks saved and message still conveyed. winner!

Steve Moonraker

I have donated with half a thought about how do I know where the money is going? I quickly concluded it is all about trust and integrity. We have to trust ourselves and those who we put the trust in. The betrayers of trust need to be brought to account, and that will not happen, unless we trust those we support to behave with integrity. So all those involved in the fund and its use have my trust!


I have always been sceptical about LAs cycling achievements as Mr Clean. However, once I had read David Walsh’s book in a library in France in 2004 I have never doubted his guilt. Well done to David, Paul, Greg and others who have stood firm against this unprincipled liar and cheat and intimidating bully (did we not learn enough about him when he harrassed Simeoni in a TdF breakaway in 2004 on the 18th stage?). The fact that his cancer work is based on his complete lack of moral rectitude and public fraudulence makes any good he might have dome meaningless. As Greg once said – he did not have a monopoly on cancer. Moreover, he does not have a monopoly on cycling anymore. I look forward to the full evidence coming out about him and his total exposure for what he is.
It is about time the authorities looked into where all the cancer funds have gone to as well. There is a lack of transparency there too David has drawn attention to.

UCI is disgusting

Chipped in with $10 from Oz. I’m for taking on the bullies and doing the right thing. Let’s keep going, Paul.


You’re missing the point about Kimmage’s salary. The man is a journalist and is entitled to make a living. The size of the salary is negligible. He has done great work for our sport and now he is being punished for doing that work by having to pay legal costs and that is totally unfair. If you don’t want him to earn a lot of money then don’t buy his publications and don’t read his articles. We love his articles because they uncover the truth.He has done cycling a massive service and is one of few men who had the balls to question LA about doping in public (Tour of California press conference). I for one will support him, I’ve read his work and will continue to do so. I fully support the man, morally, vocally and now (by donating) financially. Vive les ‘trolls’!

Micheál Ó

Paul kimmage is unemployed and in receipt of no salary. Where did the fictitious quarter of a million starting salary at the Sunday Times come from? Obviously the LA organisation’s mud slinging department is still operational.

Piero Ziptie

Tygart also said that the dossier of gathered evidence against Armstrong would be sent to the International Cycling Union (UCI) very soon. “It’s imminent,” he confirmed. “We will transmit the files at the end of this month.”

According to L’Equipe, the information contained in the files will be made public “before the end of the year”, and that their impact on public opinion of the former seven-times Tour de France winner and cancer survivor will be “terrible, 30 times greater than everything that has come out until now, through books or investigations.”

Jordan Tank

Sunday Times owned by Newscorp, Newscorp owns Sky, Sky sponsors Team Sky which is on the UCI Pro Tour, and…..Kimmage no longer is employed by Sunday Times.

Andy Shen

Kimmage just tweeted: “Spent the day trying to figure out what happens next. I’m not sure where this UCI lawsuit is going or how it’s going to end. I am sure…”
“…I am sure that every cent donated will be accounted for and well spent. A heartfelt thanks to everyone for the messages and support.”

Pat McQuaid

UCI News Release:

All clubs and persons associated with such clubs as well as immediate and extended family members and associates, who support the Paul Kimmage Defense Fund will be forever banned, barred and disqualified if discovered, from all UCI events, competitions, and festivities and from viewing the Tour de France coverage in print, image or video.

I Pat McQuaid with all the powers invested in me by Lance Armstrong on this day, here-by do swear out this public fatwa on those guilty of destroying our sport, for the benefit of our sport. God save Henri Desgrange.




the only reason armstrong started his foundation in the first place was image-creation to assist in mitigating doping accusations that had begun to plague him back then. i’m not saying the foundation does or doesn’t do good work. i’m saying the foundation’s creation was a cynical endeavor by a calculating asshole who knew the cancer survivor/fund raiser cloak was pretty good cover to protect his mainstream public image and thus his multifarious business interests.


No, this is not so. He did this to give him a greater base from which to launch himself into a political career. This was his ultimate goal. He does not have a conscience to be able to be able to rationalise the way you suggest about guilt-feelings. he is intensely ego-driven and very ambitious. the term used these days is Alpha-male but frankly this term is typically American permitting men like he to get away with almost any behaviour. At present he most probably thinks everyone else is wrong as he has had too long as Mr Big Shot. Coming down to size will take some time in his case.

Farinata Biopace

Why spend the money to settle an issue that is 13 years old, what good will it bring to cycling? The government has spent $40 million to try to find Armstrong guilty, for what, to bring down one of the greatest American hero’s? Kimmage should lye in the vomit he writes.

Enzo Brazeon

Lance cheated, he bullied, he lied, and he is in denial. This is only the beginning of what lies ahead for him. He cannot hide behind Livestrong like a small boy hiding behind his mother’s dress forever. He will either be back in civil court or criminal court and either face the truth or the consequences. It is a shame. I too was a fan of Lance and have come to the conclusion that by his actions he is not worthy of the honor bestowed upon him. Everyone will have to make their own decision.

As far as Paul K. goes, the UCI just keeps burying themselves. They are not promoting a clean sport, but promoting a product to investors of the global market–its all about the money.

The riders are no more than races horses to them–where is their integrity?


…riders association had a real clue as to how the sport might best survive amidst the immediately present revelations & those about to be offered up via the usada, they’d behoove themselves to offer blanket support in the ousting of the uci’s “old boy network” & suggest that they wish to be governed by an ethical body…

…which is becoming more & more obvious that they are not, at this present time…

…kimmage doesn’t have a job ???…paul, how do you feel about heading up the “regulating body” of the sport, at least until such time as a definitive change is made ???…

…paul kimmage’s knowledge & honesty, tyler hamilton & floyd landis’s open revelations aren’t what are tearing the sport apart…that info & the admissions, however trite, of vaughters, basso, ulrich, et al HAVE made people aware that there is more to the picture than meets the eye…

…but at this point, the constant lies & deceit of verbruggen & mcquaid by way of the uci & particularly the “win at any cost” attitude of lance armstrong, which admittedly DID serve well for “lance armstrong – cancer survivor/bike racer”…

…it certainly helped create the world wide persona he’s striven for but the charade these guys have been perpetuating has finally become a cesspool of darkness in a sport that needs be clear & transparent…

…until the riders understand which side of the bread is honestly buttered in their favor, we’re gonna continue to get the platitudes that arise whilst the omerta is still adhered to…

…with hope for a better future for this glorious sport, love, bgw…


…i inadvertently dropped a couple a’ words in my comments below…it should read –

…but at this point, the constant lies & deceit of verbruggen & mcquaid by way of the uci & particularly the “win at any cost” attitude of lance armstrong, which admittedly DID serve well for “lance armstrong – cancer survivor/bike racer” is creating a bigger problem…

…in the beginning, it certainly helped create the world wide persona he’s striven for but the charade these guys have been perpetuating has finally become a cesspool of darkness in a sport that needs be clear & transparent…

…with poor self editing skills, love, bgw…


Farinata Biopace,

It is not a matter of bringing good to cycling, but exposing it for what it is. As far as the 13 years goes, they seem to have no problem bringing child molesters to justice after such a period, so why not Lance As far as the 40 million goes, that could be easily paid by Lance from the millions more he made from USPS, defrauded sponsors and the public. Anyway, it does not seem to have gone to waste as they did succeed in bringing him down.

As far as your other assertion:

Hero: “A person, typically a man, who is admired for courage or noble qualities” – he does not seem to qualify there.

I don’t understand the “lye” thing

Lye: “A strongly alkaline solution, esp. of potassium hydroxide, used for washing or cleansing”

but nor did I understand much of what you were babbling on about.

Gilles Helmet

Honestly , I’m disgusted by the organisation in pro-cycling – they could promote a culture of clean cycling , instead the greed and money are enough to sit back and watch young people die from dosing with incredibly potent drugs ! The UCi are a joke !!!

Andy W, UK

I think it’s time we saw the end of Fat Pat al-McQuaida and his puppetmaster Verbruggen.

Both are self-serving and corrupt.

Nathan Steerer

I would like to disclose something today so that each and every person who reads this knows the full truth about the Tour De France, cycling’s most prestigious race.

The Omerta is still being enforced within the professional peloton.

Drug use is widespread.

Synthetic oxygen vector doping via micro dosing is a common practice.

Oxygen vector doping via autologous blood transfusions is a common practice.

Recovery agents such as synthetic testosterone are widely used.

Masking agents such as diuretics are being used.

The quantity of a synthetic oxygen vector doping product such as EPO being injected into any individual athlete is at the micro dose level as I have already stated. This makes it extremely easy to evade detection from a potentially positive drug test. Saline infusions are used to evade it’s detection. The Biological Passport is flawed and can be easily manipulated.

The last professional cyclist to win the Tour De France without the use of performance enhancing drugs was Greg Lemond in 1990.

Axel O-Ring

….. and clavicles are being artificially repaired with plates and screws to hasten a return to competition. There is probably bone graft (endogenous and exogenous) going on also.
Wheres the medical manipulation for performance going to stop?


This deserves to go viral.

This is the Tiananmen Square of minor professional sports.

This is one individual in front of the military tank of greed and ego that is the controlling governing body of the beautiful, brutal but rightly fringe activity of professional cycling.

Chip in to say you were there on the day.

Mohamed Cable

In order for cycling to be clean going forward, they have to accept and make amends for the past.

Think of it as a necessary part of their Twelve Step program to get to a place where doping isn’t tolerated.

The culture has to change. Cyclists will ostracize someone over their sock length and if they have an extra helping of spaghetti; they need to start ostracizing the guys who disappear into the bathroom for too long after a ride, or who show up with spots from skin patches.

From the management side, EPO is a controlled substance. Theoretically the FDA can trace every dose from its manufacture to the end user. WADA needs to get access to that database, and use it to enforce the law. I really hope they’ve listened to what Joe Papp told them about getting Chinese drugs, and that they’ve talked to the Chinese about enforcement.

So getting all this out in the open is a step in that direction. It’s telling Johan Bruyneel – and a bunch of other guys; he has to just be the first of his generation to face this – that the old ways are over, and the Anti-Doping Agencies are going to enforce the rules, rather than letting the various Federations ignore the positive results.

Not persecuting the truth-tellers is another big step in this process, and those of us who want a clean sport have to take the backs and support those who come forward to expose the dirty underside of cycling and other sports. Cycling is probably the cleanest sport out there – but it gets the press and notoriety because the fanbase is vocal and demanding a clean sport, while the other sports are still stuck in the equivalent of 1999’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

So, it’s about the future of the sport. To get there, we have to expose and deal with the past.

Calvin Klein Quantum

I wanna know what pros are wearing underwear beneath their chamois.

Because that offends me more than anything.

Ethan Housing

To be fair you should also have a LA defense fund as well as a UCI defense fund. Kimmage is just reaping what he sowed,if you are going to use the pen as a sword expect to defend yourself.

Enzo Skidmark

Almost anyone can start a ChipIn, Ethan Housing. Feel free to create one for whomever you’d please. And Godspeed.

Besides, if NYVelocity tried to raise money for LA and/or the UCI, they’d lose their paying members in droves and destroy the valuable business model they’ve created.


Prick Legweak

I’ve always admired Kimmage – only man in cycling with any balls. Shame on the other so called journalists and shame on that c**t McQuaid – 50 bucks well spent


When people such as you write in such a very low and insulting manner you do our cause no good at all. Try writing something intelligent that has a positive impact in Paul’s favour.

Bonnet de douche

Correct….what about a polite but strongly worded letter of complaint to the UCI? Surely McQuaid and his like will be left with no choice but to resign and we can start over. PS if you don’t like the C word you might want to steer clear of this site 🙂

Paul Surewin

My goodness me, a strongly worded letter? Verbal argy bargy, you say? That’s gonna require a digging into the suitcase of adjectives.


…is dismissive of my missives…

…bottom line, dude ???…i care about this sport & it’s not the honesty of paul kimmage that is damaging it’s integrity…

…look to the self indulgence of the uci & a particular ex-pro who rose, through chicanery to unprecedented heights as a “cancer celebrity”…

…therein lie major stumbling blocks to a cleaner sport…

…soap boxing with love, bgw…

big George

same basis for my donation. I won a clean race (i hope??) and Paul gets the proceeds. hard to be confident without high integrity jedis like him.

Still Waiting

for Kimmage or NYVelocity to tell me who doped Indurain… who doped Mapei… who doped Zabel (only ONCE though, right)… Thanks, fellas!

Kimmage's Conscious

Damn, I didn’t realize there were so many gullible “UBER” fans of this sport. May you reap what you have sown – a sport closed off to the “UBER” fans you profess to be.

Fuck You UCI


You are not alone. I hope that my donation helps you to kick McQuaid and Verbruggen squarely in the balls.


UCI did a great job all these years and what do they get in return?

Kicked in the b—s.

Finally, the last thing I’ll say to the people who don’t believe in cycling, the cynics and the sceptics: I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry that you can’t dream big. I’m sorry you don’t believe in miracles. But this is one hell of a race. This is a great sporting event and you should stand around and believe it. You should believe in these athletes, and you should believe in these people. I’ll be a fan of the Tour de France for as long as I live. And there are no secrets — this is a hard sporting event and hard work wins it. So Vive le Tour forever!

Dr. Ferrari

Here we go again.

1st: The paywall is for subscribers, not that it’s not ready.

2nd: The testimony under oath from numerous and confirming sources changes things this time, no? Thanks for the 6 year old link, btw. Keep up please. How’s the weather in Austin?

Mathieu Tracknut

I just want to know about the EPO test in the Tour of Switzerland. Someone needs to look into that. Interpol perhaps. Don’t they do that sort of thing?



Jerry Shields

Paralympic Archery

Public Warning – Loss of Results

Hydrochlorothiazide, Chlorothiazide, Triamterene and Labetalol


Breakance Souplesse

I believe Edita Rumsas!!

I believe Juan Pineda!!

I believe Jared Bunde!!

I believe Tugboat Hamilton!!



Paul Kimmage:
If you read this try to get a defence lawyer who is also a cycling fan. I’m sure there are plenty and he/she may do it for cheap. I haven’t seen any ads for half price defence lawyers with a pariticular interest in making the UCI look like dicks on my cycle home today but then again it was raining.
Also to other readers- Rough Ride is a great cycling read. I remember Paul racing and even saw him race once. He’s a better journalist but then again he wasn’t juiced up to the gills when racing either!

Vive-la verite!

Paul Torque

It never ceases to amaze me how people like Armstrong believe so completely in their invincibility, that they cannot be touched.

Yes, Armstrong, you are completely vulnerable. My $50 says so.

Kimmage’s courage outshines yours by an order of magnitude. Always has. Always will. Guys got more guts than you do.

You really want to help Paul Kimmage? Start a letter writing campaign to Oakley, Nike, and Trek, and ask them outright why they continue to support a confirmed sports doper and cheat like Lance Armstrong.

Lance spoke on this...

I saw Lance in Montreal and he is doing VERY VERY well and quite happy. As he says everyone knows who won those Tours. Anyway, for the non-hardcore non-wack-job non-haters Lance dealt firmly with this guy back in 2009:

And you guys are giving him money?

Take a hint from Lance: “not worth the chair you are sitting on”. Hint, hint, hint…

If there was doping going on in cycling, don’t you think Phil Liggett would have told us? Hint, hint, hint…

Doffo Crank

lance backed by nike, trek, amgen, bristol meyers squibb, the united nations, the republican party….and …..and….

yeah, kimmage is really gonna make a dent.

good luck.

Tristan Headset

“Lance spoke on this” … that’s awesome. the level of willful ignorance that hero worship can inspire is impressive. and scary. glad to know JUST HOW WELL he is doing, though…


michael vick was backed by nike, et al as well. he still went to the joint.

it’s going to be a hard fall for this guy….i guess it’ll happen by the end of october.

Kyllian Cage

I just think it is interesting that an organization can go public with evidence to strip an athlete of his/her titles, but than can’t send a file for over 2 months. Wouldn’t you think that you would have the file ready to be reviewed before the organization went public. I am glad I am not a professional athlete. It would be analogous to being arrested and held in jail months because an officer claims evidence of wrongdoing, but is not able to share it. Whether he doped or not, the process seems to lack any real justice.

Enzo Skidmark

It seems odd that is not on the list of media outlets that have reported on the Kimmage defense fund. A Google search shows the last article on Kimmage was his court summons on Sept. 20. If and VeloNews have reported on it, why not Velonation? Afraid of biting the hand that feeds?

Seems oddly omerta-ish.

Andy? Shane?

Enzo Skidmark

Andy: Thanks for responding. What is interesting is that most, if not all, of the other linked articles talk about the defense fund and provide a link to here or–essentially guiding the reader to where they can view and perhaps contribute (or write snarky comments). Velonation has remained silent on the defense fund, an editorial decision I would not have expected.

Anyway, keep up the great work!

Andy Shen

Shane wrote about it so early on that I don’t think the fund was established yet. He’s been pushing it on Twitter quite a bit.

Julien Topcap

“Lance dealt firmly with this guy back in 2009:”
Yeah by saying Floyd Landis shouldn’t “confess”. Pretty funny in hindsight.


Fom’McQuaid expressed his anxiety over the lack of finality. “The UCI had no reason to assume that a full case file did not exist but USADA’s continued failure to produce the decision is now a cause for concern.

“It is at very least unusual that USADA would still be gathering evidence against a person after it has found that person guilty.”

Pat- they are gathering evidence against you and your anxiety is a reaction to this because you know it to be true. You are in as much shit as Lance and your puppet master Verbruggen. I hope you get what you deserve and people like David Walsh and Kimmage end up taking your job.

Floyd Fairness Fund

I do believe the Floyd Fairness Fund raised over a million dollars for Floyd Landis’ defense. What I am seeing here is pitiful. Won’t buy you a paralegal. I would say most people agree with Mcquaid.

And all the publications supporting this will lose complete access to Lance Armstrong’s world, forever. The names have been documented.

Nathan Nipple

ohmigod, nyvc won’t have exclusive access to lance’s anus?

what will i do? how will i get thru my day?

the horror! the horror!

Matthieu Grips

Lance spoke on this,

He did and what came out of his mouth was lies, pure and simple, there is documented proof and all you have to do is listen to what he says then look at the evidence that is documented and proven and its lies. Hoe can you be so blind.


We are ‘sick’ for wanting our sport cleaned up? Don’t agree there, all we want is to be rid of the scum who dragged cycling through the mud! This will send out a strong message, “dopers beware”.

Amine Skidmark

“If there was doping going on in cycling, don’t you think Phil Liggett would have told us? Hint, hint, hint…”

I laughed so much at that, I fell off my chair (whatever that’s worth…)

As Granny used to say, “There’s none so blind as them that will not see”

Nathan Steerer

What does Pat Mc Quaid and former Irish Prime Minister Charles Haughey have in common ?

Both are Irish, and (Pat Mc Quaid was,is) were more concerned about where their next brown envelope was coming from (ie. backhanders) than carrying out their respective duties as leaders. That may get a few laughs in the back benches of Dáil Éireann. Hein Verbruggen comes from the same brown envelope donation club.

For all the professional cyclists out there who want a clean sport, now is the time to voice your opinion publicly. And offer your unequivocal support for Mr. Paul Kimmage, who is the greatest anti-doping advocate the sport of cycling has ever known.

Don’t be afraid to speak out against the UCI, you are living in a democratic society, not rogue states like North Korea.

Cantilever Schlong

I look forward to tracking the fund’s progress every day. How freaking big is this kitty going to be by Dec. 1??? My contribution was small but I’m proud to be one of the (as of now) 1,212. FU McQuaid and Heinie!

random Irish PK supporter

after waiting all week for Paypal to verify my card I get to be the one to push the fund over the €40k. woo hoo.

Made 2 donations. 1 for myself and 1 on behalf of a colleague who was giving away barely used cycling kit (rides for a sponsered domestic team). He usually asks for a token donation to charity when doing this but this week he agreed with a donation to this very worthy cause.

Nathan Nipple

Seriously, $39k might pay for a few months of the photocopying bills on the complex litigation that this will be. Beyond that, it’s symbolic only. Lance, UCI, etc. know this.

Surely a law firm out there is willing to step up and fight the power?

David Drainhole

The UCI, becoming ever more of a joke, has called the bluff of the outside world, in trying to sue PK. If contributing in any way helps to show them up for what they are, I’m in. Go Paul, bring the light of truth on this dark and sorry organisation


Put my $25 here since the LUGnut Tip Jar is closed for the season. Wish Paul the best in dealing with the stupidity the UCI has dragged him into. Only 40k so far? He is going to need more to afford legal representation in this case.

Maybe we can come up with some anti-doping action figures and donate the profits to the fund.

Kimmage Patch Kids, anyone?


…no one else mentioned it but that has to be one of the coolest invocations of godwin’s law on the books…

…zing…right over the top…

…just sayin’, with love, bgw…


Was vom Tage übrig bleibt (72): Paul Kimmage Defensive Fund, UCI in IOC tradition, …

“Geschichte wiederholt sich: Das Vorgehen der UCI erinnert mich an die IOC-Attacken gegen Andrew Jennings vor exakt 20 Jahren. Nach seinem ersten IOC-Buch (The Lords of the Rings) wurde er vom IOC wegen Verleumdung erfolgreich im Kanton Vaud verklagt (wie jetzt auch Kimmage, denn die UCI hat ihren Sitz in Aigle/Vaud/CH) – aufgrund lächerlicher Paragrafen, entgegen der Faktenlage.”


Just added my contribution to the fund. Hopefully once the USADA documentation comes out, Paul can counter sue Pat and Hein for being dirty power mongers.

Kimmage for UCI President!

Nathen Steerer

This lawsuit that the UCI have initiated against Paul Kimmage is completely outrageous. Unjust, immoral and unethical. Mc Quaid and Verbruggen are tuning the UCI into some sort of a Fascist Organization, as they attempt to enforce a gagging order, by means of a lawsuit. These two dictators are attempting to suppress the truth. In this case the TRUTH that has been spoken by Kimmage, Landis and Hamilton actually is the TRUTH. One has to wonder how may brown envelopes the UCI have actually received over the years. One thing that is for sure, is they have received many. But how many ? How many more TRUTHS have been suppressed by the UCI ? How many more people have remained silent ? After the 1998 Festina Affair the image of cycling hit an all time low. At the 1999 Tour De France Lance Armstrong tested positive for the banned substance Cortisone. Which he should of been undoubtedly sanctioned for. Thrown out of the 1999 Tour De France. And served a ban. But the UCI broke their own rules. Instead of sanctioning Armstrong for his violation they allowed him to stay in the Tour. They accepted a back-dated prescription for a cortisone-containing skin cream that US Postal said was used to treat Armstrong for saddle sores, which of course was a complete fabrication.
Lance Armstrong tested positive for EPO at the 2001 Tour Of Switzerland. That positive test was allegedly suppressed by the UCI.
According to Willy Voet’s book Breaking The Chain, the UCI accepted a back dated prescription for lidocaine, which enabled Laurent Brochard to avoid a positive test from the 1997 World Championships.

Dick Pound spoke on this...

Here we go again, Dick Pound (WADA President) spoke on this:

Richard Pound acknowledges the fact that some of his comments reported in the media might have seemed excessive if they were interpreted to mean that the UCI and Hein Verbruggen were doing nothing to combat doping. This applies to an even greater extent to the allegation of collusion which was never formulated as such.

Richard Pound acknowledges the fact that the UCI is doing good work to eliminate cheats from their sport. The UCI has successively put in place new testing procedures to improve the fight against doping.

They hereby declare that they have thus ended their dispute and will be responsible for their own costs and expenses.

Lance Armstrong, Phil Liggett, Dick Pound (WADA President) all say the SAME THING. I wonder why?

Who is clueless here?


…relevancy of the comment below as regards a lawsuit back in 2009 wherein dick pound & the uci go vis a vis…

…nonsensical weak sauce when used as an argument in support of any of the parties mentioned…

…it’s nothing more than a blanket “make nice” resolution so that two organizations, wada & the uci, both with vested financial interests in the sport, can coexist seemingly “for the good of the sport” but in reality, the uci is saying “your comments lessen our legitimacy & thus control over the sport…cease & desist”…

…with an eye to the future, love, bgw…

John Useful

It’s behind a paywall so here ye go me laddies

THE REPORT from the United States Anti-Doping Agency explaining why it stripped Lance Armstrong of seven Tour de France titles and imposed a life ban is expected to be sent to the world governing body of cycling, the Union Cycliste International, this week.

UCI will find the report is uncomfortable reading — it details the doping conspiracy that underpinned the success of the world’s top cycling team, US Postal Service and its leader Armstrong, from 1999 to 2004.

Two riders are believed to have given affidavits that Armstrong told them he had a positive test swept under the carpet at the 2001 Tour of Switzerland and another has sworn that Armstrong told him he could use his influence with UCI to circumvent cycling’s anti-doping laws.

UCI is suing the former Sunday Times journalist Paul Kimmage for suggesting Armstrong was protected, an action that has outraged cycling fans and prompted them to contribute more than £26,000 to help defray the journalist’s legal expenses. Now, according to three former teammates, Armstrong himself claimed he got special treatment from UCI. Given its eagerness to go to the courts to protect its reputation, UCI may want to sue Armstrong after it has read USADA’s report.

But its overriding reaction to the report is likely to be dismay that doping should have been so integral to US Postal’s modus operandi and wonder that it remained undiscovered for so long. UCI will also realise it missed many opportunities to investigate what was going on within the team and that this failure meant the team could go on doping for as long as they wished.

For example, in 2003 the former US Postal soigneur Emma O’Reilly told The Sunday Times she remembered many incidents that convinced her Armstrong and the team were doping. In particular she recalled an evening on the 1999 Tour when giving Armstrong his evening massage. She overheard him and two team officials concoct a story that, with the aid of a backdated medical certificate, let the rider escape punishment.

O’Reilly claimed at the time that she’d been told Armstrong had taken cortisone during a race the previous month and that it had stayed in his system, causing him to test positive in the first week of that Tour. Support for O’Reilly comes now in an affidavit from the rider who says it was known in the team that Armstrong used Kenacourt, a trade name for a long-acting synthetic corticosteroid.

At the time of her revelations, UCI did not feel any need to interview O’Reilly and see if her many examples of US Postal’s cheating could be verified. Now UCI is having verification thrust upon it.

In another rider’s affidavit there is a story of Armstrong’s concern at scar tissue on his arm caused by injections of EPO as he was about to go for his medical test before the 1999 Tour. According to this rider, he asked O’Reilly for make-up so the scar could be concealed and that she had applied the make-up to Armstrong’s arm. This story was told in precisely the same detail by O’Reilly years earlier.

What will alarm UCI is the detail contained in multiple recollections of Armstrong’s teammates. One rider tells a story from the 1998 world championship at Valkenburg in Holland when cortisone pills, wrapped in tin foil, were given to the Postal riders on the US national team for the road race. According to the rider’s affidavit, the pills were wrapped in the foil and handed out by Kristin Armstrong, the champion’s former wife. “Kristin is rolling the joints,” one rider joked at the time.

Another rider recalls a telephone call from George Hincapie, a teammate of Armstrong’s in all seven Tour wins, saying he had been stopped by US Customs while returning from Europe and that EPO had been found in his luggage. He lied that it was prescribed medication and they accepted this story.

Adding to the sense of authenticity is the consistency that runs through the reports; incidents recounted by one rider that involve others are backed up in the accounts of those involved. There is also an overriding sense of Armstrong’s central role in the conspiracy to use illegal drugs. He and his former wife used to refer to EPO by the codename “butter,” says another rider’s affidavit, because the drug was in the butter in the fridge.

There is an account of how unhappy he was with team doctor Pedro Celaya through much of 1999. According to one rider’s affidavit, Armstrong believed Celaya wasn’t giving the riders enough performance enhancing drugs. “We might as well be riding clean,” he is quoted as saying at the time. Celaya was replaced at the end of the year by another Spanish doctor, Luis del Moral.

Some of the evidence against Armstrong and the team is provided by teammates who have already come forward such as Floyd Landis, Tyler Hamilton and Frankie Andreu but there is also incriminating detail from riders who haven’t spoken in public. Riders such as Hincapie, Christian Vandevelde and Levi Leipheimer are all believed to have testified honestly and confirmed stories that Armstrong and his team participated in a sophisticated doping conspiracy.

In an interview with L’Equipe in France, the head of USADA, Travis Tygart, said he believed all the witnesses his agency interviewed had told the truth and that there had been “confirmation” of this. Tygart might have been referring to the presence of US Justice Department official Mike Pugliese at USADA’s interviews with witnesses.

During the interviews, Pugliese sat silently but with transcripts of interviews these witnesses had given before a Grand Jury or to federal officers in the case against the team that was dropped in February. “As you gave an answer to a question,” one witness said, “you were very conscious of this guy checking it against the answer you had given to the Feds, so you really wanted to make sure you got it right.”

USADA did not receive any material from the aborted federal case and Pugliese sat in on the interviews solely to check if witnesses confirmed accounts given to federal officers and to see if the Justice Department should open a civil case against Armstrong and the owners of the team.

Marius Seatpost

Great title for Johan and Lance’s new collaboration (From Walsh article posted below)

“We might as well be riding clean” (Maybe subtitled, How I never won the Tour de France)

The Court spoke on this...

All of these things that people here come up with have already been dealt with making this a tiresome exercise:

1st, The article is probably behind a paywall because they don’t want people to see it and it is not ready for prime time. People should have respected that decision.

2nd, here we go again:

“The Sunday Times has confirmed to Mr Armstrong that it never intended to accuse him of being guilty of taking any performance-enhancing drugs and sincerely apologised for any such impression,” the paper’s lawyers said.

The Sunday Times has settled with Lance Armstrong after he sued the paper for libel over a 2004 article which referred to a book, LA Confidential – The Secrets of Lance Armstrong.

In a high-court hearing, Mr Justice Gray ruled that the meaning of the article as a whole implied that Armstrong had taken drugs to enhance his performance. He rejected arguments for the paper that the words conveyed no more than the existence of reasonable grounds to suspect.

Alexis Setscrew

I was excited when we hit $3,000. $46K+ is blowing my mind. This fund and the USADA documents on LA could be the tipping point. Nice work people!

Lander Cage

I live near a horse racetrack and we’ve got a bunch of veterenarians who’ve lost their licenses for doping racehorses, can L..A. call me so I can hook him up?

I’ve started myself on some horse meds, and am riding really strongly, and am starting my young son also, because we want to get and solve cancer and make millions like L.A.

Can you hook us up with some meds sponsorships?

Maybe Oakley or Nike will kick in if Trek won’t…

Pat McQuaid doubles down Lawsuit

Press release : UCI statement on case against Paul Kimmage


In response to questions concerning why almost one year ago the UCI initiated a court case against Paul Kimmage, the UCI wishes to issue the following clarification.

Mr Kimmage had made false accusations that defamed the UCI and its Presidents, and which tarnished their integrity and reputation.

Mr Kimmage is free to express and make public his opinions within the limits of the law and of the truth.

False accusations are unacceptable and unlawful and the UCI will defend itself against all such accusations as any other citizen or entity has the right to do.

The case against Mr Kimmage is limited to false accusations and does not concern other opinions of Mr Kimmage. The case is based upon the protection of the personality rights. Under the applicable Swiss law such case is directed against the person who made the defamatory statements. In this case this person is Mr Kimmage.

UCI Communication Service

*unusual behavior as in most cases he reverses himself: U-turnCI

Nathan Steerer


Editor’s note: The following is an opinion piece submitted to VeloNews by former U.S. Postal Service rider Scott Mercier. Mercier retired from professional cycling in 1997 and in 2011 told VeloNews that a team doctor had offered him synthetic testosterone in the final year of his career. The UCI on Monday issued a press release defending its lawsuit against journalist Paul Kimmage, claiming that he “had made false accusations that defamed the UCI and its presidents, and which tarnished their integrity and reputation.”
The dethroning of the king, Lance Armstrong, by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has given many hope that real change is possible for the sport of cycling. But the sport’s governing body, the UCI, led by the hapless Pat McQuaid and Hein Verbruggen, seems intent on continuing the charade. The entire world has come to accept that cycling has had a dark and sordid history with respect to doping, but the UCI refuses to acknowledge any responsibility. It is shameful that the UCI was not leading the effort to find the truth. Pat McQuaid, in particular, seems to get more desperate every time he utters a word.

His most recent action of suing journalist and renowned anti-doping crusader Paul Kimmage is just the latest example of an attempt to deny and cover up, rather than seek the truth. History suggests that the UCI did not provide protection for riders like Christophe Bassons and Filippo Simeoni, who chose to speak up and challenge the culture of doping. Rather, they were unceremoniously ushered out the door. It is time to invite athletes like them back to the sport to be a part of the solution. As a former rider for U.S. Postal, I would not have turned to the UCI for fear of the repercussions from the organization. Perhaps in my own small way I too contributed to the omerta in cycling.

The lack of comments by most of the peloton regarding the Armstrong saga suggest that the omerta is still alive and well and that the peloton is still ruled by fear. There is no small amount of irony in the fact that the sport is led today by a man who received a lifetime ban from Olympic competition for an act of willful deception and fraud by racing the Rapport Tour in apartheid South Africa during an international boycott. I also raced the Rapport Tour, but Nobel laureate Nelson Mandela was the head of state, not B.J. Vorster. Mr. Vorster was the head of the department of justice in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison.

The UCI today appears to be governed in a similar manner as the apartheid regimes, ruled with oppression and fear. Many of today’s riders seem to be fearful of criticizing the UCI potentially and exposing themselves to repercussions.

Cycling has reached a tipping point. It is either going to be honest and open regarding its sordid history of doping and grow and thrive, or it will continue to deny and distract. The time has come for the doors of secrecy to be kicked open. It’s time for a revolution and the overthrow of the tyrannical leadership of McQuaid and Verbruggen. I urge the board members of the UCI to take control of the sport and start with a clean slate. This is the only way cycling can truly grow on a global scale.

Luca Ferrule

As an Irishman in Australia proud to be the one to push the fund over $49k. Good luck Paul, and bye bye Pat…

Pierre Tracknut

Journos being BULLIED BY the PRATS OF AIGLE does not sit well with me !
I am Skippy Mc Carthy and both PHAT & HEINOUS know me and in the past have been hospitable to me !
Should they treat me with less respect now then it will show their true colours ! YELLOW !
I URGE ALL to sign the petition , found here below :

It will cost YOU nothing but will ADD to the justification for the ” VOTING Delegates of ” UCI ” to VOTE for change in Sept 2013 IF we have to wait until then for LEGAL change by the UCI itself !

PLEASE ALL those involved in Cycling , circulate this petition to ALL your circle of friends , relatives and Cycling Clubs !

ONLY large numbers expressing their disapproval will convince the Voting Delegates that they risk losing THEIR place in the UCI if they FAIL TO ACT !

Giovanni Downtube

Thanks for that last video, Lance. Yes, we just need to believe in miracles and everything will be ok. Now please go take your medications.


Done, contributed. Best bucks spent on cycling for years. What an opportunity now to hang out all the dirty laundry for everyone to see. Paul & team go hard, little to lose, even if case itself lost, publicity will see you win the bigger prize. We don’t need pro-wrestling by the UCI, we want a clean sport and a transparent and accountable administration.


Please start another fund to place adds the opposite Floyd was ordered to make outlining the case of UCI corruption.


I did, yes. Maybe I’m missing something. He has to pay some cash to each of them and publish retractions.

monorchid conconi

It’s all Black September… They’re talking to us. We’re in dialogue now.

Andy Shen

Floyd Landis to state that the Union Cycliste Internationale, Patrick (Pat)McQuaid and/or Henricus (Hein) Verbruggen have concealed cases of doping, receivedmoney for doing so, have accepted money from Lance Armstrong to conceal a dopingcase, have protected certain racing cyclists, concealed cases of doping, have engaged inmanipulation, particularly of tests and races, have hesitated and delayed publishing theresults of a positive test on Alberto Contador, have accepted bribes, are corrupt, areterrorists, have no regard for the rules, load the dice, are fools, do not have a genuinedesire to restore discipline to cycling, are full of shit, are clowns, their words areworthless, are liars, are no different to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, or to make anysimilar other allegations of that kind


… shall not suggest that Henricus Verbruggen’s veins flow with cold nougat, that Patrick McQuaid cannot be relied upon to consistently spell his own name correctly, that Aigle is best referred to as “Spaceball One” …



Floyd Landis to publish at his own expense the present operative provisions inthe following media: (New York, USA)

So by backing this petition NYVelocity is going to rake in the dollars here with the advertisement.

Very clever!!!


…the difference between a porta-potty & the uci’s patty mcquaid & hein verbruggen ???…

…not much & they’re ALL full a’ shit…

…not even trying to be funny, love, bgw…

Sven Jenson

More and more people are turning to this website for the latest updates and information on matters directly relating to Landis and Armstrong. Why is it virtually impossible to navigate?? Why does it look like it was created on a Commodore 64?? You’ve got the traffic now get with the times.

SPOKEn Lancelot

I agree. Update the site, at least make it easy to navigate. The other day I commented on the photo of the Toga rider taking 2nd in the Cat 3 field. I haven’t gone back to see what else was said because it’s hard to get there. Navigating UCI legal logic is like navigating this website… makes little sense.

Adrien Tank

The International Cycling Union said a Swiss court ruling has prohibited Floyd Landis from repeating claims that UCI leaders corruptly protected Lance Armstrong from a doping case.

“The judgment upholds and protects the integrity of the UCI and its presidents,” the world cycling body said Wednesday in a statement released with copies of the court document.

Fantastic news for Paul Kimmage 😉 I hope the UCI will win their case against him too. That will teach him a lesson.

Marchionne Seatpost

In a Sept. 26 ruling on the defamation case published Wednesday by the UCI, Landis is ordered to pay UCI president Pat McQuaid and predecessor Hein Verbruggen $10,667 each, plus legal costs totaling $4,900.

That is not too bad. So what is PK going to do with the rest of the def Fund?

UCI Justice

On Dec 12 all of you contributing here will also have wasted your money. The victory against Floyd Landis is a victory for clean cycling everywhere. Hopefully, UCI will come after you all next and take down this website instead of updating it. Worthy outcome. You all could have had a great site but instead chose to waste the money defending Kimmage waste product. Also, the site is stalled out at $38511.99 for many days. Looks like you losers peaked out.

Sofiane Axle

I would be on board if I believed you genuinely cared about cleaning up the sport. Your pathological hatred of Armstrong seems to be your only motivation.

Marco Seatmast

The Swiss Court ruled that the UCI, Hein Verbruggen and Pat McQuaid:

  • have concealed cases of doping.
  • received money for doing so.
  • have accepted money from Lance Armstrong to conceal a doping case.
  • have protected certain racing cyclists, concealed cases of doping.
  • have engaged in manipulation, particularly of tests and races.
  • have hesitated and delayed publishing the results of a positive test on Alberto Contador.
  • have accepted bribes.
  • are corrupt.
  • are terrorists.
  • have no regard for the rules.
  • load the dice.
  • are fools.
  • do not have a genuine desire to restore discipline to cycling.
  • are full of sh1t.
  • are clowns.
  • their words are worthless.
  • are liars.
  • are no different to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

are statements Floyd Landis is forbidden to make.

McQuaid direct

Pat McQuaid loves this site. With Flandis being broke he get nothing. Half the money you all are raising will go to Pat and Hein you realize? and the other half to NyVelocity for pro-UCI ads. Might as well have a chipin for Pat McQuaid direct! HA HA!


I assume that Floyd is free to say that the UCI are no different to Joseph Stalin or Mussolini or a bunch of w**kers.

By the way whats up with the people posting in this site who are supporting the UCI leadership? Do you really think that they are doing a great job of trying to clean up are sport?


…nixon was a fucking saint compared to armstrong…

…either lance forgot the old saw – “you can fool some of the people all the time & all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all the time”…

…or he was working on his buddy & fellow texan george w bush’s interpretation which was – “you can fool some of the people all the time & those are the ones you wanna concentrate on”…

…just sayings, love bgw…

Some other people for UCI leadership

Congressmen Introduce Athlete Due Process Protection Act

Sensenbrenner: “I am introducing the Athlete Due Process Protection Act to ensure our athletes are provided constitutional due process protections, just like the rest of us.”

Among supporters of this bill, (basically the whole country, except the few donating here) the legislation is known as “Lance’s Law”.

Call your congressman for speedy and swift approval of this bill before the New Year.

There will also be a petition for a full presidential pardon for Lance – just like Nixon got.

Things have run amok for too long!


so, legally in switzerland, floyd can’t call them “full of sh!t”, but it doesn’t say anything about calling them sh!tbags. or sh!t heads for that matter. nor d-bags. so, lots of work-arounds there.

Lorenzo Chainline

Some of you are missing the tremendous humor in the ruling. The UCI sued in Swiss courts because it was easy to do so and they knew Floyd would not show. With no Floyd in court, they won by default. Their ruling can’t be enforced any where but in Switzerland. I’m sure Floyd’s travel plans do not include Switzerland, so the case is one giant joke. They may as well have gone to Mars and sued him in a Mars court. It would have similar results.

Lemond UCI

When UCI went after Greg Lemond, Lemond’s lawyers responded to UCI:

“In your July 26 letter, you accuse Mr. LeMond of committing criminal infringement and then demand that he either (1) corroborate his alleged accusations; or (2) withdraw his alleged accusations publicly. You also “suggest to discuss the way to proceed.” Obviously, Greg LeMond’s public retraction of his statements regarding UCI is something of value to UCI. Indeed, you would not have written your letter to Mr. LeMond and demanded the same unless it had value to your organization. Under United States’ law, threatening criminal prosecution in order to obtain “any money or other valuable thing” is a federal crime. See 18 U.S.C. 0 873. Violations of section 873 require a fine and imprisonment for not more than one year.”

More here:

Shady O'Merta

It is for things like the sham case against Floyd that I donated my $50 here. Just remember though, Ron Mexico can still go to Switzerland.

Antoine Cable

Are Lemond’s lawyers calling these guys extortionists? Are they going to have charges filed so Hein and McQuaid can’t set foot in the USA? I wonder if they have legal standing for this.
I don’t see “are extortionists” on the list things Floyd can’t say.


I think I’m addicted to checking this page and seeing the support for Paul and disgust for the UCI leadership grow, probably because it seems a measurable quantity now.

Andy Shen

You see the total above, it’s controlled by, it’ll go to Kimmage’s lawyers directly. What more do you want to know?

Ponce de la Yema

The Swiss are a strange people but their bullshit detectors are finely tuned – Paddy and Hein ain’t gonna see any Swiss francs. Floyd could don lederhosen and go yodeling in the Alps and he would be left alone. A stern letter might arrive at his house 2 weeks later but that’s it.

Duncan Disorderly

This is turning into a drinking game. Each time McQuaid, Verbruggen or one of their stooges comes out with something totally absurd, I give ten dollars to the Kimmage fund. This ten dollars is for the hilarious Landis court ruling. At the risk of bankruptcy, onwards and upwards.

Lapo Headset

The LEAST you could do would be to include some tenuous connection between Kimmage and this unnamed person. The UCI/LA can’t possibly be so broke that they’re left to employing such shoddy help. Do Hein a favor and leave the spin making to the professionals.


an acquaintance of one of my workmates has a friend of a friend, and he said that kimmage’s neighbor knows a guys that pleasured himself whilst fantasizing about a scenario that involved a chihuahua puppy, a bottle of champagne, and a bucket of peanut butter. so, i think the evidence is pretty clear that kimmage is simply experiencing bitter jealously of lance and his miracle success.

Duncan Disorderly

More ludicrous bollocks from Lance and Co. over the past couple of days. Another ten bucks into the fund is the result.


You can do your bit for cycling:
BOYCOTT NIKE and all of Armstrong’s other sponsors
Don’t buy publications written by stupid supporters of Armstrong
IF you want to give money to charity- there are thousands of cancer charities around the world

Noe Topcap

I chipped in $50 a couple of days after this was launched and just chipped in another $100 because I’m amazed that the (not) clowns at the UCI haven’t already resigned in disgrace following the release of the USADA materials. And I’m disgusted that while people are praising former teammates for testifying (at the point of a gun), I haven’t seen any current pro riders or team managers come out and thank Paul Kimmage and David Walsh for their role in exposing what has happening. Desperately hoping that sponsors and broadcasters (who have the big money in the sport) will take notice and force the UCI to clean up, or refuse to put money into the sport.

Mehdi Fork

Great point from Noe about the lack of response for the years of investigative journalism from Paul Kimmage & David Walsh. Since the publication of Rough Ride, Paul has had to endure constant sniping from pro riders (blind to the good he was trying to do, to clean up cycling and make it safer for the riders) as well as being vilified by Armstrong fanboys. Rough Ride is a ground breaking book written with courage and honesty that cost Kimmage an awful lot over the years including the loss of his friendship with Stephen Roche (shame on you, Roche). And, anyone who read Walsh’s book, From Lance to Landis, would not be ‘shocked’ (as a lot of commentators claimed to be) by the revelations in the the USADA report as Walsh laid it all out when the book was first published. Why didn’t more journalists pick up on what Paul and David were saying over the years and pursue their own lines of enquiry? Walsh has to be commended for the way he has defended the integrity of both Betsy Andreu and Emma O’Reilly whose courage in speaking out when no one else had the balls to do so should not be forgotten.
Like Noe i already chipped in $50 to Paul’s fund and thanks to Noe’s example i am going to chip in another $50.


Fuck Nike. I wouldn’t be caught dead their garbage before this whole mess & I’m damn well not going to start now.

Dick Pound

Dick Pound violates terms of settlement with UCI

Meanwhile, a former World Anti-Doping Agency chief has suggested the International Cycling Union likely turned a blind eye to doping in the sport.

Richard Pound said he complained for years to the UCI that the seven-time Tour de France winner and other cyclists were given advance notice of their drug tests and then allowed to go off unsupervised.

“It is not credible that they didn’t know this was going on,” Mr Pound told AFP. “I had been complaining to UCI for years.”

Mr Pound, who was head of WADA from 1999-2007, said drug testers would do tests on riders in the early-morning, hours before they had to appear for a competition.

“The race starts at 1 pm to 2 pm in afternoon and there are no tests prior to race to see if they are bumped up,” he said, adding that after races, competitors had an unchaperoned hour before being tested.

“So then you go in and get saline solutions and other means of hiding the effects (of performance-enhancing drug) EPO and whatever else it is,” he said.

“You have to say ‘I wonder if it was designed not to be successful?”’

Broken agreement: “Each party undertakes to refrain from making any comments,” the agreement noted.

Giovanni Swage

Lance Armstrong was a magnificent performer. To orchestrate the scale of his subterfuge and to lie consistently at such an elite level for more than a decade – live at press conferences, on TV, in books, even in court – was a performance worthy of a champion. Of a champion liar.

But lying was just part of the artillery Armstrong deployed to keep the deception in place and to deny that he used performance-enhancing drugs in the course of cheating his way to seven Tour de France victories.

The deception was outlined in meticulous and shocking detail over hundreds of pages in the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s (Usada) report released last week. Based on dozens of interviews, including with ex-team mates, the report accuses Armstrong and his handlers of being “engaged in a massive and long-running scheme to use drugs, cover their tracks, intimidate witnesses, tarnish reputations, lie to hearing panels and the press and do whatever was necessary to conceal the truth”.

Armstrong didn’t just take drugs: he was the enforcer of a small mafia within professional cycling that moved ruthlessly against anyone who threatened to expose him or his collaborators. He bullied and threatened team-mates, journalists and fellow cycling professionals and officials.

Just ask Emma O’Reilly, a masseuse on the US Postal Service team when Armstrong was leader. She had a front-row seat and saw how he and the team operated. She used make-up to cover-up Armstrong’s syringe bruises. She helped ferry drug packages and delivered them in person to Armstrong. At one point, he turned to her and said: “Now, Emma, you know enough to bring me down.”

A few years later, O’Reilly contributed to a book in which she recounted what she had seen. Armstrong’s legal team went into overdrive. They brought her to court. Armstrong publicly called her “an alcoholic and a prostitute”. They silenced her. As she said: “Lance tried to make my life a living hell. There was intimidation, bullying and stress.”

The most shocking aspect of the Usada report may not be what it tells us about “the most sophisticated doping programme sport has ever seen”, but what it tells us about the vindictive, mendacious, vicious character at the heart of this fraud. Armstrong didn’t just attack mountains with vigour, he attacked anyone who threatened to expose the truth of his doping. He comes across less like a cyclist, more like a psychopath.

And this may not be the end of the story for Armstrong. The US attorney’s office – which dropped an investigation into his alleged doping earlier this year – will very likely take an interest in the Usada report, particularly where it alleges that Armstrong perjured himself in the course of making seven sworn legal statements to a Dallas court in 2005.

Armstrong, like most bullies, is also a coward. Which is why he has chosen not to contest any of the evidence piled high and mighty in the Usada report. If the US attorney’s office comes calling, that will not be an option open to him.

But there are also questions for others. Not least for cycling’s world governing body, the UCI. Under their watch, Armstrong and his cohorts corrupted and defiled the sport that they were supposedly overseeing. Except that they weren’t. Their oversight was abject, abysmal, appalling.

In 2005, when the L’Équipe newspaper leaked the details of Armstrong’s 1999 positive drug test, the UCI conducted an “investigation” in which Armstrong was cleared. Dick Pound, the head of the World Anti-Doping Agency, said the UCI report was “so lacking in professionalism and objectivity that it borders on farcical”.

Why was the UCI so useless? As one cycling journalist observed last week, the governing body “consistently, either through naivety, incompetence or complicity, concealed the worst excesses of a decade of doping”. Which was it – naivety, incompetence or complicity? This is the same body that accepted $125,000 from Armstrong to help fund the UCI’s anti-doping research. How he must have laughed. You couldn’t make it up. Only Armstrong did – and the UCI bought it every time.

They have no excuse. Journalists such as the Sunday Times duo David Walsh and Paul Kimmage were tenacious in their pursuit of Armstrong over a 13-year period, yet the UCI paid no notice.

And there are questions too for Nike. The world’s largest sportswear brand have pledged to continue their commercial deals with the disgraced doper – they sell close to 100 items of Armstrong-related clothing. Why would the world’s leading sportswear brand want to continue to be associated with a man who was at the centre of one of sport’s biggest frauds? Just do it, the Nike slogan says. Do what? Should aspirant young sports enthusiast take Armstrong’s lead? Lie, bully, dope and cheat your way to the top?

In a 2001 ad for Nike, Lance Armstrong said: “This is my body and I can do whatever I want to it… Everybody wants to know what I am on. What am I on? I’m on my bike busting my ass six hours a day. What are you on?”

That is a question that anyone associated with this debacle – the UCI, the journalists who failed to report properly what was happening, Nike – should now ask themselves.

Kimmage Article

It’s taken a while for some but opinions on Lance Armstrong have altered greatly, writes Paul Kimmage

When it comes to the issue of doping and cycling, Sean Kelly has never been forward in looking backward. For 18 years now, since his last professional race, his attitude has always been easy to interpret: Don’t ask me to condemn the sins of others.

Three months ago, in a lengthy interview with L’équipe during the most recent Tour de France, even those who know, and work with him closely, despaired when, despite a tidal wave of evidence, he expressed his continued belief in Lance Armstrong. But it was just Kelly being Kelly — nothing if not consistent.

So it was astonishing to hear him break the habit of a lifetime last Thursday on Morning Ireland when he was rolled out behind Tyler Hamilton on the 8.35 sports bulletin. And even more astonishing that he had changed his tune on Lance: “Well, over the last number of months we were waiting for this and it was pretty much expected,” he announced.

“But it’s horrific what we’re hearing over the last number of hours. Now we know that it was organised within the team . . . the doping with Lance Armstrong and with all the other team-mates. It was a time in cycling — and we heard Hamilton saying — they were all doing it, and it wasn’t the only team I believe.”

Exactly 40 seconds had passed since Kelly had seized the microphone and after this thorough dissection of the problem, it was time to announce the solution.

“Since we have our new president, Pat McQuaid, things have changed totally,” he said. “I think in the last couple of years cycling has cleaned up a lot . . . they are catching all the big names, so that is the good thing we have taken from that.”

Now, I don’t wish to be unkind to Sean, but in the Concise Oxford Dictionary the word ‘new’ is defined as “made, introduced or discovered recently.” McQuaid, a lifelong friend and supporter of Kelly’s, has been president of the UCI — cycling’s world governing body — since 2006. And I don’t wish to be unkind to McQuaid, but the consensus on his six years at the helm is that the UCI has been absolutely hopeless.

But McQuaid is suing me, so don’t take my word for it: (read on below)

Duncan Disorderly

I’m beginning to enjoy this now, as the mainstream media finally begin to catch on. Let them remember their debt to Paul Kimmage and David Walsh for their courage over the years, as the rest of the journos now collect their paychecks. Nice to see the wheels starting to come off for Lance and Co. Still need to see McQuaid and Verbruggen go, Nike dump Wonderboy, and serious questions asked about the and .com nonsense. But it’s a good beginning.


to what? making the public think even less of cycling, if that’s possible? Great time to have meetings about the brooklyn velodrome. There is nothing “good” about all this. Satisfying your need to have one guy brought down doesn’t qualify as “good.” And don’t fool yourself that things are much better now. Who says so? A bunch of guys who lied for a decade. And you think they just decided to tell the truth and stop?

ugh ugh 2

Thanks for saying it. For anyone in the business of cycling this has been a disaster, maybe the end not the beginning.

If it was not for journos like Kimmage and Walsh think where we could have been right now? Maybe 2 or 3 more Tours for Floyd Landis(and America) and 8 or more for Lance with his comeback.

Pat McQuaid had it right when he went after WADA boss, Dick Pound:

“As far as we’re concerned he lacks credibility and he’s got a knife in our sport,” said McQuaid. “He continues to make statements about cycling. I understand he’s leaving next year and the sooner the better.”

Not soon enough for retailers with current large stocks of Armstrong bicycle and triathalon merchandise and dashed dreams for the growth of the sport of cycling.

Phil Liggett spoke on this...

From a man who has been in cycling for 40 years:

“If he’s been taking drugs then of course it’s right [to sanction] but they still lack the absolute proof as far as I’m aware. I still am a supporter of Armstrong. Whatever way we look at it Lance has been good for the sport. No one can condone, if it’s finally proved, that he’s ridden his whole career on drugs. I had an email from an eminent scientist from the US yesterday. An SMS actually. It said if Lance Armstrong had taken the drugs outlined by USADA he’d have been dead ten years ago. He’s an eminent scientist and a very intelligent man. I don’t know his name, the SMS came from a secondary person.”

Tristan Headset

that’s cool. i get texts from people i don’t know sometimes, too. they are often eminent people in their home country of nigeria.

Hugo Downtube

Phil, getting a text message from Dr. Ferrari doesn’t count.

Face it, it’s time to retire to The Villas at Trembling Hills and fondly remember the old days.


Did David Anthony from BH Garneau get his drugs from Ferrari? Is BH Garneau still sponsoring this team?

Nathan Steerer

This may help Paul Kimmage if it was ever proven to be true. It’s not a new story but it has resurfaced.

Report: Did Nike pay $500,000 to Verbruggen to cover up Armstrong positive?

Source :

Allegations that UCI President was paid to cover up Armstrong test

The New York Daily News has suggested that sportswear company Nike decided to stay loyal to Lance Armstrong despite the overwhelming evidence of doping against him because it may have played an active part in what USADA described as “the most sophisticated doping program in sports history”.

The NY Daily News reports that Kathy LeMond testified under oath during a 2006 deposition in the SCA arbitration case that Julian Devries, a mechanic for Armstrong’s team, had told her and others that Nike and Thom Weisel – the San Francisco banker who sponsored and part-owned Armstrong’s team – had transferred $500,000 to a Swiss bank account that belonged to Verbruggen.

The money was apparently sent to cover up a 1999 positive drug test for corticosteroids, which Armstrong had used to treat saddle sores.

Armstrong’s former soigneur Emma O’Reilly, backed up the claims that the positive test was covered up in an affidavit to USADA. Armstrong has always claimed that he never tested positive for drugs.

She said she heard Armstrong and other Postal Service team members talking about how they would get Luis Garcia del Moral, the team physician, to write a backdated prescription for the steroid cream.

In an interview with the Daily News on Monday, Kathy Lemond said she stood by her testimony. “I’m sure Julian was telling the truth,” she said.

Representatives of Nike or Tom Weisel did not respond to calls for comment from the Daily News and Devries has always denied the allegations. He submitted a affidavit during the SCA case saying that LeMond’s allegations were made up.

Armstrong’s lawyer Mark Fabiani also rubbished the accusations.

“We have absolutely no idea what Mrs. LeMond, a long-time Lance-hater, was talking about when she gave her deposition,” the NY Daily Post quote Fabiani as saying. “and to this day we have no idea what she was talking about.”

Paul Willerton, a former professional cyclist who rode for the US alongside Lance Armstrong during two world championship road races, has told Cyclingnews that he and other riders plan to protest against Nike support for Armstrong outside the Nike corporate headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, on Tuesday.

“This is akin to taking down the Berlin Wall,” Willerton said of the USADA investigation and subsequent rider confessions. “And Nike’s position – they’re so influential – and right now they’re just sitting on the wrong side of this wall.”

Veloce Gatto di Zocca

Paul has stated that he would like to return all the money from those of us who have donated toward his defense fund. I appreciate his sentiment. However, in the advent of victory, I move that the first thing Paul do is take his legal team and all of his witnesses down to his favorite pub and celebrate on us. Paul has repeatedly, consistently stuck his neck out in the pursuit of truth, and for that the least we can do is buy him a night on the town.
I for one, have given my donation freely and with no strings attached, only the hope that the pursuit of truth be supported and sustained. I would rather see my donation go toward a “journalists’ defense fund”. Individually, our donations are insignificant, but combined together, they could become a force for good.
Maybe the funds could be used to start a website that would help besieged journalists in the same manner that anti-cancer non-profits help cancer victims… Hmm…


I think you mean ‘hearsay’. As in ‘saying’ something that you ‘hear’ second hand.

You’re welcome.

Lance lawyer spoke on this...

Armstrong’s lawyer Mark Fabiani hit back, saying: ‘We have absolutely no idea what Mrs Lemond, a long-time Lance-hater, was talking about when she gave her deposition. And to this day we have no idea what she was talking about.’

Read more:

These are lawyers who practice in front of the bar. They are ethical and would not destroy their reputations with falsehoods or representing a lying client. They believe the only victim here is Lance. They have denied the 1000 page USADA report and the Kathy Lemond testimony. This should make everyone think, why are they doing this?


Kathy gave this in testimony under oath in 2006. If it were such a blatant lie, she committed perjury. Then why was she never sued? For that matter, no one who gave testimony against Armstrong in that trial was ever sued, although the Armstrong legal team screamed that that were all lies. So I wouldn’t be at all surprized if Kathy’s statement is indeed true.

Mateo Crank

Is it possible you’ve fallen down recently?

The only reason these lawyers have to worry about the bar is if they decide to stop doing their best to defend their client. Every, (and by every I mean EVERY) lawyer worth his or her salt will say whatever it takes to defend their client – especially if they’re being paid what LA is paying. If they weren’t willing to represent LA, why would they be under his employ?

Lance lawyer spoke on this...

Yeah, okay, but who in the future will ever employ you? John Gotti? I realize he is dead, so don’t flame me there, but liars are all that is left. Why would a lawyer be so stupid unless they “know” stuff we don’t know?


lance will wind up broke and disgraced like floyd and hamilton. the only difference is he won’t have a path to redemption like they did.

Mateo Crank

Here is a quick list of websites for some lawyers who you may have heard of that knowingly defended a guilty man:

There were a couple others who are no longer practicing – not because they were shut down by the bar, because they died.

Anyway, I’m just some dumbass with a google machine & I can figure this stuff out. With your legal expertise, you should have been able to figure this out on your own.

Francesco Crank

Now that everyone is guilty and you can’t believe that anyone is not using including now how do you really start this sport over?

Theo Housing

i’m pretty confidnet that he can’t admit anything without ending up in both civil and criminal court – which, I imagine, he has his leagl team working hard to avoid – what a scene – bad bad bad

Kevin Brazeon

was a boy named Lance,
who needed to win in France.
Many said he was cheatin’,
He claimed they were bleating,
But now he has danced his last dance.


he’s going to be in court either way–civil and criminal most likely. if he comes clean, it won’t be half as bad.

Conspiracy Theorist

criminal charges? puh-leeze. no way. you don’t go mountain biking with presidents and hang out with world leaders without a get outta jail free card in yer back pocket.

you know he’s got dirt on everyone at the highest levels, i.e., a list of high ranking co-conspirators.

he may have to go away quietly, but he’ll still have gazillions in the bank and won’t see a day of criminal charges.

Lance "64" Caloriestrong

Dude, I’d enjoy kicking back and having a Michelob Ultra with ol’ Lando Calrissian right about now.

Nike Chip-in?

Would not it be cool if Nike contributed to the Kimmage Defense fund? If something like that happened, it would send a real message to the UCI. I hope one of the former Lance sponsors does something like this.

Lapo Brazeon

I am happy to see Lance go down but the world of cycling is now crumbling. The sport may ultimately die.

Lapo Brazeon

Trickled down to Dieter. The glory days of Lance will now again trickle down to Dieter. Battenkill will be gone in the next 10 years – my guess only.


at this point, armstrong should just admit it and spare himself even more problems. soon he’ll be behind the car wash with floyd, if not.

No Dope

Rabobank is still spending $20mil in 2013. They only took their name off the jersey but are honoring their commitments. And Rabobank is only dropping their professional teams. they’re still sponsoring amateurs and CX. Because, of course, amateurs and cross racers don’t dope.

Rasmussen raced for Rabobank when he was given a 2 year suspension. they didn’t pull the plug then. Lance is bringing down the whole sport. That’s his legacy.

@8:08 – why is it sad that they’re dropping the women’s sponsorship? Don’t women dope too?

Giovanni Swage

Any chance that Rabbobank could sponsor the PK fund to help clean cycling up. Now that they will have a few sheckels free or guilders. Sad they are quitting the women’s sponsorship as well, but understandable.

Axel O-Ring

Look at all the convicted dopers around LA. He smoked them out. Chased down dopers, donated $100K to the UCI for anti-doping, and now Bassons is busted for evading a doping test. LA has got to be the best anti-doper sherriff ever, Texas-style.

Alessandro Brazeon

Maybe the sense of outrage is strong enough that the UCI cleans house, and it is different this time. However, just look at FIFA and the OOC. The boys in charge don’t give up that easily and have looked after enough people along the way to get out of all sort of corners that would kill of mere mortals. This from 2007 couldn’t be much stronger: result, nothing.

Patrice Clerc, the head of the Amaury Sports Organization (ASO) that owns the 104-year-old race, wants McQuaid to quit.

“In any society, public or private, those responsible would have no choice but to resign,” Clerc said. “The UCI, by the way its acted, at minimum has lacked clarity, transparency, professionalism, competence and in every case has shown a complete lack of conscience.

“We don’t want this system. We need to be independent of people who are either incompetent or have the desire to spoil (the race), to hurt the Tour de France.”

McQuaid vowed to stay on as the head of the International Cycling Union.

“Cycling does not belong to the Tour de France, it belongs to the cycling family,” McQuaid told The Associated Press. “Are we to blame because there are guys getting caught (cheating). We couldn’t break the rules in relation to Michael Rasmussen to stop him coming into the race.

“It’s no use making rules as you go along as they’ve done here this week. The sport needs a structure under a government and not everybody doing their own thing.”

Tour officials blame McQuaid’s UCI for not implementing a stronger doping program, and for allowing Rasmussen to start the race even though he’s accused of lying about his whereabouts before the Tour and missing doping tests.

“That happened even though, along with the UCI, we put out an insistent plea in April to the teams not to let anyone suspected of doping start the race,” Prudhomme said. “The UCI knew everything. It’s unbelievable that they didn’t say anything to us.”

On Wednesday, Rasmussen was removed from the race, which he led since July 15, by his Rabobank team.

“The piloting of cycling’s reconstruction cannot be given to the UCI,” Clerc said. “We will have to do it with all those who reject the current system in order to find our values again: riders, teams, sponsors, federations … will all need to unite.”

McQuaid was not invited to the race by organizers, but showed up for Saturday’s 19th stage time trial at the invitation of a French television station.

The feud between Clerc and McQuaid has been building since October 2005, when Clerc accused the UCI of not doing enough to combat doping. McQuaid said he “would never do anything to hurt the Tour de France” and that it was “scandalous” for Clerc’s ASO to suggest it.

Prudhomme said he will attend a doping summit hosted by the World Anti-Doping Agency to help clean up next year’s Tour, along with taking other measures.

“We will take the initiative in this debate,” Clerc said. “We will communicate the results of our work on October 25, when we will announce the 2008 Tour route.”

In addition to Rasmussen, Alexandre Vinokourov and his Astana team left the Tour because of doping accusations, along with Italian rider Cristian Moreni and his team Cofidis.

Alberto Contador took the yellow jersey after the ejection of Rasmussen, but German media reported that the Spanish rider’s name appears on documents seized in the blood-doping scandal known as Operation Puerto.

Prudhomme said it was decided at a meeting with the UCI in May that Contador wasn’t under suspicion.

“But that was before the Tour,” Prudhomme said. “Now, we have absolutely no trust in what the UCI said about him. That definitely would be a dilemma. The drama, unfortunately, is suspicion is now everywhere.”

McQuaid said the real culprit is doping.

Ferre Cogset

Hell is too good a place for people who have this attitude towards cancer survivors who want to give to a charity that is not based on crime, fraud, and a phony myth of survivorship. We get to send our money to honest places that don’t take advantage of the true love of being a survivor.
Until I can’t breathe, I will make my own choices thank you unkind sir.


Did we read the same article? Did I not link to the article about the couple who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Livestrong under the pretenses that it has some charitable virtue? (And while I definitely question it’s efficacy, Livestrong as an organization probably serves at least SOME charitable purpose.) Did the article you read describe that the couple has turned around 180 now that these people’s true motivation for donating to Livestrong specifically – hero worship of LA – has been debunked?

More than anything else, I wish you the best with you or your family member’s illness. I certainly hope you’ll continue to donate to worthy charitable organizations. I also hope that in the future, you won’t allow yourself to be starstruck while determining what organizations you consider worthy.

I can’t help but see parallels to the “Floyd Fairness Fund”. No matter how crooked these guys are, the people who are dumb enough to blindly throw money at them (because of their fame) kind of had it coming. A fool and his money are soon parted – at least in this case, SOME of that money went to making pamphlets or whatever about cancer and a bunch of people got some sweet yellow bracelets in the process.

Alessandro Brazeon

Changes for the Tour de France? French press reports today that Patrice Clerc has been removed from his post as director of the ASO, which, as we all know, organizes the Tour de France. Jean-Etienne Amaury will replace Clerc.

The news comes after speculation abounded in recent weeks over changes at the ASO, with some observers suggesting that Marie-Odile Amaury, who heads Éditions Amaury, was unhappy with the direction the ASO was heading, especially in relations with the UCI, with whom the ASO has fought a protracted war over cycling’s future. Some observers worry that the replacement of Clerc may spell an end to the hard-line the ASO has taken against doping in the Tour de France. The ASO also organizes other events, including the Dakar Rally. In addition to the ASO, Éditions Amaury, which ranks as one of the largest companies in France, owns the sports daily, L’Équipe.

That the new head of the ASO intends to make nice with the UCI appeared confirmed by his public statement today. Said Amaury, “I take on these responsibilities to show to all the importance that the Groupe Amaury gives to its relations with the world of sport, and in particular with the cycling family, with whom, after a grave conflict, hopes for a harmonious peace are emerging.” Yann Le Moenner, currently in charge of the department of marketing, media, and law at the ASO, will serve as assistant to Amaury.

Source: l’

Duncan Disorderly

@PhatPat’s ludicrous nonsense continues the drinking game for me, so here’s another tenner for the cause. Thinking of starting a new Chipin fund to send PhatPat and Heinous to copy Felix Baumgartner: I’m setting the fund target to stop just short of buying them parachutes.

Pat McQuaid

At the Armstrong press conference:

Will legal action continue against journalist Paul Kimmage? “The case against Kimmage is nothing to do with Usada and Armstrong,” says McQuaid. “It’s about a journalist who accused me and my predecessor of being corrupt. It’s a straight defamation case.” So, yes then.

Mathis Steerer

With McQuaid and the van Alden’s cycling is digging a very deep hole for itself. We’ll see if it’s a grave.

Jordan Tank

Dave: Did you ever go to confession?
Moocher: Twice.
Dave: Did it make you feel better?
Moocher: Once.

Mathieu Compliant

As a former US PRO licensed cyclist of Lemond’s generation, who was fortunate enough to go to a quiet corner of Spain and race before the days rampant doping (yes, the occasional vitamin B-12 injections were seen being used by Portuguese riders and such..but no PEDs), I’ve been bemused for years by the elevation by one and all of Armstrong into a “Superman” – and like the comic book hero that doesn’t exist, neither does “Super-Lance”…but philosophising enough. As a US citizen living abroad, and still having complete US rights, I have exercised my right as a US citizen to file a formal request through my home state’s US Senators for a US Senatorial investigation of a) the possible criminal diversion of US taxpayer funds via the USPS cycling team (yes, fellow citizens, there IS a difference between a Federal investigation and a US Senate committee investigation…), b)possible use of threat and intimidation by the UCI against US citizens in a manner resemblant of organised crime activity (note the RICO act), and c)an investigation of the UCI’s activities in relation to USA Cycling and the US Olympic organisation – all of which fall under US Federal law…and funding. Whither goes MY taxpayer’s monies – and yours – my fellow citizens, matters to me…and should matter to YOU! For those of you old enough to remember Watergate or the Ollie North hearings, you know what kind of trouble Armstrong, the UCI and the other “bottom fishers” of cycling are now going to be in…oh, my “post-cycling” career? US military criminal investigation…woof, woof, Pat McQuaid…welcome to the BIG TIME now…

Mael Grips

mathieu, won’t the uci laugh at any potential violation of u.s. federal law? they’re not subject to u.s. jurisdiction.

for that matter, how does uci get funded?


Back in 2009, I interviewed Pat McQuaid and asked him about the doping issue to which he answered a bland if somewhat by the book answer.

I pressed him on the phone, but he wouldn’t give any specifics.

In the light of the Kimmage/McQuaid law suit, I find it rather bizarre that McQ and the UCI would get involved in this with Kimmage, who has been steadfast in his writings on all of this.

I have emailed Mr. McQ a series of recent articles regarding the implosion that is Lance Armstrong and as of yet he hasn’t and probably will not respond to my attempts to contact him again.

Anyway, the Tyler Hamilton book is a must read and points to how this sport has been awash with lies, institutional cover ups and a generation that have been forced at needle point to partake or get the hell back to their day jobs.



we can expect his positive test. boy, sky rode awfully well last year….maybe that’s why they picked up Michael Barry….

S. Bowman

I will not be taking out another UCI licence until these two are gone. I could almost tolerate their incompetence, but their recent actions are bordering on criminal.

Mr. Kimmage,

The money that we have donated is a demonstration of our support you, but is also a vote against a corrupt UCI regime. Thank-you for your unwavering stance against doping in cycling and those that perpetuate it.


S Bowman

skippy mc carthy

You are too kind to the ” phats of aigle “! Heinous & phat are not ” occupying Aigle ” sympathisers , they are Criminally usurping the hopes of Cycle Racing !

BE GONE ! Today’s UCI Meeting could see the Board Members shortening the time WE have to suffer them !

Meanwhile sign up here : Costs nothing !

Donate cash to ” Paul Kimmage Defence Fund ” !

skippy mc carthy

You are too kind to the ” phats of aigle “! Heinous & phat are not ” occupying Aigle ” sympathisers , they are Criminally usurping the hopes of Cycle Racing !

BE GONE ! Today’s UCI Meeting could see the Board Members shortening the time WE have to suffer them !

Meanwhile sign up here : Costs nothing !

Donate cash to ” Paul Kimmage Defence Fund ” !


Now 7th

skippy mc carthy

You are too kind to the ” phats of aigle “! Heinous & phat are not ” occupying Aigle ” sympathisers , they are Criminally usurping the hopes of Cycle Racing !

BE GONE ! Today’s UCI Meeting could see the Board Members shortening the time WE have to suffer them !

Meanwhile sign up here : Costs nothing !

Donate cash to ” Paul Kimmage Defence Fund ” !


Now 7th 5MB to make a comment ?

1st word in ” Central park loop ” , is central , lets hope so ?


2/4 are convicted dopers, the other two are generally assumed dopers. Endorsement by a pro cyclist from Spain is practically an automatic condemnation.

Break the Omelette-breaking Omerta

“Blue Spanish eyes teardrops are falling from your Spanish eyes
Please please don’t cry, this is just adios and not good-bye
Soon I’ll return, bringing you all the love your heart can hold
Please say “Si Si” say you and your Spanish eyes will wait for me”

Ahem, you’ve either got to laugh or cry at the Spanish Omerta. While the rest of the world is hissing and booing the lying dirty cheats, certain “Latin” riders with palmares to protect would prefer it that multiple eye witness testimony counted for nothing, and that a statute of limitations of, say 60 minutes, applied.

I wonder why they’re all keen for past transgressors to be forgiven, and “respected”? Can’t possibly imagine!

Spain has spoken on this:

Miguel Indurain still believes in Lance Armstrong’s innocence

Alberto Contador says there is no new proof against Armstrong

Alejandro Valverde voices support for Lance Armstrong

Samuel Sanchez says there was no “direct evidence”

Giovanni Swage

The type of man we a re dealing with.
Pat has claimed he never doped, but he was a bit of a dope to get caught in South Africa breaking the boycott.
People in glass houses should not throw stones.

Cycling career

McQuaid raced from 1966 to 1982, starting as a junior and then nationally and internationally as a senior. He was Irish national road champion in 1974 and won the Tour of Ireland in 1975 and 1976. He also won the Shay Elliott Memorial Race. At the end of his career, he rode for the Viking Cycles pro team in Britain

He was banned from entering the 1976 Olympics after being caught racing in South Africa, in contravention of the anti-apartheid sporting boycott. He had entered the race using a false name, but was identified after being photographed by a press photographer.
Is using a false name corrupting one’s identity?

Alessandro Brazeon

How do we galvanize USACYCLING to do the same?

British Cycling’s much respected president, Brian Cookson, also a UCI board member, has given a strong hint that he will be among those who will not leave the ruling body’s board meeting in Switzerland on Friday until radical change within the organisation, including possibly in personnel, has been agreed and voted upon.
“I’m not sure there will be 100 per cent attendance because it has been called at short notice but I am hoping we will have a quorum and I am hoping there will be some fairly firm decisions,” Cookson said in Paris. “I will be using my position to express my views and the views sent to me by British Cycling members as forcibly as possible.”
Former UCI president Hein Verbruggen, who now serves as the honorary president, will be under huge pressure to resign. President Pat McQuaid is also in for a rough ride.
“Pat McQuaid has done a lot of good work over last five or six years of his tenure,” Cookson continued, “but as an organisation we still continue to be haunted by the ghosts of the past and we need to lay those ghosts to rest. That’s something I hope will be achieved. We need to go away from that meeting having pushed the UCI into a better and more positive direction.”

Florian Bushing

Hmmmmm…. is this true?????

Rider18 – VDV roommate who doped, got sick once from EPO that had gotten too warm
Dylan Casey?

Sur La Plat

So many of you want to overlook the many other bold an arduous strides the UCI has made recently to ensure fair competition within the pro peloton:

“As a result of many discussions and comments concerning Article 1.3.014 on the horizontality of the saddle, the UCI has decided to clarify the situation by introducing a tolerance to the measurement of the saddle angle. To determine the value of this tolerance, the UCI has taken into account many measurements recorded in competition, numerous scientific articles published on the subject describing biomechanical issues as well as discussions with several saddle manufacturers.”

Measures such as these address the real problem as they trickle down to the many grassroots and amateur racers that are at risk of losing their horizontality as well, which we all know is the beginning of a slippery slope that can lead even the most innocent down the blackest of holes and to taint their activities with the inclusion of seemingly therapeutic pills and ointments. We all know that once these drugs become a perceived necessity, we will find ourselves reaching into even deeper and darker crevices of our being to reap their advantages while on the bike. I ask, “where does it come to an end?” and therefore I, for one, welcome the UCI to take a long hard look and see, deeply as they have, into this most sensitive area of my concern. Once this Kimmage nuisance is also put to rest, I will sleep soundly knowing the sport is no longer dangling loosely and vicariously as his claims of malfeasance would portend, but instead is still cupped warmly in the best of all possible hands.

Antoine Crank

Hmmmmm…. is this true?????

Rider18 – VDV roommate who doped, got sick once from EPO that had gotten too warm
Dylan Casey?

Antoine Crank

Yes I believe that the UCI will be implementing Rule 69.9 which stats .

A Millimeter is not much unless its your saddle height in your eye, or up your ass.

Philip McNamara

Guys, I have seen this site a few times, and have been able to see the ChipIn plugin, now, I can’t. The direct link takes me to PayPal, not ChipIn.

Why is this broken now? With the Greg Lemond story happening now, it needs to be fixed! Or create a
new fund on

Fat McQuaid

Off The Ball

Sorry everyone, but our (and your) request to have UCI President Pat McQuaid on the show has once again been turned down. His response by text was as follows:

“ know well the way media operates and there is no way I intend to add to the current media frenzy so I am doing no interviews in any media until after this case (Paul Kimmage litigation case) is over..and if it is in relation to LA you can tell your listeners I have nothing to add to what I told media on Monday.”

Duncan Disorderly

Wow! Greg’s wonderful open letter and the Kimmage fund leaps ahead. There really is a critical mass of people. The usual bollocks from assorted McQuaids helps whip it up, too.

Sur La Plat

Let the record clearly state that on October 22, 2012 I finally got ’round to reading USADA’s reasoned decision from cover to cover; confirming what I had already known to a significant extent, but still with plenty of room left to be sincerely shocked by the totality and pervasiveness of the corruption. On October 23, 2012 I was made aware again of Kimmage’s situation on and made a donation of $10 to his legal defense fund. On Oct 24, 2012 I read Greg Lemond’s open letter to Pat McBribe and thought it an overdue and well deserved kick in the Pelota(s). On October 25, 2012 I read Michael Ashenden’s article posted below and donated another $10 to Paul Kimmage’s fund. Unfortunately I am not as privileged as to be so aloof with my funds or recollection of their whereabouts as the UCI, Lance Armstrong, or his agent. If I could unknowingly and unwittingly send $100k I would glad do so, and I would expect no less than a ticker-tape parade from each and every one of you bastards when I did finally learn about my own generosity.

Having at one time worked for a genuine non-profit of similar size and similarly “limited means” to the UCI, let me tell you that whether an incoming sum is $5 million or $25,000 within a single annum, it does not go unnoticed or missing. Not ever. One of the joys of working for a non-profit with a mandatory net-zero fund is being painfully aware that $25k is either a big share or all of one person’s salary for that year… and you like to keep your limited, underpaid, and publicly underappreciated staff around. Unless of course your motives are self-serving and disingenuous. If the UCI had acted any differently from what we’ve come to expect, that would be the real shock.

I hope we see another $10k tonight. Lemond has been on this game for a long time, winning or losing the court case may not be the battle worth fighting, but I hope the money raised is in the right hands to absolve one’s self of persecution and drive a spear into the hearts of the corrupt in a very public forum of his choosing.

I love cycling!

Sur La Plat

Well if perspective is what you’re after I would suggest that the local food bank or public school system is a more noble cause than anything to do with c*nts and their lawyers. I still can’t seem to get this motivated about the upcoming presidential election. Overcompensating probably.

Michael Ashenden

So, am I understanding this correctly:

L’Equipe Exposes Armstrong 1999 samples:

The 1999 EPO samples were scientifically deemed valid / suspicious:

Armstrong pays $100,000.00 to UCI to exonerate him (via lawyer Vrijiman):

The Vrijman “independent” investigation exonerates Armstrong:

Dick Pound goes nuts (backed by WADA), UCI is corrupt:

Dick Pound sued by UCI and settled in 2009:

In summary:

Total Armstrong outlays to UCI ($125,000):

$25,000 takes care of Tour of Switzerland “suspicious” EPO sample

$100,000 buys the Vrijman report

*it does add up now. Not that McQuaid was trying to get rich off Armstrong, but brokering deals for him, blood analyzer machine and getting a lawyer “to see things” Armstrong’s way.

Andy Shen

The suit is suspended pending an investigation due June 2013. I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened if Paul didn’t have the funds to mount an aggressive defense, so thanks to everyone who contributed. Since the case is still pending the funds will be held in case it goes to court next year. Plotting counter offensive now.


this makes me so angry that they are dicking Kimmage around, trying to quell the momentum that LeMond started up again!

Nathan Steerer

The truth is out there. Suppression of the truth will damage this sport further. Total transparency is needed at this time, if this great sport is to have a chance of survival. Whatever the truth is, it needs to be laid bare in plain black and white for all observers to form a clear understanding. The lies, cheating, fraud, and corruption that leads to misinformation, disinformation and cognitive dissonance which suppresses the truth, needs to be totally eliminated from cycling’s inner network. How knows what the fallout will be from the ongoing Padova investigation. Cycling is a great Sport. It has a great following the world over. It is a beautiful Sport. There are an abundance of talent out there. Say a massive no to doping. Races can be won clean, and undoubtedly have been. A clear message needs to be sent out to the cheats, frauds and corrupt individuals who are polluting this great Sport, with their immoral, unethical and criminal behavior, that their unlawful and cowardly deeds will be met with a complete zero tolerance approach, from the various authorities who run the sport and in accordance with new laws that need to be established globally in all countries that makes it illegal to use performance enhancing drugs in any Sport. An unprecedented rule needs to be established by the various sporting bodies around the World which gives them the authority to administer mandatory life time bans for all athletes (a first time offense) who test positive for a banned substance. Without the possibility of appeal once a case is proven. Say no to Performance Enhancing Drugs. Onward. Truth and reconciliation.


I noticed that all the cycling dopers are white skinny and male. SOOOO lets just ban all the skinny white males. That should work.

I just would love to see a fat Mexican chase a La Gangbanger that is shadowed (literally ) by Ivan the Russian mountain that climbs mountains up Mount Ventoux.

Think of it Cycloploitation, we should have Spike Lee as race director with Frank black and The Kiwi Jedi commenting.


Duncan Disorderly

Great news that Paul Kimmage is countersuing the drinkers of Aigle. Here’s a contribution to buy Hein and Pat a bier.

Cosimo Axle

“I just would love to see a fat Mexican chase a La Gangbanger that is shadowed (literally ) by Ivan the Russian mountain that climbs mountains up Mount Ventoux.”

Where is the Atomic Meatball when you need him?

Titouan Supple

Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey Dylan Casey. is he still hiding in a dark room at USAC?

Nathan Steerer

We the fans and sponsors demand.
Mandatory life time bans for first time doping offenders.
Mandatory life time bans for first time doping offenders.
Mandatory life time bans for first time doping offenders.
Mandatory life time bans for first time doping offenders.
Mandatory life time bans for first time doping offenders.
Mandatory life time bans for first time doping offenders.
No appeal to CAS allowed once a case is proven.
No appeal to CAS allowed once a case is proven.
No appeal to CAS allowed once a case is proven.
No appeal to CAS allowed once a case is proven.
No appeal to CAS allowed once a case is proven.
No appeal to CAS allowed once a case is proven.
The individual who tests positive shall not only be banned for life as an athlete, but also banned from any future employed positions within cycling. With no exemptions.
The individual who tests positive shall not only be banned for life as an athlete, but also banned from any future employed positions within cycling. With no exemptions.
The individual who tests positive shall not only be banned for life as an athlete, but also banned from any future employed positions within cycling. With no exemptions.
The individual who tests positive shall not only be banned for life as an athlete, but also banned from any future employed positions within cycling. With no exemptions.
The individual who tests positive shall not only be banned for life as an athlete, but also banned from any future employed positions within cycling. With no exemptions.
The individual who tests positive shall not only be banned for life as an athlete, but also banned from any future employed positions within cycling. With no exemptions.
All career prize money earned by the offender will have to be returned.
All career prize money earned by the offender will have to be returned.
All career prize money earned by the offender will have to be returned.
All career prize money earned by the offender will have to be returned.
All career prize money earned by the offender will have to be returned.
All career prize money earned by the offender will have to be returned.
The offender will automatically be stripped of all his/her career results.
The offender will automatically be stripped of all his/her career results.
The offender will automatically be stripped of all his/her career results.
The offender will automatically be stripped of all his/her career results.
The offender will automatically be stripped of all his/her career results.
The offender will automatically be stripped of all his/her career results.
An introduction of larger fines for doping offenders.
An introduction of larger fines for doping offenders.
An introduction of larger fines for doping offenders.
An introduction of larger fines for doping offenders.
An introduction of larger fines for doping offenders.
An introduction of larger fines for doping offenders.
An introduction of larger fines for doping offenders.
All current active participants within cycling who have had a link to doping in the past need to be exiled from the sport.
All current active participants within cycling who have had a link to doping in the past need to be exiled from the sport.
All current active participants within cycling who have had a link to doping in the past need to be exiled from the sport.
All current active participants within cycling who have had a link to doping in the past need to be exiled from the sport.
All current active participants within cycling who have had a link to doping in the past need to be exiled from the sport.
All current active participants within cycling who have had a link to doping in the past need to be exiled from the sport.


Nathan Steerer

We the fans and sponsors demand that Pat McQuaid and Hein Verbruggen resign.

Pat McQuaid and Hein Verbruggen’s positions within the UCI ARE UNTENABLE.

Pat McQuaid and Hein Verbruggen’s positions within the UCI ARE UNTENABLE.

Pat McQuaid and Hein Verbruggen’s positions within the UCI ARE UNTENABLE.


Nathan Steerer

Those cyclists(ex/current)teams, team managers, fans etc who continue to vocally support dopers are as guilty as the dopers themselves. They also have absolutely no place in this great sport.

There are without question a certain percentage of cyclists within the current peloton who are doping on a regular basis. What that percentage is, is anyone’s guess. These cyclist’s NEED to be caught and banned from the sport forever.

There are a certain percentage of clean cyclists within the peloton.
They need to publicly vocalize their opinion’s by speaking out against those dopers. If a clean cyclist has any suspicion, or has any information pertaining to a fellow cyclist within the peloton who is engaging in the illicit act of doping, a private body needs to be set up which will enable those cyclists to privately voice their concern’s and suspicions, so that those matters can be investigated further.



I have just voted for Hein & Pat to go.
I cried when Tom Simpson died,then it was just for the death of a hero.
Since that day I have continued to love the sport despite knowing it could be tainted.
Fans want and deserve a clean sport.
The price of a clean sport is eternal vigilance and the UCI “vigilantes” have failed us and must be told to resign.

No dopers here

That’s W&D’s website. Definitely no dopers on that team. CJ, bacon is NOT a performance enhancing drug.

Duncan Disorderly

Thanks again to Paul Kimmage, David Walsh and others for the excellent continuing work. My donation’s for defence, offence or just loss-of-earnings compensation for a journalist who has continually pursued the truth, no matter what.

Baptiste Rear Entry

ohmigosh this issue/list affects me how, exactly?

now if you’ll pardon me, i’m going to go enjoy riding my bike to nyack and get me some pastry and coffee this weekend.

y’all have a nice time worrying about what others have done or are doing.

Duncan Disorderly

Another tenner, celebrating what looks like the UCI’s attempt to fix the “independent enquiry” by appointing one of their mates, who seems to have a history of bribery in sports administration, to select the panel….. Unbe-bloody-lievable but true. This payment came via the link on the marvellous redirect: respect!!

Ridolfo Gel

Greg Lemond is either the greatest cyclist of all time or the greatest cheat. And perhaps the biggest fraud of all. It is impossible to beat athletes that are doping with cortisone, amphetamines, testosterone, and steroids. So only a naive fool would believe that Greg Lemond won the Tour De France 3 times clean competing against a doped up field. Sorry Greg but it does not look good. Perhaps Andrew Mc Quaid is correct. Armstrong the cheating fraud that he is said that your tour won was a miracle like his. Perhaps he was right.

The Dude

To hell with all the dopers. JV included. RISS. RID CYCLING OF ALL ITS CHEATS. PAST AND PRESENT. THEY HAVE NO PLACE IN SPORT. IF THEY WERE CHINESE THEY WOULD BE JAILED. KIMMAGE MIGHT BE TRYING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT DOPING. BUT LETS NOT FORGET THAT HIS CAREER IS STAINED BY DOPING. AMPHETAMINES NO LESS. Three times. WHO KNOWS what THE TRUTH is ABOUT THE UCI. NOBODY. AT LEAST MC QUAID NEVER DOPED WHEN HE WAS A CYCLIST. All sponsors should pull out of this sport that is damaged beyond repair. The doping will never end. You cannot change Human nature. Over 100 years of doping. Only a fool would believe that cycling has become a clean sport all of a sudden. It is not a clean sport. It never WILL be. This defense fund will sadly achieve nothing.

Alexandre Internal Routing

dude’s got issues.

is your identity so hung up on what pro cyclists do?

you must be a fun guy to hang out with….

santiago benites

It’s incredibly hard to believe, but it appears as though young Mr. McQuaid is proving to be even dumber than his father. It also appears as though he was intoxicated whilst typing those messages.

Meanwhile, it’s great to see that the UCI is moving upwards and onwards by announcing the concept of the anonymous ‘hotline’. Now all of the scumbags out there can feel safe coming forward with their incriminating evidence, without any fear of recognition or retribution. 😉

Duncan Disorderly

So Macca and Hein are hanging in there as only they know how, oblivious to the chorus of voices calling for them to go. You couldn’t make it up, really. As they line up their self-styled “independent enquiry”, to the incredulity of all, we’re hoping for a little miracle from the Swiss courts… Thanks, Paul.

Smelly yet french

Intimidating Shen is like trying to win a staring contest with the Mona Lisa. You’r gonna lose.

Good work Shen, expose the forum invading trolls scum (Irish or not).


Ayoub Tubie

Reading the news there. Alot of road rage against cyclists in Great Britian these days. Its just as bad as her in America.

Axel Rubber Hood

I’d rahter have a UCI president with ADHD and morals than one that does not have ADHD and has no morals. Back when Lemond was racing the drugs used back then were not as effective as EPO. Lemond’s naturally high VO2Max is what allowed him to win against dopers taking less effective drugs.

Andy Shen

Just want to point out that the ‘conversation’ happening below between Seat Tube and Slow Spoke and Eliott is all from one ip address.

Keano Cable

so….what happened? where’s the money? i contributed and after seeing the article on cycling news, i’m pretty pissed.

Rinaldo Tank

‘Splain or this Jew lawyer will just file suit. If I were you guys, I’d make a print-out of the account’s statements and post a scan of it right here. Pronto.


We’ve never had access to any accounts, we just helped set up and post the chipin and sent it to the paypal account.

Mathias Dropout

Really, Rinaldo Tank? Do what I say now or I’ll sue you — is that how you operate?

Even if you’re joking, you’re an asshole. Go fuck yourself, pronto.

Enzo Skidmark

$64k would not cover the legal expenses of sorting it out in court.

We need a new ChipIn: “Paul Kimmage Defense Fund Defense Fund”.

We can use my PayPal account…

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