David Anthony Tests Positive


7/30 Update: A more complete story is still forthcoming, but DA asked me to post this fuller apology in the meantime.



Last week, I announced on NYVelocity.com that I had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).  Since then, I have heard words of support from friends and former teammates, as well as some rather pointed comments directed toward me personally, and an even greater amount of unfounded speculation toward my former team, my coaches, and those close to me. To everyone – to the BH Garneau/ComedyCentral team and sponsors, to CRCA, to race organizers, to my competitors, to my coaches, and to my friends – I want to make a sincere, unconditional apology for my actions and for the negative impact it has had on you and this sport. I want to be very explicit that I acted alone, and without the knowledge or complicity of others.

The reactions and comments to my admission have been varied, but nearly all of them have asked the right questions: how did this happen, who knew, when did it start, and why? Those affected by my actions have a right to know the answers to these questions, and I have tried to be as forthcoming with these details as possible. First, I have supplied explicit details of my case to USADA concerning from whom the PEDs were procured and how they were administered, and have spoken at length with CEO Travis Trygart and the USADA staff. I have been working with a former teammate (and full-time journalist) known to many in the local peloton on a full and objective accounting of the details of my case – including timing and usage – and intend to release this for broader distribution on NYVelocity.com in the coming days. One thing that you will not see in my accounting, however, is a roadmap for how I doped–the last thing I want is to provide guidance on how to go down this destructive path.

As for the “why”, many readers and anonymous commenters have made suggestions as to my motivations; some of the comments fair, and others not. The “why” is something that ultimately I alone will have to answer. The objective reality is that it is an extremely empty and damaging experience all around. To be clear, I am not asking for understanding or forgiveness for my actions. During my two-year suspension from racing, I will work with USADA and racing clubs to educate cyclists about the dangers for those racers tempted to begin doping, as well as a pathway out for those who want to break free of the same destructive cycle that I allowed myself to slip into. Once again, I sincerely and deeply apologize to all those that my actions have hurt.

Original posting:

On May 20th David Anthony won the men’s 45-9 division in the Gran Fondo New York, and was subjected to a drug test. His A sample came up positive for EPO. The B sample results were pending. David has decided to stop contesting the test and confess. Here is a statement from David. We’ll get the full story up soon.



Statement from DA

There is no easy way to say this — I was using ways to improve my performance that were cheating. This was something that I alone did, and I take responsibility for it. My team, coaches and friends had absolutely no knowledge or participation in this.

Two things happened recently that put into prospective just how off the deep end I was. The first was that I tested positive for EPO at the Gran Fondo. A week and a half after that I broke my leg in three places in a racing accident. For the first time in years, I was completely off the bike. These two things gave me the perspective to examine just how insane I was acting. The reality is I became obsessed with racing, and maybe even more, with being a part of something. It took these external forces to literally knock me off the bike and out of the ridiculous place I allowed myself to get into. I don’t say this as an excuse; only to say what was going on.

I’ve really let this community down, and I feel terrible about that. I counted many of you as friends, and you deserved a lot better.


We’ll have more soon, I promise that we’ll be open and honest. The BH/Comedy Central team apologizes to the community for results unfairly taken, and for not catching this sooner despite the many warning signs that we now recognize in retrospect. 

Andy Shen



Jens Rear Entry

All winners are suspected of doping, Dopers are very careful when using and hiding paraphernalia and process but there is always a trace. It is hard to find out that your close friend is in to something and you (the real idiot) don’t notice. DA was far from a nice guy, Dan is a nice guy, Andy is a nice guy, DA, a nice guy? for the idiots.


It is my belief that DA (and the many others – doped or not) who find racing and results as the only motivation to ride are misguided. People should be intrisically motivated for their own health and enjoyment … racing/results should be a bonus (if that is what you like). I log 12,000-13,000 hard (and clean) miles a year and gave up my bib# years ago. I know the riders at Cat. 5-3 (and a few 2s) I can and cannot beat from my time on the road … it doesn’t really matter in the bigger scheme of life. Ride for the enjoyment and, if that fades, move onto something else that does give you enjoyment. Be safe out there …

Sacha Ferrule

As someone who placed just behind (and somewhat further behind) DA in many, many races — and felt guilty for having suspicions that his performance may have been too good to be true — all I can say is that he is just a prick.


I looked up to DA, because of the success he was having particluarly considering his age. It took away the excuse that I couldn’t perform well because I was in my 40’s too. But now I know what made him different. It’s sad, and it makes me wonder who else out there in local Cat 4/3/2 racing is doing the same thing. You guys are indeed cheaters, you are taking away chances from us clean folk to place in races. I wish you would all get caught.


i really like DA, so this is totally a shame. the sport pushes us to the brink of insanity, and sometimes past it… but that doesn’t make this ok. its great that DA has friends that will support him through these tough times, but in the end it was his mistake, and his cross to bear. really disappointing. i only wonder what the reaction would be if it had been a dominican kid… i don’t picture an outpouring of support.

dopers suck.

Sofiane Threadlock

can someone with the means please sponsor random drug testing for the top _ finishers in local races?

what a fuckhead.

Rear Entry

one anonymous supporter is hardly an outpouring. and a dominican kid would have his own blind supporters as well.

Andy Shen

I just deleted a comment. Don’t use this opportunity to tar other teams, I’ll take the abuse.

Crack is whack

I believe Andrew McGee finished 2nd at Battenkill and is jumping to DA’s support??? If I was ever in a position to be that close to winning Battenkill only to find out I lost to a doper, I would be rip shit! I like DA and he is a good person, but this is totally fucked and I offer no sympathy.

Lars Topcap

It’s a shame, but it was his choice. Don’t blame the sport for pushing us too hard. It’s our egos and desire to be #1 that drives us to work as hard as we do. It’s the same ego that drives some people to cheat. It was his choice and folks have every right to be angry, pissed, frustrated and let down. DA will have to live with this and while it changes a lot, I don’t think it changes the core of who he is. He is still somebody who stood by and mentored a lot of up and coming racers. He is still somebody who celebrated others’ successes. He is still somebody who cares tremendously about the community and those in it. Does this change things? Of course. But it doesn’t change everything. DA gave a lot back to a lot of organizations and a lot of people – more than most of the trolls on this site. He might have been a cheater, but he is still a whole lot more than just that.


As a friend of DA’s, I’m not sure how to feel about this just yet. I am keeping myself anonymous because I don’t want to make any snap judgments just yet. I need to let this set in and then see how I feel about it. But, I do feel the need to say to all those who would immediately bury him that, it’s really easy to point fingers at a stranger. Think if this was a very close friend of yours — not just someone you knew or had raced with a few times, but truly a close close friend. The lines of “Cast Him Aside as a Pariah” are incredibly blurred.

Andy Shen

DA got it off the internet. He said he wasn’t supplied by anyone local. I’m inclined to believe him since he’s leaving the scene for good and never returning. Like I said, more details to come.

Alessio Kevlar

shouldn’t have done that gran fondo. pretty hilarious that’s what got him. not even a real race.

Andrew McGee

I dont support what he did but I support him as a person. He has to live with his mistakes.

Maxime Grips

for all of you who know this guys I am sure you all are shocked and I appreciate your support of him – I noticed though that he didn’t apologize to his fellow competitors – the ones who competed within the rules and who – like myself – struggle to understand why we don’t perform better in races – why we always seem to be suffering while others take preems and prizes and places every week – i recognize my own limitations and don;t blame local armature EPO use for my mid-pack career – but I do know that racing is a bit less fun for us when guys like this crush us week in and week out – truly disappointed (unless this is a joke then, in the immortal words of Rosanne Rosannna Danna – Never mind)

Luca Ceramic

Please let the next steps you take be ones that help to rehab our broken (but beloved) sport. This is the least you can do for our local cycling community.

Brian Collet

Good people do shitty things at times for reasons (right or wrong) outsiders may never know/understand. It’s not my place to cast stones. Dave, you suck for cheating, but you’re good in many other ways.

Michele Lube

“I was using ways to improve my performance that were cheating”

Yeah, you weren’t cheating you were ‘using ways’

If you are willing to cheat yourself who WON’T you cheat?

Taddeo Gel

I’m kidding about the death sentence, was just vaguely referencing the Penn St. stuff today. But when a team always targets every surprising new talent that crops up then this was probably always going to be the result.

concerned citizen

Hey Andy I know this must be very painful for you on many levels. Could you please elaborate on your comment, “despite the many warning signs that we now recognize in retrospect.”


What about the people who are close to DA that have also suddenly started doing well over the past 12-18 months? Who’s testing them?

Danato Supple

I feel bad for DA. Hopefully now people will realize that white boys dope too. God bless.

Andy Shen

DA was riding very very fast. And it turns out a lot of people were already suspecting him of doping. I should’ve been more skeptical.

Sheryl Crow

As an outsider looking in, I think it is truly pathetic that at any level of cycling but especially at this level somebody would use drugs to enhance their performance. For those of you that are currently using drugs, I highly recommend you seek some sort of mental therapy because you have some serious inferiority issues. For the rest of you…relax, enjoy the sport for what it is without obsessing with the need to get the gold star of approval from your peers because of your awesome performance.

A. Mediocre Racer

Damn. On a huh, positive note, I feel a little better about my limitations as not too long ago, DA was only marginally faster than me if at all. I always liked him personally and wish him well.

My CAPTCHA: Who does not belong in the list: Contador, Schleck or Armstrong?: *


I think is admirable that DA came clean after testing positive. Not an easy thing to do. This sport is addicting. All of us have us have given up many healthy things in life to race. Work, relationships, money, longevity. We risking our lives on the open roads to log mega miles and race. DA, like many pros, went in over his head. He will get 2 years, he won’t race again as he realizes bike racing is not something he can handle. He has my support as person.

Arnaud Topcap

As a friend of DA’s as well as a competitor of his, I’m extremely disappointed and sad. Of course I feel cheated and yes I feel concern for a friend who was obviously off the rails, trying to fulfill some kind of personal emptiness. I’m bummed a friend – or anyone – would feel things that would lead them down a road that has led to public humiliation and surely some lost friends. But also, based on this statement, I don’t see evidence that DA fully understands how he has hurt other people — especially his friends and teammates, some of whom, as you can already see from these comments, are going to unjustly face suspicions because of DA’s actions. I hope as DA works through the myriad issues that led him to cheat, he’ll fully realize the mess he has created not just fot himself but for other good people (like Andy) who don’t cheat, who are fair and decent people and who respect others. Yes they deserved better, but they also deserve a sincere apology.

Also, kudos to Andy for his transparency in dealing with what must be a very painful episode.

Yanis Steerer

More pathetic than admirable.

“DA, like many pros”

WTF? DA is a successful businessman with no hope of ever being a pro cyclist. In DA’s case it was all about ego. For me, his behavior is more reprehensible than a pro. A pro has a brief window to make a living. I can see the temptation.

Joel Fline

The most shocking thing here is that a 45 year old recreational racer is ordering EPO on the internet and actually taking it. I mean WTF?!!?!?!! Do you really need that gold star or the $20 prize money that bad? I mean it truly is mind blowing that any recreational rider would actually do this. Talking about losing complete perspective of the sport. Isn’t this supposed to be for health and fun?!?!?!!? Unreal how many people are doing it for Ego’s and to help with their insecurities. F this, I’m going back to running.

Andy Shen

He isn’t going to lie. He did it, he’s owning up to it. I want him to tell where when how etc. Maybe why.

Dr. Ferrari

DA saying he’s not ever racing again. He also never admitted he did anything wrong UNTIL he popped. I did read his statement, it was nice and all, but everyone has short memories. Cheating in Central Park…really?

Alessio Kevlar

i think now is a good time too revisit all those “I heard DA….” etc., posts that his peanut gallery posted every time he won a race


Andy – I really appreciate your candor. Hang in there. It cracks me up that over the hill fat guys would cheat. Whether I win or lose, its fine, all y’all dopers are just cheating yourselves.

juan pelota

If the editors of nyvelocity had some balls( or one like me) they would toto that shit! oh but wait we can’t make fun of local racers for doping or ego! you see that would be called humor and we cant have that. BTW all you nerds need to stop riding in circles.

Schiatuzzo Locknut

How little do you have to have going for you to take drugs to enhance your performance as a 40+ weekend warrior? I hope he does not have children he needs to explain this to.

Ken Harris

We should have a panel discussion where all the local dopers get together and take questions. Pulla, Jared, DA, Lisban, and Papp to start. After stealing our results, it’s the least they can do. Door take goes toward some random testing.

Esteban Swage

Andy this must sting a bit hmmmm? i mean, Please don’t take offense to this but, all you guys do is talk shit on dopers and generally negative (there is some good comedy every once and awhile for sure) but than a team mate of yours (no your team) gets popped. It puts a bit of a human side to all of this doesn’t it..DA is your friend, people are going to say so much shit about him,you, your team. kinda like what you guys do.Its suck cause DA,you,and your team are solid guys probably just like all the people you talk shit on.


I expect a Toto this week with caricatures of Dan & Andy plotting with Fabiani on how they spin the DA doping news. Nobody complaining on here should go to CacheCache this week.

Romain Bottle

When you start to assume that everyone you’re racing against is also shelling out for private coaching and the fastest equipment money can buy, doping might start to look less like an aberration and more like a logical next step.

Schiatuzzo Locknut

No assumption about a coach for DA – he says he has one right in his statement above.

Matthias Neck

There is nothing to judge here, he tested positive for a banned substance. There is no full”er” story, no explanation really needed. They don’t make mistakes with EPO tests, so anything out of his mouth is him just trying to save face. I’m sure the pressure to perform as a cat 3 was just so intense that he needed to look to the luxury drugs. Sponsors demanding Park race wins and all that. Or, he just wanted to go faster and looked to the needle to do so, which is clearly the easier route. I certainly don’t feel bad for him, and I don’t think his situation is sad. I do think he is sad for hitting the sauce as a middle-aged mid-category rider that honestly doesn’t have all that much upward momentum in the sport. He just looks lame and incredibly stupid. Regardless, even on the juice he’d get blasted in a real big boy bike race.

Flo Wing

This is back-to-back years that CRCA has had someone test positive for juicing as an amateur, and this is the third year in a row that someone in NYC has. Maybe CRCA should add a line to the rider agreement when you join the club that you agree to pay a $5,000 fine to the club if you’re suspended by the USCF and have the money go towards Junior development along with anti-doping education.

This is a problem that seems to be almost endemic to NYC bike-racing and the rest of the country are shaking their heads and mocking us.

Chris Kaefer

I dont know DA but have been racing since the late 80’s and if nothing else it is the obsession of things that drives us over the edge. Rather than tar and feather DA [he deserves it and we all know that] let’s all make sure that we and our teammates don’t become obsessed and if that happens do what a teammate should do – keep them from going over the edge. The sport is just to good of a sport to keep letting this happen

Brooks Shield

Like DA there are a lot of MASters and Cat 3 that obviously are doping with big stuff. We often look the other way, but cycling is a sport of timing, genes and consistency, the developing takes 3-4 years to start placing. DA was attacking all the time,CLimbing like a Colombian. Often he was moody in the peloton and his accelaration were not normal for someone at that level without an elite experience. Some cyclist come back and kick ass cause there have been in pro level and their bodies are used to the pain and performace. as a begginner it was obvious that Da was in to many stuff. Everyone have a list of people in their mind that dope in the NYC scene, even Joe Papps had a list. I will keep on sucking,getting dropped and giving up in the sprint, but clean.

Andy Shen

To be honest I can understand a pro doping. That’s why I can be friends with Floyd. Even LeMond said that he’s glad EPO wasn’t around when he started, ’cause he was so driven he doesn’t know what he would’ve done.

What pisses me off is the lying and the hypocrisy, and in LA’s case the intimidation, forcing teammates to get ‘on the program’, etc. Hopefully that comes through in Toto, if not, then we didn’t do a good enough job communicating that.

So while this is an awful day, it doesn’t sting in that way.

Tom Rivnut

I left racing because of this crap. He is not the only Master Blaster on the juice, they know they can get away with it cause there are no controls at most masters races. It is just sad that people who should know better are doing it.


I posted a while back that this sport was really in the sewer and is an anchor on so many racers from cat5 – the pros (takes away from positive personal relationships and life experiences). Not many good stories these days with respect to road racing.

I dont have much to say about this DA guy (btw most of this cites’ readers use to drool over)… I do have this to say, for every DA there is the local Cat 3 and 4 who races year in and year out, finishes mid pack and never wins a race – these are the racers I love and will always have respect for. They train hard and race for the love of simply being with friends and riding a bike.

Doping in your 40s to win a Cat3 race is beyond sad.

Maxence Biopace

The only thing dumber than doping to to win a Masters race is actually thinking that Masters racing matters.


bringing Lance into this discussion… really? Did Lance make DA dope also?

Many many fast masters dudes over the years just quit racing (we know who they are). Looks like they got smart before they got popped in GrandFundo.

The irony, most of the NYC racers were against the Fondo and the doping test. Looks like it was the best thing to happen to local racing this year.


First off he is only sorry because he got caught. If this weren’t the case he would have come clean as he crossed the line.
Second I cannot comprehend or justify the reasons for using PEDs (especially those that can kill you) at such a low amateur level. You can say you are obsessed (as many of us are) but dude, c’mon you are a Cat 3, you are 45 and you’re not going anywhere.

Andy Shen

I brought Lance into it ’cause someone gave me shit about Toto. The comments are coming so fast that it’s not clear what I’m responding to, it’s a few comments down.

Mats Stiff

I’m sure the Fondo was just for “training” but am I the only one who finds irony in the fact that he rode for a team sponsored by Comedy Central?


To all the masters or so to be masters taking testosterone, growth hormone, epo whatever you are a bunch of cunts.

Andy Shen

I contacted USADA. We’re going to institute random testing for the team. One this year, probably two next year. Could be any rider at any time. If possible we’ll have the tester grab the rider right after a race so you can see we’re not kidding around.

The riders on the team are very angry that they could be tarred by the same brush. We’re going to be proactive and prove that we’re clean. We’re going to test and we’ll do it as publicly as possible.

Amerigo Rim

It is sad, if not understandable, that the entire team is suffering because of this, but if everyone on the team is angry that they could be tarred by the same brush, why don’t they all just submit to testing now – and do away with all doubt and then institute the random testing…

Blue Velo

No support for DA from this local cat3, yes I knew him, chatted with him and raced against him many times over the last few years.
I don’t care how nice he is, his lying, stealing, cheat.
For his sake I hope he doesn’t return to racing because if he does it will be a very unpleasant experience for him.

Amine Neck

Very disappointing and pathetic news to say the least. I consider DA a friend, but I can’t but take this as an insult to all who raced against him.

Andy, it sounds like you’re saying DA’s EPO use is a lesser offense as it does not “sting in that way.” I hope not, as it denigrates whatever positive influence this site’s crusade against LA’s doping and lying has had. Yes, LA’s is on a different level, more systematic, etc. But we never trained hard and raced against LA. This is more tangible and real.

How many wondered why they suddenly weren’t competitive against a rider they had dropped in races in the past? Did that push others to seek out answers through any means necessary? I hope not.

For myself, this hits very close to home, and takes the fun out of a sport that I love. Bravo to the Gran Fondo for instituting drug test. We should have them regularly in local and regional races.

Andy Shen

I’m not saying it’s lesser, just that it’s different.

Running out for a while, will be back to answer questions later.

Get A Job

Don’t you all have jobs to do? Seriously, we get it. Some people are more than pissed…everybody has some opinion on the situation and the individual…nobody cares what any of us think…

Now go back to work and save all this energy for training or racing…

Michele Lube

DA has destroyed that which he most adored, his “place” in local cycling and his ability to ride, train and race with good people.

He will never be welcome or trusted again in most circles.

That should be it’s own punishment, but I’d like to see him return his winnings.

Where there is smoke there is fire; we can’t pretend he is the only one; he is just the most recent one who is dumb enough to get caught.

There are others and they continue to train and race with us… so if you are doing well and clean then most people suspect you of cheating because of guys like DA.

DA has stolen more than winnings from his competitors. Has has eroded our trust in each other, diminished our sense of satisfaction from hard-fought results and set an unrealistic image of “how” to win.

I would gladly pay extra registration fees to support testing.

As for the “I acted alone” bullshit, nobody is listening. Tell the truth or get lost.

Mathieu Liner

Perhaps when he won the Tour of Dragons TT, beating a 17 year old from the Hot Tubes Junior Development Team (feeder for pro tour development teams), and with a time that would have been good enough to place ahead of Aidan Charles (former pro) for a top 10 in the P/1/2 field.


I have known David since childhood. We used to race our friends for money. He always wanted to take it to another level, for the cash. He is very driven. He considered the vapors from model glue as a potential performance enhancer. We had experience with the effects from building model planes, a weird high. I just laughed but to my astonishment he began beating everyone. He made enough money that summer to buy a brand new Bianchi Super Corsa. True story.

Giacomo Dry Lube

Flo Wing Mon, 07/23/2012 – 5:21pm,

Believe me, it’s not just in NYC. I’m sure you have no shortage of Anti-Aging clinics in NYC. That’s the smart way to dope. David Anthony got caught being stupid.

The sport’s culture, even at the weekend warrior level is broken. It was broken 20 years ago and I don’t miss it.

For some reason, USAC escapes doing anything at all about it too. Maybe because the most active members as well as the board of directors (Tailwind inc.) are part of the problem?

Thibaut Tank

master’s racing should be about enjoying the competition. I don’t understand these old guys who act like winning the tomato festival criterium really matters.


I’ve nothing particularly insightful to note but just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of boos. taking PEDs to win amateur races is pathetic and fucked. There’s no excuse.

admitting that we have such a problem with drugs that we need testing at utterly meaningless local events is an appalling indictment of the NYC racing scene. So you have to think – do i want to be a part of an AMATEUR sport (a hobby for fuck’s sake) in which the participants have to be tested for PEDs?

Lance D. Boyle

But he is an asshole.

Don’t come back to racing, DA, you are not welcome. Neither are the other thieves just like you.

I figured when I first saw the headline, maybe he had sudafed or too much caffeine in his system, not actual EPO! For an aging Cat 3?!? To illegally order the shit online? You’re actually sick.

You sick asshole, DA.

Gios Bartape

I’ve never been a big fan of Bike Snob but he wrote something in April about GFNY:


In any case, it’s sad, sad day when what is, in essence, a gigantic Fred ride has to introduce drug testing, but the fact is that the organizers have to protect the integrity of their prize money. Sure, on a certain level the Gran Fondo New York instituting drug testing is a bit like Robert Mackey deciding to slip on the World Champion jersey before throwing a hairy leg over his Cervelo, but at the same time I also have no doubt that at least a few riders are in fact doping for this thing. Still, the good news for doping Freds is that if you want to compete while doping in New York you’re still welcome to take part in any of our local race series, where there is never testing and where people have been doping to dominate the parks for years. You too can enjoy your slice of the Prospect/Central/Floyd Bennett prize money pie–that is, unless you’re dumb enough to make the podium at a “real” bike race somewhere, and your toxic pee-pee pings the naughty meter.

But just like power meters and crabon wheels and coaching and all the other stuff that trickles down from the pros to the amateurs, I’m sure drug testing will eventually be the must-have accessory for any Fred ride. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll need to submit a biological passport to participate in the Five Boro Bike Tour, or before someone from Strava comes to your house to collect a blood sample

Just imagine the shame you’ll feel when the “achievement” you received for racing up a hill all by yourself is stripped or followed by an asterisk.

Nicolas Wave Ring

This guy wasn’t your friend. Or solid or anything. Years, real time, and effort has been put on this site, real actual work towards antidoping. He could care less. What a disgrace.


I heard DA wrestled a bear into submission, then put him on his back, and still won Battenkill. True story.

Antoine Clearcoat

Sweet, this means i just got bumped to top 50 in my last race. I feel like Andy Schleck inheriting the ’10 TDF. Winning!

Mats Compliant

How is it so incredibly expensive to test racers? I would sincerely like someone to break it down. If you want the prize money take a test. Test the winner of each category and one other randomly drawn person in each category. If you’re not willing to get tested then don’t race. The DA situation is disappointing. However, I have strong suspicions about more than one racer in the NYC area.


You think there aren’t more and more masters riders going to ‘anti-aging’ clinics and getting doctor supervised HGH doses on a regular basis?

Noe Crank

There are a surprising number of comments offering support of DA. Why? For those of us that don’t know this guy, what he did for the NYC cycling community or for the sport that would offset this embarrassment? From an outside perspective (having never met him), there is no other way to describe this than pathetic. A Cat 3 Masters racer doping with EPO and getting busted at a Gran Fondo is stranger than fiction. Given the aformentioned fact pattern I can’t help but think this guy was anything but a massive douche.

Raphael Locknut

I can understand the temptation (not really) but to cross that line and inject something into your vein that came from an anonymous chinese website…that is just plain crazy!


Mats @ 6:41pm

Testing is incredibly expensive because that’s the perfect excuse to allow it to flourish. Wiesel and Armstrong among other sit on the Board of Directors over at USAC. USAC won’t subsidize it because they embrace it.

Some of you whine about entry fees for the Tomato Festival criterium. Best case scenario, you get to whine about another $5 added on to pretend USAC wants to catch anyone cheating.

How about flipping it back onto the doper? Get a positive, cough up $25,0000 to fund anti-doping. Most of you idi0ts have that kind of money in gear (carbon wheels, carbon TT bike, carbon road bike) alone.

Aurelien Nipple

See “Metagenics”

I went to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit at the Discovery Center this weekend. The First Emperor of China conquered the entire country, ruled with an iron fist and had an ego larger than life. He sought obsessively the elixir of eternal youth, which led him to ingest mercury. Scholars believe that he died (at age 49) of mercury poisoning.

Gabin Skidmark

Taking some shit off the internet and then administering it based on what you read on some web page is beyond retarded. The guy is lucky he didn’t die. What a tool..

Rune Brazeon

…I don’t know about the doping alone statement…need to go as far back as the Pavel Gonda connection.


Like saying your “friend” was always a nice standup guy while sleeping with your wife… How can you support that.

He lied, stole and shit on a sport/hobby that many love. His cheating is worse than a pros’ b/c it is all about ego and takes away from the sport at the most pure level….

Louis O-Ring

ego. plain and simple. the attention from winning and being admired fueled it and even now, its still working. I guarantee he’s reading these comments and it’s just feeding that ego even more. go away, DA and get some therapy and be thankful you didnt get an embolism.


DA is sorry only because he got caught. This is not the USPS/Disco team of Lance Armstrong where doping was tolerated and excused. This is a different era with zero tolerance.
The only thing good about this situation is that DA is not prolonging the pain he’s brought to his teammates but rather he has accepted responsibility.
He should be banned for life.
His teammates are the ones paying the price as well as the reputation of a sport so desperately trying to redeem itself.
Andy, as to your postscript…..how would you have caught it sooner? You can’t accuse even the obvious.
The solution? Pecuniary fines. Have anyone racing sign a contract that should they test positive, they will pay a whopping sum to the team. That should act as an incentive to not dope and not to just not get caught doping.


It sucks too because BH has young riders (Eli, Kyle) who now have this shit example to follow. Way to show the young guys the way.

Sleeping Like a Baby

Do I feel sorry for the guy? Not so much, as he brought this on himself with no regard for his competitors.

Would I like to win a Park race? Yes, and with more training and the top 3 riders making a wrong turn, it may just happen. But I’d never want to win by cheating or taking a PED. My sleeping with a clean conscience is the most valuable gift I can give myself.


Birotte: Mon, 07/23/2012 – 7:13pm

How is this time different than the last? The only thing that has changed is bikes have gotten much more expensive.

Baldo Wave Ring

Hurt his teammates…come on that’s shit. I have raced in NYC for over a decade. You know if your mate is doping and chances are you have also been offered.

What I don’t understand is how teams like BH and Foundation are not suspended by CRCA for a season or two. I bet if they held everyone accountable things would change,

Andy Shen

“It is sad, if not understandable, that the entire team is suffering because of this, but if everyone on the team is angry that they could be tarred by the same brush, why don’t they all just submit to testing now – and do away with all doubt and then institute the random testing…”

Look below, we are instituting testing starting this year.

“Andy, as to your postscript…..how would you have caught it sooner? You can’t accuse even the obvious.”

That’s a tough question, how do you go up to someone and say “dude I think you’re doping”? Hopefully testing will eliminate that need. Our guys now know that they could be grabbed for a test at any time.


I’m not friends with all the guys on my team. Several are very good friends. Several are guys I run into at 15-20 races a year. Several I don’t like and don’t even know how to contact them.

I wouldn’t presume to know if any of them are cheating on their taxes, their wives, or their sport.

Junior Racer

Raced against this guy in a CATEGORY THREE stage race earlier this year. I knew he was a sandbagger, but never would have thought he was a DOPING sandbagger.


Perhaps Andy the real learning is that if you suspect someone of doping you should contact the antidoping agency with your concerns. That is after all how Dan Saite got caught.


Not that my performances in races would arouse any suspicion but as a member of CRCA/BH Comedy Central, I am all for random and frequent testing, in the name of rehabing our fucked up (yet beloved) sport. So incredibly heartbroken right now.


My point in saying I support DA is that as a fellow bike racing addict I understand how someone could fall off the edge. I’m very far from that edge, so can’t totally relate. I also understand we want his head on a platter. Well we basically got his head on a platter, so I’m showing compassion to fellow I exchanged a few words with. Personally I would pay a couple of bucks more for random testing at local events.


“The only thing dumber than doping to to win a Masters race is actually thinking that Masters racing matters.”

or any other of your silly races. all you people are just playing expensive kickball.

how much would you laugh at a dude in a beer softball league being caught doping? that’s how much i’m laughing now. at the idiot who got caught and at all of you for caring. pathetic. it’s a bike, ride it, have fun, be done. idiots.

Diego Clamp

You can insert doper behind just about every comment made about “DA” in this article.


No knowledge. No fitness. No clue. In a few short years [after 40] he’s breaking away to victory. Disgusting.
As a clean master’s racer I understand that racing is about enjoying the competition, comrades and experience while doing the best I can. The goal is not cash, notoriety or medals, but the opportunity to compete. There are those who will always cheat and not get caught, but they know they do it and it does tarnish the victory. Those that get caught will always bear the burden and label of a “Cheat”. The clean competitors remind themselves every time they see the cheaters and their desperation to be “winners” because they are discussed and reviled. Cheaters are just losers with medals.


What I don’t understand is how teams like BH and Foundation are not suspended by CRCA for a season or two. I bet if they held everyone accountable things would change”

Foundation makes up like 60% of the CRCA board if i remember correctly so the chance of that happening are slim.

Mohamed Stiff

You ran into DA in the spring at the Runcible. You offered to buy him a muffin and he turned and looked at you, pulled something resembling a muffin out of his jersey pocket, and politiely said “No thanks, I brought my own.”


hmmmmm. dave anthony…..maybe if somebody posted a photo or something? then i could pin a name to a face. having a hard time here guys…

Theory of Evolution

As one of those suddenly much-admired guys who rarely places and thinks it’s beyond idiotic to dope as a middle aged cat 3, I can understand the addictive nature of the sport and how it can easily become an obsession especially if you don’t have other things in your life vying for your attention. There are few other things you can do which come close to the adrenaline rush that you get from racing, and the opportunity do it on such an organized and competitive level just adds fuel to the fire….it’s easy to see how it could spiral out of control.

PS my CAPTCHA: Am I guilty or not?: *


Can we get a timetable for when the EPO use occurred? I know its petty, but I’d like to know if my 13th place at ’09 Nancy Morgenstern was actually a 12th.

CAT 3 Hobbyist

“I have raced in NYC for over a decade. You know if your mate is doping and chances are you have also been offered.”

Bullshit. I’ve raced for 15 years. I’ve been at CAT3 for 12 of them. I love this sport as much as the next CRCA guy. I have no aspirations of winning a club race. My life is in balance. I have never been offered drugs, never seen drugs, and never finished second in a race only to think the guy who beat me must have been on drugs. I am sure many of you would think this is naive, but I choose not to dwell on possible cheaters.

Get some perspective. For 95% of us this is a hobby. It’s a way to stay fit and get my much needed adrenaline rush. If X% of the field is on drugs, fuck them. If one of my teammates gets busted it’s their own issue. Am I aiding and abiding their habit by giving them a lead-out? What the hell do I have to do with it. They can live with their dirty conscious.

You think you are cool because you’ve been offered drugs and refused them? Fuck you too. Out the bastards and lets all move on.

Instead of bitching here, we should all agree to pay more for CRCA dues and give them the budget to institute a significant testing process.

Hamza Tracknut

I know the BH guys pretty well, I’m fairly certain none of them are dumb enough to dope. YOU HAVE TO BE RETARDED TO DO THAT AT THAT AGE AND THAT LEVEL.

Bryan Headbadge

You really expect me to believe that none of his teammates or coach knew and he did this on his own? Give me a break. This is disgusting. NYC cycling is divided in 2…dopers and clean. We even have fat guys winning races at Prospect Park. Pretty obvious who juices…

Matthias Neck

For all of those trying to move up one place in some random race because he got popped. Get over it, and yourselves. What do you want the 5 dollar difference? the 1 upgrade point? Who cares? People cheat all the time, and most of the time, it isn’t righted after the fact. He’s serving his suspension and will have to carry this with him, so get over your park race.

Its just as tiring hearing about no names doping as it is no names bitching they want some garbage placing in a cat 3 race.

Bryan Headbadge

Why should we feel bad his quitting the scene. Hello!?!? he has NO CHOICE. How is he going to continue?


Hamza Tracknut,

This joker was doping as a Cat 3. He was using mail order EPO no less, not even HGH from an anti-aging clinic! I’m pretty sure that means BH guys could dope just as easily.

So, I’m pretty sure no one can rely on your testimony.

Lorenzo O-Ring

Hey, I’m all for forgiveness. People make mistakes. I’m sure there are many posters here doing things that are far worse for the world than what DA did (banking industry, anyone??) But the idea that DA is going through “hard times” or that this situation deserves some deep introspection from finger pointers…gimme a break. The guy is in his 40’s and he doped as a Cat 3. He cheated. Its clear cut and simple. Total douche move deserving of flat condemnation. Beyond that, who knows? His friends can decide and the rest of us can call this what it is (pathetic) and reserve judgment about the rest of his character.

Ayoub Bearing

It’s very sad news. I spoke to DA a few times and he seemed like a good guy. It was wrong and he is admitting his guilt. I have no ill feelings toward him. I don’t understand why some many folks are so upset with him, or his team. So what if he won a trophy you would have won if he wasn’t doping. It just means that one less item collecting dust in your house. This is just a hobby and you should only be doing it because it is fun. Not because you have to win. That is the kind of thinking that leads people to dope. You wake up early pay your fee and have some fun the pack. Win or lose you should have had fun. If you didn’t, then you should consider another hobby. I also don’t see why all the negative thoughts about the BH team. It seems that DA did this all on his own with no knowledge of his team mates. If you look at all the folks on your team, do you really think you know if they are doping? Unless he was doping in their presence there is no way for them to know. Cut the team some slack. Ride bike and have fun, otherwise find a different hobby.


So just out of curiosity, how much is it costing you guys to subject your team to random testing?

Yanis Chainline

I got a serious asthma flare up last week.
My pulmonologist proscribed a cycle of prednisone…with a comment that I would have to asterisk all my workouts for the next 8 days.
With a race scheduled for Sunday and me feeling like Superman on the bike I DNSed the race.
How pathetically naive of me.

CAT 3 Hobbyist

My point is that for 95% of us, this is a hobby. A passionate one albeit, but a hobby. If you are doing drugs to win you are pathetic and I feel sorry for you and your bad decisions.

Some of you talk with such knowledge, the inside track, on what drugs this person and that person are taking. Give me a break. You are the problem. If I were out on a ride with a buddy who admitted to me that they found this great online drug source they would no longer be a buddy. I would tell them to leave the sport and find a good shrink.

And if you think any local team would condone drug use you are delusional. A racers choice to take drugs is a personal one. They are not asking team permission first and the team certainly should not be responsible for their actions. The best thing a team can do is have riders sign a contract. The top local teams can and do perform random screening. What else are you expecting? This is not the pro-tour. It’s not pro anything. This is hobby racing.

Elliot Chainline

From April 11, 2011 NYV:

“DA is a strong and smart racer – no doubt about it – whether or not you like him. He’s now won Bear (Nancy Morgenstern) and Battenkill in the past 7 months – two of the hardest RRs in the NE and he’s killing it. Hell, he even won the Tour of Deliverance down in ‘Bama or something, and would have won the Tour of Bermuda if they knew how to tell time there or something. He’ll be forced to upgrade soon, and there will be another to take his place crushing the 4’s on his way up to 3. Train, don’t complain…”

and this…..

“Give DA a break. The guy trains harder than anyone and he’s in his mid-40s, beating out guys half his age.”


Can we also out those who made all those dumb “I once saw DA do…” posts. They should be suspended too for making us read that crap.

Bryan Headbadge

1) Asking people at the parking lots if they had a large cooler, temperature controlled.
2) foaming at the mouth
3) Seemed to always have open fresh wounds before a race.
4) always asking other riders what their blood type was.

Homer d'Simpsoni

My team tests for excessive donut usage. Pinch more than an inch and you’re relegated to “Club Cut” status.

Dirty Jerz

I came over the finish with DA at Catskills last year during stage 3. It was hard and our group was motoring. I remember hearing DA say ‘that was the hardest race I’ve done’ and I entirely agreed. Shortly following he began winning – riding like I would not have guessed from his performance in the Catskills. Then the aforementioned interview happened and I thought to myself something does not smell right. Oop, I was right!


A couple of years out of college where I rowed top ten division one and have some close to elite erg scores. I turn up at a park race and get blown away by 50 yr old guys who look like body builders. The NYC scene is a total joke and filled with bankers trying to just one up each other. Oh and yeah I grew up racing in Europe so it’s not a skill thing and it s not an engine thing. Taking hormones and epo to get round a park race is laughable. Bunch of fucking tools.

Michele Lube

“Still waiting for USADA to call or email back, but I hear it’s around $650.”

So we’re putting up with this bullshit to save 2 bucks per person?

Jesus Andy. Charge the extra 10 bucks and be done with it.


He may have been on the juice even longer. He won Battenkill as a 5 and then as a 4 and then as a 3. Who knows when it started. Just glad it is over. While it is a hobby as an earlier poster noted most of us train really hard, make family sacrifices and spend way too much money on our hobby. It would be nice to get the results you earn and not be beat by cheaters. Even if that is going from 8th to 7th or whatever.

Mats Compliant

I would be very happy paying an extra 2-5 dollars per crca race to have some testing done.


DA’s liberal use of the word addict is a clue…. It’s more like a bad excuse, “I’m an addict! I did something wrong and it’s not my fault. Whaaaa!!!”

Exercise is the replacement drug of choice for the many raging addicts riding bikes competitively. Too bad really. But, pretty much to be expected from roadies.

Razzante Cage

The window for DA to speak out and be heard is very short. It’s clear from this board that people are getting very quickly jaded against him and the whole nyc racing scene.

Mats Rotor

Not a banner day for NYC masters racers. One caught doping, one crashes out a competitor on purpose. Which is worse?


DA’s doping should have been obvious. He was turking all the races up and down the East Coast.


….if i knew who the hell we are talking about here!! And also: they let americans ride in gran fondos now??

Matthias Neck

winning all those big cat 4 and 3 races up and down the east coast. Man, how could I have missed him…..

Tristan Chamois

I have no idea when DA started doping but if you guys think that it was a “warning sign” that he won Battenkill in the 5s, 4s, and 3s, you are kidding yourselves. Basically amateur racing is just not that hard. Any halfway decent athlete can upgrade to cat 2 in a few years if they train and race a lot. That’s what makes this pathetic and sad.

Arno Rivnut

Don’t blame David Anthony’s team or his riding friends. He cheated himself, those he competed against and he cheated his team. But David didn’t just take the magic pill and become a super rider. You can’t turn a Mini into a Ferrari. He is a competitive guy and runs a successful business. He had money for the best equipment, time to train and worked his ass off. He traveled to wind tunnels and warmer weather during the winter to get a jump on the season. Looking back, yeah, all those wins look a bit funky but he put up a great front. He lived the lifestyle and that’s what swallowed him whole.

Michele Lube

“He is a competitive guy and runs a successful business.”

Do I have to ask if his business ethics are any different from his hobby ethics?

If he’ll cheat when $100 is on the line what will he do for his livelihood?


Does the test check for anything other then EPO? Sorry to keep bugging you with all these questions. I’m genuinely curious as to what the specific costs are for testing and what you actually get for that money.


Does the test check for anything other then EPO? Sorry to keep bugging you with all these questions. I’m genuinely curious as to what the specific costs are for testing and what you actually get for that money.

Noe Crank

“Team meeting guys. Next week we are having a mandatory EPO test.” Kind of defeats the purpose, no?

Arno Rivnut

I am not defending his doping. I was trying to say that he “appeared” to have the personality and drive needed to become a competitor. He was the darling of this site and much of the NYC racing community until today. We were all fooled. That’s what alcoholics, addicts and dopers do…

Dr. Ferrari

It’s his character. No of us are perfect, we’re all flawed. Saying that, he made the same mistake over & over for who knows how long? How many times do you inject yourself to win training races when it’s not a mistake anymore? Cheating & lying to his friends, teammates…everyone involved. It’s just an asshole, move. Go away DA. Or try to change something. Have Andy interview you…no bullshit. Work out something with CRCA, a Q&A? appearing before members? Come clean, so to speak


Consider a person who drives 40mph in a 30 zone; he can easily kill people, and contributes to a sense of terror within the community in which he’s driving.

Now compare DA’s actions and the contrasting tolerance/intolerance of their respective crimes.


I agree with the frequent comment that DA is an asshole for cheating. I’m pissed as a competitor. If I were on his team, I’d be really pissed because I’m wondering who else on that team and who else in NYC is cheating.


Personally I don’t want to go around constantly thinking the worst of people. The only person you can be responsible for is your self.


Right on, Dr Ferarri. Would love to see the no bullshit interview, but not holding my breath. Rather than try to change something, past guys chose to hide under a rock like Bunde, Chodroff, Lisban, etc.

Antonin Swage

WTF??? He cheated and cheated with the big shit. We are not talking about some kid getting high school steroids. We are talking about TDF shit in amateur cycling!!! This is really sad. The truth is that when the going got tough in races, DA was there but not to support us, he was there to kick our ass. We went home feeling down on ourselves to look at our power files and question the two beers and slice of pizza we ate three nights ago. All along DA chucked his glass of chocolate milk and celebrated “results” while we went home and trained even harder to then have DA chuck another glass of chocolate milk. Come on many people knew the reality of what was going on for a very long time but chose to be in denial. It is a dark place that everyone has fantasized about visiting at one point or another during cycling but whether or not a person can actually go ahead with it is a question of one’s own craziness and selfishness. Remember he didn’t say the truth because he is an honest person, he said the truth cause he got caught. This bullshit needs to stop and we gotta start holding the wives, girlfriends, coaches, and close friends accountable if they don’t see anything wrong with it. Guilty by association without a doubt. No fucking way that no one knew. Just look at the results of some of these people and it’s obvious that there was some shady shit going on for ALL. This is just a coverup and you all know it. If it were one of these dominican guys he would have been crucified. At least the dominican guy does it out of survival (not that is right either) but DA did it just because he felt like doing it and could do it. Addiction? Don’t go there that is a cop out. Just go away, really.

Elias Crank

Good point on holding associates accountable. I find it hard to believe that his personal coach, who he spent a significant amount of money with over the years and counted as a close personal friend, had no knowledge of this while it was going on, or that those closest to him hadn’t picked up on it.

Velo Belo

I appreciate DA’s commitment to the game regardless of his position in the grand scheme peloton.
Maybe a more positive point of view for you sore losers?

Seriously though.
Andy Shen, massive respect for being out in the open on the one keeping the dialogue open and confronting the issue in the most mature way possible. Flawless.

Noe Crank

This is why cycling culture is as fu(ked up as it currently is. When it hits this close, people begin to question how prevalent it is. For the sick and selfish fucks who are on the fence, this only gives them more (false) justification to take that plunge. The terrible thing is that this asshole getting caught will probably INCREASE the prevalence of doping unless an example is made. Thanks DA.

Bryan Cogset

“if you guys think that it was a “warning sign” that he won Battenkill in the 5s, 4s, and 3s, you are kidding yourselves.”

Yew those were HUGE warning signs.

Loic Rubber Hood

I blame his sponsors, family, and everyone he trained with. i hope they take his company away from him, and he is banned forever. what a joke. there are likely so many more dopers out there…..


Good point, some people want to blame everyone here, just short of themselves. Anyone who knows his team mates, coach and Andy at all knows that they are being hurt by this, had nothing whatsoever to do with it and should not be blamed.

Arthur Brazeon

Hahaha, what an idiot.
So glad I gave up on the “racing” in NYC years ago and I just ride my bike and smile now.

Jelle Ziptie

Dan and Andy. I expect a toto on this or I am gonna think your journalistic asses
Are lame. Gets caught doping during a gran fonda! Losers. Time to be ruthless You lazy bastards. What? He was on your team ?
Not so funny anymore huh? We should all be more considerate.

Jens Butyl

Local promoters charge a little more. Winners pee in a cup. Is this even possible? Probably not but, there is a pattern by too many individuals that is suspect. It kind of sucks for the clean riders that give up a lot for this thing of ours.

Yanis Wave Ring

I’d pay $10-20 more a year for club membership to have a handful of random pee tests at crca organized races. There are what, 700+ members. That should be enough $.

Mehdi Topcap

Dudes an asshole for doping, and there’s a handful of guys from the city that are suspicious. But you can never be for sure until they get caught/admit it.

The best course of action on the personal level is to realize you may race against dopers and nothing will completely stop that (at least for a while). So you might as well train more, race smarter and beat them.

Adrien Skidmark

David could support/fund the entire drug testing himself for three years in order to keep his rebuild his “cycling community” status,and bring honor to his team instead of his selfish disgrace.
Posting to this site could include signing your name so we all know each other out there.
Ken H (WW team)

Sam Ziptie

just looked up this clowns results, fucking hilarious
Using the real lube and still a total donkey.
The pathetic thing is like him many of you actually care
And think it matters. Fuck your stupid result in the
Category tortoise, almost impotent age group race.
Get a life you psycho’s, go ride and have fun.


Right. Dude’s a bag-fulla-shit clown. He injected for a few chosen races, it seems. Otherwise, he is just a lame, pathetic fuckhead pack filler turd. Just sayin’:


I’d look into those odd 40-plus New York racers flush with cash and results (and I am not talking about former pros b.t.w., but the pro wanna be’s).

Eddie B

Laughable at best. We all knew there was a drug test for the grand fondo. Not only is he a doper but apparently a bit thick at best.

Matheo Ziptie

Lot of guys are gripping it too tight. Some buy $3k wheel sets and oxygen tents. Some also dope. It’s all pretty weak.

I win a race every three years. I like racing. I like getting my ass handed to me in 123 races (I’m a 3). Not going to let this and other douches ruin it for me.

ryan tigweld

How about you hold a press conference in which this jackoff officially hands back the prizes? Then post it on YouTube for everyone to see the public humiliation of another fucking cheater.

Ponce de la Yema

Troubling: probably 5 dope tests in the last 12 months of the whole NYC peloton. 2 guys nabbed – Lisban and DA. What if there were 100 guys tested?

Leo Gel

Is someone really able to just order epo online like that? That sounds suspicious in itself.

Really though, the situation is sad. Racing is so important to this guy that he puts integrity, reputation and health on the lane to win a few amateur races at 45? Pathetic.

bill c

I, as a sucky cat 4 who never wins, or comes close to winning anything, would prefer we not have testing at local races. I hope that most of us do this for fun, and as a break from the stresses and pressures of daily life. I am not scared of being tested, that is laughable, but I don’t want to be reminded of all the shit I race to avoid. I would much rather be beaten by a guy who is making himself miserable while I chat amicably with the rest of the good guys in the peloton than to welcome that intrusion of the real world. I understand and respect the frustration of a lot of you, especially those who have been competing against DA. Racing in NYC and the cycling community of NYC is great either way. Just my 2 cents.

Tony Soprano

There were 187 riders on Joe Papp’s EPOcino doping list. Only a few have been named. EPO isn’t cheap. I bet there were plenty of local masters buying from him before he was busted.

If you love cycling and racing, DA is not your friend. maybe he was, but not now. I have no respect for anyone who remotely supports DA. I can’t believe some of you actually put your name to that. If he did this because he craved the attention, then I hope he loves what he’s getting now.

I’m also surprised that no one posted his race record. He’s not really that good:

I’m still waiting for the explanation Bundy promised, so I hope Andy will come thru with the full DA explanation he’s promising.

My solution? End prize money in amateur cycling. Take that money and use if for drug testing – one rider at random from the podium and one other rider at random from the top 10. No need to test anyone else and truly random testing is a waste of money. If you never get a top 10, you can continue doping.


someone already posted his race record, may not be great, but dude won some big races this year. I do agree with no prize money though.

Vincent Cogset

Any reason why there is no photo of this guy? I remember when Lisbanned got suspended his mug shot was all over NYvelocity. Is this DA kid too special to be seen in a photo? Or we just throw certain guys under the bus…put his photo up so we can see this Romper Room clown.

Alessandro Tubie

Let this be a lesson to all of us (over 40), if your over fourty and still aren’t racing masters,still trying to be a Cat 1, doper!


Toto doesn’t “have to” do anything about this. They are not a news organization, they can choose to satire whatever they wish. Geez, the entitlement among you wheelsuckers is crazy.

Andrea Setscrew

Cycling is such a strange sport. It can be so compelling and beautiful at all levels, but can make a rider sacrifice so much, and turn himself into exactly the opposite of what he strives so hard to be. Rather than becoming an honorable, hard working, deserving, winner, he becomes a cheating, despised, loser, who brings disgrace to himself, his team, his family name and the whole concept of amateur sport.

Without Helmet

you all take this so seriously. relax. grab a surfboard one saturday instead of a clif bar.

Voy Sovrezon

So if you are over 40 and win (or do well in) races, you probably dope. Further doping evidence is if you race on carbon bike/wheels. Additional doping signs is a $300/mo coach. Also, if you have a sucessful business or are a banker, there is almost irefutable proof of doping. And, now for the coup de gras, the icing on the cake, the big whammy if you will….. If you are an over 40 Dominican investment banker with carbon bike/wheels and a $300/mo coach that wins Cat 3 or above races, you dont need to be tested! Save the $650! You are already guilty!!

Jammin Needless

Someone introduced it to him. Someone taught him how to dose. Someone close in the community. The classic Prisoner’s Dilema.
Grass lies the snake.

Roberto Clamp

He dropped me in the break — doper
He yelled at me in the race (shows anger) — doper
He speaks with an accent — doper
He upgraded to Cat 3 in less than 2 seasons — doper
He is over 35 and doesn’t race Masters — doper
He beat Scott Savory in a FBF race once — doper
He has big calvs — doper
Watch out dopers, Vincent knows who YOU are.


whatever brother, all I know is that I’m 50 with my second year cycling and completed the 177 k ride with the exception of one climb and felt pretty good of my accomplishment.If you choose to dope yourself and be proud doing it,well then keep on lying to yourself who cares.As for you David Anthony I hope you truly learned from this ordeal and wish you only but the best in the future.

Andy Shen

USADA responded. Nothing will happen ’til they close DA’s case, but after that we’ll set up a program for the team. I’ll keep you posted.

Roberto Clamp

you also are f’ing retated. In 5 whole seconds (count ’em FIVE) I googled “how to inject EPO” and viola!: http://www.elitefitness.com/forum/anabolic-steroids/how-inject-epo-intravenously-9573.html
I know it fits with your story much better that DA and his team mates/friends all developed this vast conspiracy to take over Cat 2 cycling in the tri-state area, but 5 seconds of key strokes (and a half ounce of brains) would have deduced he probably acted alone.
Was your prsoner quote original?

Mehdi Lube

Why are you giving Foundation flak here? Euris and Rafael both passed USADA tests last year. For what it’s worth, Bunde passed one as well.


Everybody cheats at everything so why are we surprised?

One in 2.7 men will cheat on their wives. If you read the paper you know that many, many people on Wall Street Cheat at every opportunity they can get–every major bank is involved in a scandal. Recent research suggests that, rather than poor people, it’s people with MBAs that are most likely to steal. Do any of these groups sound like they might have a few members in the NYC Bike Racing community?

This is not a justification–it’s all wrong. It is an explanation though. And also a “look in the mirror” before you go all ballistic on this DA guy. Any of you ever cheat on your tax return? Your wife?

Just asking…

Matheo Torque

hey usada/usac, announce doping a protocol about a week before upcoming oregon masters natz and see how many pre-reg’d top guys drop out.

that’ll be the answer on how prevalent doping is in the amateur domestic scene.

Jacopo Swage

Yes, I am sure that will answer everything. After all, I often make bike race trips to Oregon on the weekends.

English Guy

I think I will stick to riding bikes for pleasure and take pro results with a pinch of salt.

Director of Common Sense

“Everyone cheats at everything so why are we surprised”

Because this is a bike racing forum. We love bike racing and DA makes us all look bad. It’s bad enough that riders like Bundy and Lisban get caught, but when a 45 year old cat 3 asshole (yeah he’s a 2 now but he was a cat 4 in 2010, so let’s settle on 3) gets caught, at a non-race no less, it makes YOU look bad. I’d like my friends and fellow competitors to respect me and my teammates. Everyone in CRCA dopes, right?

If you think this is the same as some investment banker doing something unethical (ethics are debatable; how many have actually broken stated rules or laws?) then go protest at Occupy Wall St.

And if “recent research suggests …” blah, blah, blah. You made that up.

So yeah, maybe I cheat on my taxes. I jaywalk and smoke pot too. I would have cheated with your wife when she begged but I can do better.

There’s no excuse for a DoucheAss like DA.

Johnny Testosteroney

there are so many here who seem to be able to judge david’s character from this one isolated event, but they’ve never met him. yeah, he doped and that wasn’t right, but at least he’s man enough to see where’s he’s gone wrong. if it’s true that he’s lost at sea, i hope david can find hmself the next few months. i do think that he’s truly sorry. good luck DA.

Jacopo Swage

I don’t even know who he is (nor do I care honestly), but it seems like anyone local that’s caught is always thrown to the wolves, regardless of how pleasant a person they are. So why would this time be any different? It appears the guilty are fair game until its someone you actually know or like.
At least previously the previous guys getting caught were “elite” riders, and not some schmoe in his mid 40s racing against the clock to upgrade-where he will certainly be shelled anyways.

It wont be the last time something like this pops up, and everyone will crucify them just the same. Enjoy it while you can I suppose.

Esteban Ziptie

Johnny, he only admitted to EPO use because he got caught. If it wasn’t for the test, he would still be doping and racing cat 2.


None of this stuff is going to happen. It’s all well intentioned, but expensive and prohibitively so to implement in a way that could change things.

The only thing that’s likely to change things is ostracizing these guys when they get caught. Fearing the loss of your friends. But go ahead and say he’s a good guy. Support his new freedom from these fetters. Perhaps he can become a motivational speaker.

Ken Harris

I think it would be wonderful if the other local teams that had problems in recent years with say Bunde, Chodroff, Quintero, Blanco (sorry if I’m forgetting someone) instituted a similar internal testing regime as BH is proposing. Perhaps local promoters could somehow make that a condition for entering races? More invitationals? Or a condition for being in CRCA? I think the price for all this should be born by teams who take on sketchy riders and then continue to play Sargent Schultz while bragging about results. The price for an internal check is less than flying one rider out to a NRC crit in the vainglorious search for those turking points.

Joey deMunk

it’s been said in this tread (what hasn’t) but it’s worth repeating…this DA took BIG risks injecting (or other method) something he bought in the internet into his system… reminds me of Richardo Ricco self administering blood transfusions – nearly killed him.. what a bunch of maniacs.

Jacopo Swage

subcutaneous injections of EPO are hardly dangerous, unless you do way too much. Blood doping is a whole different ballgame.

In fact, many prescripts require ppl to inject themselves. They seem to survive.

Samuel Housing

I think that CRCA and perhaps all USCF clubs should ask their members to just sign a simple affirmation statement that they are not taking any illegal substances and agree not to do so, and if they violate this policy, they agree to a lifetime ban. Sure, its the honor system, but at least makes people consciously think about it and then have to overtly lie, rather than just hide.

Also cheaper.


Don’t we already sign that when we get our license? Besides, what he did was illegal, the honor system is out the window, he already thumbed his nose at that

Andy Shen

You guys are right about the photo. So the photo’s posted. Don’t bitch that it’s not in color, it’s the best one I saw on his Facebook page. Team name’s on it and everything.

I don’t think signing a pledge is going to deter anyone.

Dylan Nipple

how else do you explain two positive tests in the past 12 months in the club. can’t believe it took a fred ride to actually catch the second one.

Razzante Rubber Hood

Sorry guys, but internal, team-administered doping controls are not even remotely going to change anything. BH (and all the other teams) should save that money for some real testing. How much could a few dope tests cost? Is CRCA going to respond to this?

Andy Shen

I’m trying to set up something that will be administered by USADA and not by us. So it’ll be random and we won’t have advanced notification. I’m fully aware that a self administered test is meaningless – just get off the stuff for a week and then take the test. If the thought of being tested at any time doesn’t deter an amateur doper I’m not sure what else I can do.

Alexandre Limit Screw

” took a fred ride.”

As if park races are not in the world of competitive cycling. You have much to learn

Corentin Bearing

I’m baffled as to why people keep referring to this DA situation as “sad,” or “pathetic.” The case of the little boy killed in crossfire in the Bronx the other day — that’s “sad.” My reaction to DA’s doping positive is one of, I guess I’d call it muted satisfaction. It’s not like we don’t know cheating’s going on, even at DA’s (and my, to be fair) lame amateur level of racing. But here’s a case where an ass clown doper got caught. In a world where justice is so rarely meted out, this guy is now a pariah in the sport from which he derived far too much of his identity. He’s getting a USADA-led intervention on that bit of psychosis, and he’s out of our ranks, probably for good. What’s to be sad about?


Not easy to do. I raced for years and always suspected guys who suddenly went from cat 4 to dropping Cat 1s (who had been at it for years). I would shake my head but feel that thinking this and more so calling someone out was more of a relection on my insecurities or even bitterness over my mediocrity. However, looking back, some of my doubts were reasonable. They may not have been caught but they overnight up and quit the sport. I often wonder why someone who loves the sport so much and is winning just ups and quits…

you will always have ego maniacs in life – this sport attracts a higher concentration of such people which makes the doping situation even more difficult. In the end, doping at the non-pro level is all about ego.

Ken Harris

My suggestion is that if a team has enough money to fly riders to NRC races, they have enough money to hire USADA. Those teams which have lost the benefit of doubt by hiring dopers, or worse, giving dopers back their old spots, ought to do the rest of us the favor of skipping a start and making up for their lack of due diligence with some testing by hire. They should do this for their own credibility.


Does any one think anyone else on BH is doping or even care. Schmalz winning the 3/4 series at FBF drug addled? Come on…they’re not exactly lighting the results board.

Should Mengoni test because Bunde got caught?
Axa/Stan’s because Chodroff doped while with them?

Dopers will just ride for different teams.

Rune Brazeon

Think the question we should be trying to answer is why testing is so expensive. It certainly can’t be the labor involved that is driving the costs. The cost to conduct local amateur testing on a regular basis sounds prohibitive, so I’m sure no-one is making any profits from it – as it rarely if ever happens. Maybe USADA should view amateur testing as a potential source of revenue and lower the costs sufficiently to permit local organizers to comfortably test everyone who podiums plus a couple of random tests within the field…..make it cheap enough that testing can be done at all races. Basically treat it like a business – make a profit and invest the money back into cycling. Win win for everyone.

Antonin Locknut

so the guy rides for a year or two, takes some drugs, gets caught, says he will never race again.


I’m sure he’ll be on to Triathlons soon.

Lapo Ziptie

Ken, don’t be a hypocrite. What do you mean by “taking on sketchy riders”? If you’re going to hold teams accountable then every single one of us is accountable because no two of us are separated by more than one degree of association in our little niche. If people are already passing tests what is a team supposed to do? One could easily say you’re a “sketchy rider” because your power output is too high, and I sincerely hope none of your kids ever come up positive. What would you say then? The accurate explanation (rather than accusing others of playing Sergeant Schultz) is that good teams look for fast guys – the pool of which is more likely to include the juiced. Having said that, I agree that the threat of random tests at races will go a long way around here.

Jordan Supple

EPO testing is time consuming, requires expertise and is, hence, expensive. The kidneys produce it naturally so ‘detecting’ the unnatural stuff is unreliable. It’s like trying to a find a striped horse in a herd of zebras. Hence the biological passport strategy.

CERA is EPO with an ‘unnatural’ appendage. It sticks around a long time and is easily detected. Not a smart choice for dopers. Ricco got popped for CERA.

Testing for hGH is practically impossible.

Testing for ‘roids, masking agents, clenbuterol, etc. is cheap and easy – just shoot a small volume of piss into a machine and look for a specific signal.

Jens Neck

I hardly have time to train, much less take drugs….and as a very mediocre cat 3 I don’t feel personally cheated by dopers since I’m not coming in 2nd or 3rd anyway. But what does bother me is the damage that it does to what is otherwise an unbelievably beautiful and poetic sport….the perception that competitive cyclists are doped up psychopaths. Obviously there’s some truth to it. It is very damaging, we have enough p.r. problems with the community at large as it is.

for that reason i’m all for random testing even at local races, even if it costs money.

Bernardo Kevlar

Andy / Dan et. al.

Don’t beat yourselves up over this. You are a great bunch of guys ( ok, Schmalz is a bit annoying sometimes 😉 who are fun to race with and have done a lot for the sport around here. Testing your guys is unneccessary. You may have ignored some warning signs, but at some point we have all ridden with someone who seemed to good to be true and ignored those signs ourselves, whether anyone was ever caught or not. You happened to have been unlucky and had a cheat amongst you.

Andy Shen

Just deleted another comment. Please don’t bash other teams or riders here without proof. We’re the ones with a proven cheater.

There’s two pages of comments. I never knew the site had that functionality.

Dino Drainhole

Cycling is the not the only sport where doping occurs at the amateur and/or pro level. It sucks that someone most of us know decided to take that route and taint the local NYC racing community. Yet, we really should take a step back and realize that there are these same cheaters in most sports. As long as there is competition, there is the need for some to win by any means necessary.


Here’s one more support for DA.

Don’t get me wrong – I totally condemn his using of EPO. But the reality is that all you whiners out there could take as much performance enhancing drugs as you want an never come close to his performance.

DA didn’t just take EPO… As Lance would say “what am I on? I’m on the bike 6 hours a day!”. That’s valid for him as well. As someone mentioned below, he “didn’t just take the magic pill” – he trained his ass off! Hours on the bike, best equipment, travel to race throughout the winter, wind tunnels, etc.

Is it fair? No. Is it right? No. But reality check: DA trained longer and harder than the majority of you clowns out there. So stop complaining and go train. It’s just a park race.

English Guy

B Kevlar,

They dish it out, they have to take it. If they suspected they should have questioned, considering their stance.


My bad– Wealthy more likely to Lie cheat and steal:

MBA’s only more likely to cheat:

Sorry for the confusion.

BTW, nice 6th grade insults–my point was simply nobody should be shocked at this. Most people will cheat at any chance they get. This just hurts more (as you point out) because it’s our sport and it hits close to home.

Ben Fackler

Ken, I think you’re right about teams instituting testing if a rider is caught doping. But a broader effort is also needed. Doping among those we compete against takes the fun out of the sport, and people engaging in such insidious behavior should be outed and ostracized from, and deterred from participating in, bike racing as much as possible. Given the number of positives on what appears to be an extremely limited sample of NYC area riders tested in the past year or so, the racing community should seriously consider testing generally and randomly at amateur level events in the area. I hope the CRCA and other racing clubs/organizers in the area can pool efforts and fund a program, so that it’s broad-based and random, with nowhere to hide. I’d pay extra race fees to fund it and gladly pee in a cup when asked. While we can’t eradicate doping completely, we need to do something.

you guys are weird

for what a few guys have done? increased fees, less prize money, etc? and you think that will “solve” this? I have some land I would like to sell you (and pro cycling would love to hear your suggestions about how to “solve” this.)

Outside the NYC circle thankfully

“So while this is an awful day, it doesn’t sting in that way.”

Andy you are full of crap. You should be ashamed of what is pointing to a twisted NYC scene and especially your teammate. Your opinion as someone who lambasts the well known dopers from the era of pro dopers is now MOOT.

A lot of people are talking about DA’s integrity here. Whatever with that… What I want to see is you having some integrity and shut up about past pro doping 100% from here on out.

And to the the limited audience out there that you have. You all should now mentally put the asterisk there ( “oh he’s from that team that had the Cat3 Masters doper.” )with every tweet, every comic, every article.

Rune Brazeon

I agree that you guys don’t need to go the extra step of testing your riders. DA was clearly an anomaly…you missed it because basically he’s your buddy and you gave him the benefit of the doubt. It’s admirable if you do want to go ahead with random testing for your team – but I don’t think it’s necessary. A lot of folks here need to hop off their high horses. We all know riders that seem to good to be true….maybe in the future even if it is your buddy – just ask…repeatedly. The guilt of directly lying to your friends goes a long way…..


Oh please. David Anthony did 3/4 races because he’d get spanked by the masters or in the 1,2,3 races. The guy had some nice results but all the best riders in the region train their asses off. For the way folks fawned over him one would think he was actually good, but the truth is he was pretty mediocre.


No—sorry. You’re wrong here. “Trained more than some” of the compulsives in NYC? No. EPO is the ultimate non-level playing field.

It wasn’t true for Lance and it’s not true for this guy. You can’t train enough to improve as much as EPO improves you.

English Guy

‘There’s two pages of comments. I never knew the site had that functionality.’

Decent people are sick of cheats in an uncertain decade.


I think Andy and Dan are good guys, as are most of you, but I do think this should make you consider your utter and complete damning of Lance. I think both of you have been quite unflinching in your “absolutely, positively, fuck him and anyone who helped him, etc…”….well…


Instead of testing, maybe a team like BH should look at how they recruit. By just targeting the best guys from every other team, you probably expose yourself to guys more likely to dope and you don’t know them as well. Taking the best guys from NYVC, FGX, Rockstar, Teany, Kissena, BVF in hopes of building a “dominant” NYC park team just sets you up for an issue like this (let’s not even talk about how that as a goal is stupid). That’s what Foundation does, that’s what AXA does, and that’s what Mengoni does. And it got BH the same results as those teams.

Elias Crank

Clearly all the extra training, expensive gear, wind tunnels and custom bikes weren’t enough if he resorted to PEDs. Was it just EPO, or is that only what he got caught for?

How fast do these results come back, is there a longer turnaround time outside the pros? Why was he racing in June if he got caught in May? Even if he didn’t have the results, wouldn’t he have an idea that if he was tested it was likely to come back positive?

I don’t think integrity should be used to describe him in any way here. Integrity wouldve been admitting what he did before he got caught. Or admitting it as soon as he knew he was caught. Not sitting around with a broken leg that put him out of commission anyway and then finally realizing it was futile to fight it.

Evan Drainhole

In response to this:

“Given the number of positives on what appears to be an extremely limited sample of NYC area riders tested in the past year or so, the racing community should seriously consider testing generally and randomly at amateur level events in the area.”

This isn’t a statistics problem. USADA generally only tests when there’s a targeted person based on information (ex: Lisban, masters racers in CO). It’s a lot simpler than random testing. Test the people who win and/or dominate races. Pretty simple, lets not over complicate things. What’s the point of randomly testing some recreational weekend warrior who hardly trains, races a couple laps on the weekend and is packfill? That’s a waste of money, resources and people’s time. Targeted testing is a better solution. An unbelievable performance? Prove it. Simple. We see it happen all the time and it’s almost always done by the winner.

Clement Compliant

It’s hard not to see the rise of Masters-level doping (and it is rising) as another symptom of the disposable-income syndrome which is becoming epidemic in the sport. Middle agers with something to prove are going out and buying every advantage imaginable — races these days are rampant with $7K frames and $2K wheels and pack fodder downloading watts/per/kilo to $250 per month coaches. Winter training camps, altitude kits, aero testing – it’s all available to the lowest rank amateurs if they’re willing to pay, and while most of them would never ever dope, it’s not impossible to see how a taboo next step (pharmaceuticals) can become another rationalization in the purchasing of speed.

What’s missing (and what infuriates older racers) is the sense of doing it the right way, slowly, leaning from others, and earning your place. Dingbats and dopers have always been around the sport, that’s for sure, but today there’s a sense of entitlement and impatience that has gotten really dumb. Bike and fitness mags are full of corner-cutting advice and expensive gimmicks and what’s getting lost in the rush to spend $$ and win is the joy of riding. That’s what it’s supposed to be all about. Bike racing is nobody’s job, not at this level. Ride your bike with honor, because really, what’s the point?

Bernardo Kevlar

i dont think so. having had a teammate caught does not nullify a past stance (even if you questioned) or preclude one from maintaining a very strong anti-doping stance in the future. if one were to say “my teammate doped, but he’s still a great guy”, etc. that would be another story. but i don’t see andy or any other teammates doing that here. they’ve been burned probably more than anyone others in this case.

Andy Shen

It isn’t about testing any one person. It’s the threat of the test that’s the deterrent. Random testing at the local level might not catch too many positives, but it takes away the ability to dope with impunity.

As for our recruiting practices, we’ve never looked to just target the best guys. Obviously we want strong riders, but we also want nice guys that we want to hang out with. And people usually come to us, instead of the other way around.

Also, we’re not a dominant park team. We can never be stronger than Stan’s, Foundation, Champsys, United… the list goes on and on.

Danato Supple

He is an idiot for acquiring and using EPO. He’s sad and pathetic for needing it. And now he won’t be racing anymore. Good riddance. But what was he trying to achieve? He had entire fan clubs of friends that would support him whether he was first place or DFL. This guy needs a therapist. I’m sure he can use all the money he’ll be saving on EPO and registration fees for a top notch shrink.

Adrien Skidmark

Many good comments here, but when written anonymously, they carry no weight once one turns away from the keyboard – how many posters here will be at Charlie training race tonight?
How many will look around to speak up the way we do on this forum?
Dan S won FBF masters, did he dope? no – Tony Maisto won masters FBF series did he dope? No. USADA and USACycling cannot police our local NYC race community. However, we could watch out for our own.
Ken H (WW team)


took the term “pro as shit” to a whole new level. I guess EPO is the new powermeter for NYC racers….

Director of Common Sense

DA has too big of an ego to read this now. If you’re a member of CRCA, you can log in and get his email address and write to him directly. You can even use your spam address and keep it anonymous.
DA needs to know what we think of him now.


While everything that can be said has been said about this one guy, the problem is at the federation level

The Board of Directors at USACDF (where all your federation money goes) is Tailwind officers. Doping is allowed to flourish at most levels, except when you do something stupid and get caught.

You guys can focus your ire on this guy and next year there will be another one just like him, or you can fix your federation.

Andy, testing inside the club is just going to move the problem to another club. The liars and cheats that populate the competitive side of the sport will move to another club and next year we’ll read about another positive. As much as you support a clean sport, you can’t fix it inside your team.

star struck

Bike racing in general just needds to go ahead and have two separate classes…. “Stock” and “Modified”


Ken the FBF isn’t a masters race. It’s a cat 4 race with 3s who are over 40 allowed to join in. That cat 3 masters keep winning the series could actually be one of those warning signs that the system is broke. Your word, or my word, that our friends or teammates aren’t doping don’t mean anything because the truth is we don’t know what someone else is doing.

Mike Green

USDA team testing is doubling down on being super pro. Better to eliminate prize money as Dieter suggested scaling back on allowed equipment and eliminate lower category teams.

Hugo Headset

Having been around the cycling community for 25 years, i’ve seen various people dope in various ways. EPO has only been around for the last 15 years or so. When I was a cat 1 there were people doping in order to try to get pro contracts. I was already a masters rider and what I wanted was to have a career of some kind, so racing was already secondary. I can see the lure of it at the top end, but we hope that in the Masters we ride and race for our own reasons, for reasons of pride, for reasons of friendship, and in order to fight off the coming spare-tire-of-death. I do think that a permanent lifetime ban should be the penalty for any doping offense, and that no prizes should be offered in any masters race – i mean come on, we do it for fun, as a hobby! – Morgan


I agree with Mike on the testing and also agree about prize money, but prize money is not what guys like DA are racing for. So a lack of prize money wont change that, but it might make race a bit more civil. I’d rather win swag like a clif bar.

Rear Entry

oh, Mike G – so is that why Dieter doesn’t pay out?

by the way, this captcha thing is so cryptic, i have no idea what i’m supposed to say half the time

Joey deMunk

it’s not dangerous how he put the stuff in his system – the stuff he put in could have very easily been poisonous – crazy risk is all im saying

Jacopo Swage
subcutaneous injections of EPO are hardly dangerous, unless you do way too much. Blood doping is a whole different ballgame.
In fact, many prescripts require ppl to inject themselves. They seem to survive.

Elias Crank

If he did in fact get the EPO off the internet, he risked getting something that wasn’t even EPO.

•According to the WHO, purchase of medicines via the Internet has a high chance of exposing patients/consumers to spurious, falsely labeled, falsified, or counterfeit medicines and in over 50% of cases, medicines purchased over the Internet from illegal sites that conceal their physical address have been found to be counterfeit. http://www.phrma.org/media/releases/joint-industry-statement-internet-sales-access-safe-medicines

Kylian Drainhole

“There’s two pages of comments. I never knew the site had that functionality.”

That is one of the funniest comments so far. Almost fell out of my chair.


Yeah, crazy risk. Why didn’t he just go to one of the many anti-aging clinics where an MD can dope him safely?

Please don’t tell me that other Masters are using anti-aging clinics after they discover the carbon wheels didn’t turn them into field crushing riders… It can’t be.. Can it?

Cece Plug

In defense of NYC dopers, at least park races are a much better workout than they used to be in the late ’90s.

Bobke's Prayer

This is easily the most fantastic thing I have seen in weeks.
I don’t know what is more hilarious. This moron doping in order to move up to Cat 2, or all of the hand wringing and hair pulling that is accompanying it.
Ultimately, Mr Anthony chose to risk his health and become a liar to everyone he knew. He chose to be an asshole. But did he really take anything of consequence? He stole no money, he injured no one. The racing he was engaged in is a hobby. Nothing more. Yes people sacrifice and train and bust their asses for this hobby, but that is all it is. An interest. A distraction. This is no one’s livelihood. People are not losing paychecks because he doped. Young people are not being forced into making the decision to have to dope because they cant beat this guy up Harlem Hill. He’s a jerk. And the fact that he cheated at this shows that he missed the whole point of cat 2 racing. The experience. Sure it’s nice to win. But it’s more important to your soul to just show up.
So let’s all just move on.

Selling in da Hood de Peloton

We can’t let the cheater off too easy. Make him show face at next CRCA Battle of the Universe event. Autographs will be given. Yours truly the Gran Fondu doper

Romain Tracknut

It seems clear that he wasn’t going to confess if he hadn’t been caught. So how serious is this apology really? Everybody is sorry to be caught.

If you lie and cheat in a hobby then what is your attitude to the rest of your life where the stakes are (infinitely) higher?

On the other hand, while I would never do something idiotic like this, I guess we have to be humble enough to remember that everyone makes stupid mistakes in their life and it is worth having some compassion.

tomato Festival Criterium Winner

Move on! Nothing to see here. You bone idle wankers have nothing to do! I’ve got to send my coach my latest power profiles before my next investor presentation begins in 10 minutes.

Amine Grips

Housing you should go to the local gym and pick fights with all the roid heads because they are cheating at fitness, then come back and let us know how it went


Mmm barking up the wrong tree. I don’t care if he cheated really. Dude is not even a blip on my radar.

My point was there is zero reason to see him confess via video other than the possible entertainment value, he already did it via written word. Or perhaps he should do it ala Labron James and have an hour long network TV special, “My Confession”.


….so i even watched the video here. who is this guy again?? this is in new york right? he looks a lot like this guy from Mt. Holly a couple years back who got like 15th i think. is this the same guy??

also, time to update this CAPTCHA question fellas: “Who does not belong in the list: Contador, Schleck or Armstrong?”


When one has ambition, his respective level (I believe) is not relevant. Considering a possible motivation, within oneself the ambition is the same, whether pro or cat.5. An outside perspective doesn’t weigh into a desire to kick ass, or to out-do one’s peers.

Danato Supple

Dopers will be caught eventually. No need to hunt them down in our local clubs. No need to up the testing and drop prize money. Let them work their way up the categories. Let them win races. Let them poison their bodies. Let them be miserable. It’ll all comes full circle.

Niels Dry Lube

I don’t understand why everyone is foaming at the mouth over this when people like George Hincapie, who we all know doped, comes to town and we roll out the red carpet. All dopers suck and they should all be treated with the same level of disgust.

Fork Rake's Progress

Hey so did Jared Bunde ever find out who tainted his supplements or what?

If not, the taint industry must have cracked down hard after THAT mishap!

Andy Shen

We’re looking into testing the team not so much to catch a doper (though it’s hard to trust anyone any more), but more to let people know that our guys are clean and shouldn’t face any innuendo for being on the same team as DA. All the guys were excited and happy to do it


Danato Supple is selling the USAC policy of doing nothing to ban dopers again.

According to the old article on the guy, he was an okay guy. He clearly had no problem cheating, people seemed to like the guy. There is no comeuppance. He’d still be getting away with it if he wasn’t so stupid about it.

What about all the honest racers discouraged by this doper allowed to run rampant? They learn exactly how dirty USAC’s sport is ALL THE WAY DOWN TO A STUPID GRAN FONDO and leave.

The stench of doping and the unmistakable feeling the local sport is filled with cheats continues to follow this sport around like it has since Tailwind took control.


Do you have any idea how much money it would cost to research an industry’s supplement process?

Fork Rake's Progress

Do you have any idea how much it would cost to just randomly dump steroids into your and Scott Moninger’s supplements?

Noah Wave Ring

This is weird, but I bet DA’s dick was getting harder than it ever had before, and that’s when he lost control.


Hincapie gets a free pass because even at the local level, the majority of the USAC membership is okay with doping.

Sure, there are plenty of individuals who are not okay with the doping, but we don’t have our own competitive cycling federation.


You may test all you want, but that doesn’t mean you’ll catch somebody who’s dirty. It takes quite a bit of luck or a very stupid person to catch them. Which is why so few pros have gotten caught over the years.

It’s great you want to do testing, but don’t assume it will fix much. It’s just one team, what about all the other dubious guys out there that never get tested because they hide in small time races? USADA needs to step up their game and cut off the problem when it starts with people like this, which means races should add some dollars to entry fees to get them there. They aren’t a charity after all. People get all bent out of shape here but nobody actually does anything to help fix the problem. Races aren’t all that expensive, especially for the guys that run away with prize money every week–which by the way are generally the dubious ones.


plenty of supplement companies also make other products that are banned from competition. Its the cross contamination that people argue, not that somebody spiked the punch, which has also happened by the way. Did you actually think that they have separate facilities for every supplement? Your whey may contain traces of nuts.

Simone Ergopower

Let’s look at how BH/CC and Foundation have handled their doping scandals. BH immediately kicked DA off the team, notified the cycling community before the B sample even came back, encouraged DA to admit his transgression in a clear and public way, is answering questions transparently here through Andy, and taking its lumps and abuse with humility and little if any defensiveness. They’ve also announced a team testing program.

Foundation was silent about Qunitero’s positive and didn’t give any heads up to the community, who instead had to learn about it through the standard USADA press release, which comes out weeks if not months after a positive A sample. Shockingly, THEY HAVE ACCEPTED QUINTERO BACK ON THEIR TEAM. And finally, they are exerting pressure on the CRCA board not to invoke an additional club penalty for doping violations on top of USADA sanctions. I’ve heard that at least one and possibly two CRCA board members have said they will resign if the rest of the board allows Quintero — who as far as I know has never publicly acknowledged his doping — to race as soon as his USADA sanction is complete. (They’re arguing for an additional two-year club ban for dopers.) I have no personal beef with Qunitero or Foundation, but as the biggest cycling club in the city and one of the most successful, I’m disappointed with their lack of leadership on this issue.

Personally, as a CRCA member, I find it shocking that the club does anything short of a lifetime ban for doping violations. I’d be curious to know what the rest of you think about that. How would you feel about DA racing in 2 years — the likely duration of his USADA sanction?

In the meantime, is there any doubt about which of the two paths above is the right one? And if you have an opinion about additional club sanctions for doping, I encourage you to let the CRCA board members know.

Amine Grips

I love the idea of spending money and time to have USADA officials come to take samples and lab technicians to use their resources to test your team with the goal of not catching dopers, but to just improve your reputation… what a crock of crap.

Those resources would be better allocated actually trying to catch local dopers and attempting to ensuring a level playing field.

No one cares about your internal controls, you’ll probably just end up catching a few pot heads on your team. People care about people who cheat to win. Hence test the winners.


I agree.
I don’t think anyone who gets caught doping should be allowed to be back on the team or as club members. If one of the sub-teams accepts the rider, the team should be asked to leave CRCA.

What’s the incentive for the team/club to take them back on?
If I were on Foundation now and heard that the team/club may take back Lisban, I would leave the team righ away. I have a bit more integrity and love for the sport. While I may suck, I want to keep it clean.

Unfortunately, it reflect the general behavior of many guys on Foundation team. Let’s face it, in addition to Lisban being busted, there are so many names that come up who are all suspicious of. Sure, some have talent and some are results of hard work, but all of them? Give me a break.
Starting from the top..Inson, are you reading this?

We get new riders every year, younger and possibly stronger ones. Perhaps we will find the next Evie, a type of rider who should endorse and support. Why do we need to support a cheater?

While I don’t agree fully, I can understand the doped pro gets only 2 year ban…I suppose they are given another chance as the riders earn their living that way, perhaps?

It almost impossible to detect dopers at our level, and yet in this environment, some 3-5 riders were tested doped up recently. That’s an astonishing, embarrassing and sicko ratio, if you ask me.
I hope CRCA stands firm and give no second chance, no discussion.

If they want to keep racing, they can start a new team or join another team somewhere. Hell, you had the money and connection to buy dope, you should have enough buy set of kits and call yourself a team.

I don’t care if they apologized. I don’t care if they did community service or writes a book about their admission. They know the seriousness of doping. It’s not a mistake to dope. It is breaking the rule #1 of any sportsmanship.

This is amateur sports, and in that spirit, I prefer not to line up with dopers or be associated with it.

CAT 3 Hobbyist

Why should Foundation subject themselves to this anonymous firing squad? Differing styles of handling a doping team member. Foundation cut Lisban immediately and instituted internal testing.

Reality check. Organizing teams is requires a lot of work and is purely volunteer. It is done for the love of the sport, for comradery, and for the satisfaction of watching talented guys achieve goals. Nothing else. If riders make bad decisions it should sit on their consciousness as noted from many other posters. It has nothing to do with (volunteer) “team management”.


Lisban did his time. He’s entitled to race. CRCA is entitled to not want him on a sub team. So kick Foundation out. Or if Foundation wants him back they should just leave the club. It’s not like either of those things would be the end of the world for anyone.


You “cut Lisban immediately”. That’s great – that’s the right and the ONLY thing to do.
But now WHY is Foundation accepting Lisban back to the team? (or is it not the case?)

While I understand that doping is his issue, the impact is far greater than that. And that’s what most of these messages are about! If DA’s(or Lisban’s) affected nobody, I don’t think anyone would care what he did. But the fact is, it affected a lot of people – frieds, teammates, fellow racer, promotors(You think Dieter is happy that DA won B-kill 3 years ina row?), outcome of the race ….do you not see that?

I would LOVE to hear your “handling” of dopers and cheaters(here I don’t mean just doping. You know what I am talking about)

If that’s how you manage a team, your team’s reputation will never change. And different riders will cheat the same way.


Mengoni took Jared back as well. Alberto Blanco (suspended) raced the RAAM in a Mengoni Jersey.

Clearly a rider going back to ride with his friends after being suspended isn’t shocking.


Foundation and Mengoni welcome cheaters back. Great! Proof positive that most active USAC members are okay with the doping.

How awesome is it to be associated with a micro-miniscule American sport where the local Cat 3 Master is using EPO?? Do you think non-cycling parents want their kids associated with the sport?

What could possibly go wrong?


Mengoni (masters program) is HOLY… And though I have the highest regard– as I assume almost everyone here does– for Charlie I. swallowing the “tainted supplements” line re: Bunde was a bad and 100% unnecessary look.

Any street pharmacists want to (re-)educate the peanut gallery about what athletes use Clomiphene and why?

Valentin Butyl

I feel sorry for David Anthony. I would not be surprised if he cheats in other aspects of his life.

Foundation FTW

Foundation’s leadership is part of the problem. None of them individually would ever admit to supporting PED use, but their actions as Foundation’s Board say something else entirely.

Amine Grips

There are so many perfect people on here that have never cheated, lied or done anything wrong, it’s amazing. I’m glad they pity the rest of us flawed humans.

Tank II: the reckoning

Benjamin Tank,

Yeah Ben, screw the rules. I win. I’m relegating everyone else because I feel like it. And if a few more people die from doping, it’s their fault.

Am I forgetting anything?

Valentin Butyl

Listen, if you take drugs so that you can “win” a charity ride, then you are a loser. All the apologists need to be quiet on this one because you will only make yourself look bad by defending someone who needs to take drugs in order to “win” a charity ride.

Maxime Drainhole

I don’t understand how everyone can say ‘what a loser for doping in meaningless races’ and then start hand wringing about how terrible it is. Isn’t the hand wringing and foaming anger a symptom of the same delusion that ANthony had – that the races were important. Just show up and enjoy it and be pleased when you do your best.

And don’t hang your heads schmalz and andy – this site is great. Pip pip!

Joey deMunk

clubs testing?? clubs not letting cheaters join?? this is all crazy – it’s not the protour…

having said that – he should be suspended for life from ever racing a sanctioned event but as far as who he can RIDE with – anyone who will ride with him.

now.. as for sponsors and other riders wanting to be affiliated with clubs that accept cheaters – that’s their decision

Ben Tank

Testing in park races? That’s hilarious. How long would it take AVD to get a B sample back?

Valentin Butyl

If that’s how you feel, why don’t you just ride around the park by yourself and do the best you can and feel good about it?

Amine Grips

if it’s a charity ride, what do you care if someone wins or not? And if they win what do you care if they used illegal drugs? Do you care about his safety? His lack of morality?

The only real cheating that goes on is when people use drugs to steal money from people that are doing this at the elite/pro level and that happens.

who gives a f*ck about someone cheating at meaningless races? I don’t.

Valentin Butyl

Well in the grand scheme all races are meaningless really. I would suggest that if you don’t care, perhaps you should just shut the f*ck up and leave this discussion to people who do care.

Andy Shen

DA only heard about his A sample result 2-3 weeks ago, so it’s slow regardless of who it is.

Amine Grips

Valentin, I’m just trying to understand why you care if he cheated to win a charity ride? I understand why you’d be upset if he cheated you in a race or if he was your teammate.

Ryan Threadlock

Pretty awesome how many of those comments are even funnier now than they were the first time. I wonder how many of DA’s former dick riders cried themselves to sleep last night. Prize money isn’t the problem here and I doubt we’ll be able to get enough testing to stop this shit locally. The motivation to dope comes from all the lame ass knob polishing these guys offer in worship of their hero.


i’m not saying park testing is likely or feasible. i’m saying if it were a reality, this would be a weekly occurrence. that’s all.

Ryan Threadlock

Amine, let me break it down for you:

The topic of this website is NYC area bicycle racing. Many (possibly most) of us race bicycles against each other. It’s a fair assumption that the guy who got popped for doping at the charity ride and has been beating the hell out of many of us in races was on drugs for events outside of the charity ride as well.

Elliot Chainline

Posted after the Storm King Cannibal TT last year: “He’s 44 y/o or something like that – given the guy a break – its an awesome performance any way you look at it. Beat Bezdek and he’s almost twice his age.”

Ernesto Saddlebag

He’s not a bike racer, look how fat his face is! It wasn’t a race anyway was it. He is a very very very sad fat old man!

Bugger McGee

May none of your friends ever, ever, ever get busted for doping. Wouldn’t want you to have to see what that feels like.


The asshole had the nerve to write this. What a little bitch. Plus, where are Ted Neu, a staunch defender of the little bitch, or P.P. (of BH), another believer. C’mon, girls, speak up.

From NYVelocity 2011, signed by DS:

Thanks for the comedy this week.

Arguably the most influential person of our life time passed the other day, but this is what you feel inclined to talk about. I’m touched.

Anyway this has been up since last Sat for anyone that cared to look.


I’ll be going to the Orchards on Sun morn with some friends if you want to join and share some more of your piercing insights into my racing. 7:30 AM, the church by Grants tomb.

Amine Grips

Thanks for the explanation. So you are mad that he beat cheated you from placings/prizes/glory in races. That’s understandable. I don’t understand why you’d be so upset and call him a loser for cheating at something that’s meaningless.

Jens Neck

What’s most messed up about this is that let’s say there is someone who is way more talented than everyone else, and is racing clean and winning races. They will automatically be under suspicion because, you know, if someone is riding well they must be doping.

It turns suckage into a badge of honor.

Schiatuzzo Locknut

Andy and Dan – Would love it if you guys pen an article describing how DA decided to take EPO, how he acquired it and how it affected him and his training.

Since he is not racing anymore and has a pusted leg he should have time to do the interviews for the story.

Also would love some interviews with his coach (particularly if testing and/or power analysis was involved) and teammates (last year I droped him going up Harriman, this year he was up and back twice before I . . ., etc.)

Time for some real journalism.

Domenico Lorica

Come back 2014. Will hire Kenyan domestiques to pace him through NYRR 10ks. LG BH Road Runners Club. Two years to perfect use of aero helmet during Fartleks.


How is the leadership of Foundation part of the problem? What exactly about their actions indicates a support of drug use?

When Lisban got popped last year they cut him from the team. Both Euris and Rafael were subject to targeted USADA controls last year. Both of them passed. What more should they be doing? Should they be kicking riders off the team based on your suspicions?

That team sends guys to NRC races and there is always a chance of controls at those. Where do you think Jared and Lisban got popped? Where do you think Euris and Rafael were tested? It certainly wasn’t at a park race or a grand fondo.

As far as Lisban, if he wants to come back, it’s with in the rules to allow him to come back. Because shit, if we’re going to suspend people based on rules then we should probably stick to those rules for the punishment too.

Robbie Reality

Day after day you lauded him and denounced Lance.

And now, after all that shit talk, you are actually making excuses for him. Justifying his lame weak actions; saying, “I’m with you brother..” I look at the weak lot of you and wonder ever more why I am associated with a bunch of geeks and nerds that need to win races to feel accomplished. A whiny bunch of entitled dorks.

I watch you show up with $10,000 bike to race a cat 5 race. I watched some asshole cat 4 crash an S Works frame with Zipps because someone brushed him in a sprint. He had the audacity to blame the dude that brushed him instead of his lack of skill and strength. Now I hear of him crashing out in other races….hmmmm

Please come back to earth people. Money can’t buy you love despite how much you try you’ll always be that loser you were in school.

Ryan Threadlock


I never said the word “loser”. I save that word for people who visit a bicycle racing website to complain about people who take bicycle racing cheaters seriously.

Ryan Threadlock

To Bugger,

Get over it. Your friend cheated. If you are genuinely involved in the sport and DA’s life so closely, then you must have heard the rumors swirling for some time now. I know I’d had my suspicions and heard similar murmurs from others who I’m willing to bet you would likely consider an authority on the subject. Can you be honest with yourself and say it was all that much of a surprise? I’m not asking you to hate the guy because I don’t hate him myself. I just found that link a hilarious reminder of the lame jock riding that I’m now assuming you were a part of.

Bugger McGee

It’s real easy to view the world in black and white on an anonymous website. No one wants to admit to themselves that their friends might be doping. It’s an unconscionable act that yes, in retrospect, could have been seen earlier. While I’m personally not surprised, it’s still a shock, and it’s very, very, very easy to wag a finger from afar. Was what he did 100% wrong? 100% yes. But when you bring the human element into this and remember all the times, laughs, rides, meals, hardships, triumphs (on and off the bike) you’ve shared over the years, it is not so easy to simply condemn.

Bugger's English Teacher

“It’s real easy to view the world in black and white on an anonymous website.”

Yes. But an amateur doper getting caught is one of the few things in life that truly IS black and white. Embrace it.

“No one wants to admit to themselves that their friends might be doping.”

No one has to, in this case. A doper got caught and admitted it himself. Also, “no one” is singular so you want “himself” and “his” in that sentence.

“It’s an unconscionable act that yes, in retrospect, could have been seen earlier.”

Good word, “unconscionable.” And yes. An act almost black-and-white in its unconscionableness, even?

“While I’m personally not surprised, it’s still a shock, and it’s very, very, very easy to wag a finger from afar.”

Yes, it is easy, even from quite close up. See “black and white” above.

“Was what he did 100% wrong? 100% yes.”

I agree with you here, too. (See “black and white” above.) And don’t start a sentence with a digit.

“But when you bring the human element into this and remember all the times, laughs, rides, meals, hardships, triumphs (on and off the bike) you’ve shared over the years, it is not so easy to simply condemn.”

That actually makes it easier to condemn, Mr. McGee. But hey, this is only the 7th grade; you’ll understand in a few years. Good effort!

Ryan Threadlock

Bugger, you seem really distraught here. I’m sorry if your bummed. Please, step away from the ledge. I’m not asking you to stop being the guy’s friend, and I’m more than happy to see gray somewhere between the black and white. I just think all those pathetic man love sessions are even funnier than before. C’mon admit it, read through those posts, the tired ol’ Chuck Norris / Vin Deisel shtick is way funnier now.

Bugger McGee

I see very little “funny” about this situation. These are real people we’re dealing with — not memes.

Gabriel Rubber Hood

So based on your comment below “hope your friend never gets busted….” Is it the fact he got busted that’s the problem, or that he doped? Seems you would have been ok that he doped, but not got busted. You can condemn the man and the act and still call him a friend. Does not mean you have to forgive him.

Ryan Threadlock

Read through one more time. I think you’re getting me and Bugger mixed up. He’s the one having a breakdown. I’m the one asking him to not stuff a garden hose in the exhaust pipe.

Jarne Ferrule

David Anthony? Should have known something was up. Never trust someone with two first names.

Mohamed Stiff

Although I know him in passing, I’m not friends with the guy and we don’t have any relationship other than we’ve raced against each other a bunch of times, so that is not the reason for my post. He broke the rules and that was wrong, but there is a mechanism in place for dealing with it, which includes a two year suspension, not to mention that he is being castigated on this website for all to see for as long as the internet remains relevant. Once the google algorithm gets a hold of these pages, David Anthony will be forever associated with this God awful string of posts. That’s cruel and unusual punishment in and of itself.

If the governing bodies have instituted penalties for banned substance infractions (the same rules that presumably you’ve all agreed to observe) then why is it that we cannot respect the suspension? Does he really need to be banned from CRCA for life? I kind of feel like two years is a long time to not do something you feel passionate about, particularly when you only do it for fun. I just can’t justify a lifetime ban for this one violation, although admittedly, I’m not an expert on this stuff as undoubtedly most of you are. To me, having him perform community outreach on the negative aspects of illegal drug use in sports might be more useful. I certainly don’t think a lifetime ban acts as a deterrent, but information and education might. As far as a team taking him or anyone else back, I think that should be within the team’s discretion and should be respected. You are entitled to your opinion but reasonable minds can differ. If you are interested in spending more money on race fees (me personally, not so much) then why use that money to create an educational pamphlet discussing the evils of doping and ask people to sign seperate affirmations or acknowledgements. I suppose additional testing would be appropriate, but I’m not so big on some random dude in the park sticking me with a needle. Smacks of the 70s.

I know most of you guys won’t accept comparisons to other areas of life, but in spite of Penn State’s, at best, grossly negligent handling of a criminal matter, it still has a football program; and most professional sports (including cycling) have traditionally given athletes several opportunities to screw up before even considering a lifetime ban. And thinking in terms of the broader society, the criminal justice system seeks to ensure that the punishment fits the crime (well, at least in theory).

Again, I’m not saying DA doesn’t deserve to be sanctioned, he does, but the punishment should fit the violation.


EPO? I’d be curious to know what his gateway drug was? I mean, i’ve been thinking of sampling a little HGH maybe with a steroid chaser but is that a slippery slope?

Vincent Cogset

Minimized throughout the course of the day as if we are suppose to magically forget. Stop insulting our intelligence. And big ups to Johan for choosing the best time to drive a guy into the gutter since it will be overshadowed buy this DA freak…you fixed it alright.

Pharma Center

Hey Fan Boys this zobe would be arrested if this had happened in Europe. He is a loser who doped. Just a plain entitled loser.

voice of reason

to what Mohammed said. You morons are a step away from demanding a public stoning. What the hell? Did the crime, he’ll serve the time. Move on. All of you reacting so severely should chill. Not for my sake, but because if you are so worried about winning that this is how you react, than you are on the same path as DA

Noah Cage

Hey DA call Charlie Sheen. He is good at recovering from toxic events. Embrace the failure. Market it. Make some money off it it. The American way! Chicks dig it. Swap CRCA groupies for H-Wood groupies.

Andy Shen

“Day after day you lauded him and denounced Lance.

And now, after all that shit talk, you are actually making excuses for him. Justifying his lame weak actions; saying, “I’m with you brother..” I look at the weak lot of you and wonder ever more why I am associated with a bunch of geeks and nerds that need to win races to feel accomplished. A whiny bunch of entitled dorks.”

Nope, Lance is still a colossal douche no matter what DA did.

Rune Lorica

So Foundation kicked Lisban off the team when he got busted, and now they’re accepting him back once his sanction ends. What a stand up move! Next thing you know, they’ll tell us that they’ve reconsidered, and are adding to his penalty. Each night he will be kicked off the team just before bed, and he’ll be reinstated the next morning when he wakes up.

I don’t care if Foundation takes Lisban back — they can do whatever they want with their team. But if they do take him back, they have a) clearly missed a chance to take a strong statement to deter doping on their team and b) they can’t complain when people say they are lenient towards dopers, because they clearly are. However: the CRCA is an organization run by volunteers. I happen to think the crew in charge this year is doing a very good job, and I know they’re working their asses off so that we can have great racing in our own front yard. And some of the people doing that work are quite adamant that they’re not putting all that time in so cheaters can ride in their races. So they’re saying if that’s the deal, they’re done. I respect that stance. USADA’s got their rules. The CRCA can come up with its own. And my guess is that if you took a vote of the membership, the overwhelming majority of members would say that a 2 year ban for cheating in our races is not enough — extend it. In fact — CRCA, why don’t you put it up for a vote?

The fact is, Foundation is lobbying for just the opposite. And on behalf of a guy who hasn’t apologized to our community or even publicly acknowledged what he did (aside from accepting the USADA finding). Every one is entitled to his/her own opinion and vote, but I’m putting my support behind the people who are taking a hard line against cheaters — not the ones making excuses for them and saying they served their time, etc.. If you cheat — just go race your bike somewhere else! It’s not the end of the world — just go find people who don’t think cheating is that big of a deal. Apparently like the leadership of Foundation.

curious george

In general I agree with you, and I don’t think DA deserves a lot of this crap, but I’m curious why in your mind Lance is so reprehensible, but DA is not. Care to elaborate?

Rune Lorica

Just guessing here, but could the difference be that DA admitted what he did and Lance has not? Yes DA was cornered, but he once he was, he didn’t lie, he didn’t get a doctor’s note, he didn’t trash other people’s reputations, and he didn’t regale us with a barrage of utterly unbelievable denials. He owned up to it, and said the obvious — that he cheated and we deserved better.

If you notice, this site is pretty kind to Landis and to Millar and to any number of people who have owned up to what they have done. Irony of ironies — if Lance just told the truth, apologized for doping and for all the horrible things he did to people in the name of his lie, Andy would probably become a fanboy.

Certainly not speaking for Andy, but I appreciate his stance. He’s not a hater and he’s not inhumane — he just agitates for the truth and then seems fairly quick to forgive — not excuse, but forgive. Wish more people in the world were like that.

Keep it up Andy.

curious george

It is not owning up to it to test positive and to accept your punishment. And don’t you dare bring up “positively false” landis. He is a thief on top of it all (ahem, the Floyd fairness fund?! were those monies returned?) So, how bout Big George? Levi?

Andy Shen

My best friend down below states it pretty well. I’ll add that DA didn’t intimidate witnesses, didn’t drive a clean rider (Bassons) out of the sport. He didn’t mock JV for taking a stand and not taking a shot to clear up his wasp sting so he could finish the Tour. He didn’t ask USACycling to retrospectively ban Frankie from the sport for confessing to Juliet Macur in the NYTimes. He didn’t destroy Greg LeMond’s reputation and take his bike company away. He didn’t have LiveStrong lobbyists ask members of congress to help take down USADA so he can skate. He didn’t try to bribe USADA to cover up his test.

And yes, DA confessed and is cooperating with USADA. We’re working on getting more facts out to you guys as soon as we can.

I could go on and on and on, but the main point is pro cycling is so corrupt that it’s almost understandable for a pro to dope (read the Landis interview on this site). What LA did goes so far beyond doping.

Andy Shen

“It is not owning up to it to test positive and to accept your punishment. ”

Yes you’re right. How many owned up without being caught first? Off the top of my head I can only think of Frankie.

But in this fucked up world, owning up AFTER getting caught puts you ahead of most dopers. Just think of all the dopers who’ve been caught who never admitted anything or apologized. And a few of the ones that did own up did so only after years of denial.

Andy Shen

“Half of you assholes wouldn’t be into racing if it weren’t for him.”

Then we should be even angrier that he brought so many assholes into the sport.

Joey deMunk

one difference between DA coming clean and Lance fighting is that Lance has a ton of money to fight with and a ton of money to protect

DA very little to gain fighting and it could cost a relative ton to do so

also, comparing local amateurs with zero pro potential and pros (including legit aspiring pros) is ridiculous – it’s two different worlds

curious george

But you damn anyone who has any sympathy for Lance. And yet…

Again, I ask….big George, Levi…? until they “confess” where do they stand?

Joey deMunk

well… it took a federal subpoena but they presumably came clean and will take accept a ban…. right?

Andy Shen

“But you damn anyone who has any sympathy for Lance. And yet…

Again, I ask….big George, Levi…? until they “confess” where do they stand?”

Is your point that since I feel sympathy for DA then I shouldn’t damn people who have sympathy for Lance? If the crimes aren’t comparable why should the sympathy be comparable? Sympathy should come only after confession and contrition, neither of which is present with Lance yet.

I’m not fans of George or Levi. It’s the biggest open secret they doped but they still refuse to take a stand. They’re all still scared to speak against LA but at least Zabriskie and Vande Velde quit and went to a clean team.

“also, comparing local amateurs with zero pro potential and pros (including legit aspiring pros) is ridiculous – it’s two different worlds”

Agreed. I wouldn’t have made that correlation but someone else brought it up.

curious george

you are saying george and levi admitted they doped? so, it doesn’t have to be public? man, this line gets weirder and weirder. so, to reiterate, as long as you don’t publicly fight the charges, even if you took the public’s money, you guys are cool with that? this is all very interesting. contador?

curious george

is my logic ‘idiocy?’ I am just trying to figure out your grounds for someone being reprehensible or not? I thought it was admitting publicly, but George and Levi haven’t done that, so it must be something else?

Joey deMunk

no – it will become public after the lance case is resolved – I assume – I am purely speculating based on what I’ve read …wasn’t it reported that the 5 riders involved opted out of consideration for the Olympics presumably because they expect to be implicated in the lance case – and i also thought i read that their suspensions were pushed back to after the tour and olympics (maybe even seasons end)
I may have dreamed this though – anyone else read this stuff??

Jim Jones

I does not matter. A doper is a doper. Pro or Cat 3 über knob. DA needs help. The win at all costs mentality he embraced bit him in the leg. It is normal human behavior to shun cheats and freeloaders. I hope that ethics and morality will hold the next tempted rider to refrain from the dark path. DA is forever in Google infamy. He will not be forgotten. A sad case.

curious george

fair answers, and I agree re: George and Levi. Your positions are very consistent and well thought out, some others on this site, well, not so much. And, for the record, I have a great deal of sympathy for Mr. Anthony.

Matheo Ziptie

Drug testing of the BH team is not to help perception of the team, but this website. We need to see that distinction.

curious george

Just when I was on your side and satisfied, you throw that ny times article in and say it’s an “open secret” as if that’s a good thing? So, George can keep showing up in NYC, ride around like a celeb and be greeted with open arms because he lied, cheated, and said no comment? Great.

Julius Franco Ho Chi Mien Noodle Shop

Wow David is getting slammed across the Web. People calling it like it is. My one question. What is the correlation between breaking a leg and cheating. Are we supposed to feel sorry for this dude? Come on man. And give up your doctor while you are at it. Have a sit down with Joe Papp.

Rayan Hammer

I’m ranked #598 in the world, but I am the cleanest!!! Soon I will have every medal in every race, even if i wasn’t there!!!

Andy Shen

“Just when I was on your side and satisfied, you throw that ny times article in and say it’s an “open secret” as if that’s a good thing? So, George can keep showing up in NYC, ride around like a celeb and be greeted with open arms because he lied, cheated, and said no comment? Great.”

How’d I say it was a good thing?

Andy Shen

Andrew McGee was first, which is kinda appropriate since he’s now the Battenkill 3 winner.

Arthur Rubber Hood


By: Guillaume Brakepad
Sat, 04/16/2011 – 4:52pm

I’m sure there are a ton of retards locally doping. Some people will shit on anyone in the work place to get ahead so whats to stop them from doing it in a bloody local bike race just to get some local bragging right.

There will always be cheats in every sport and it will go on till the end of time, the real issue I think is cleaning up are corrupt governing cycling bodies and once they are clean then we can really start to clean up sport.

2 year bans for pros was always a joke, give someone a 5 year ban and there is a serious chance they will not be back, obviously the test has to be 100 percent.

Testing properly is too god damn expensive as well, hence the waivers they sign so there blood can be tested in years to come.

The drugs will always be ahead of the testers as well, not much you can do about that.

If you seriously need to dope to take 2nd or 1st in a central park A race, well no testing is going to cure the obvious mental disorder you have so just enjoy your moment of glory before the men in white coats come to take you away for medical experiments of the brain.


two things
By: Baptiste Threadlock
Sat, 04/16/2011 – 4:18pm

1. This sounds like the Zirbel situation: “I didn’t dope, but I know a lot of dopers.” Believe him or not, it’s not a logical impossibility to be aware of doping and not partake yourself. In a sport as saturated with doping (and gossipy) as ours, everyone is going to know something about drugs–including the clean guys.

2. Let’s ban the term “snitch.” It’s a term for informants used by criminals. If you’re interested in preserving crime, or the omerta, or doping, than it’s the term for you. If you want these things ended, the correct idea is “whistle-blower.” Enough with this macho “I’m no snitch” bullshit.


By: Helmut Gescheint
Sat, 04/16/2011 – 12:32pm

FIrst of all, I have limited direct knowledge – a few idiots who drop obvious hints to me. Hence, I start with ‘my sense…’

With respect to getting doping products – endocrinologists and other physicians all over the country are giving HGH and testosterone patches to men and women in their ‘menopausal’ years to make them feel younger. EPO is a specialty medicine so probably harder to get but not impossible.

Regarding safety, EPO has been given to millions of people over the past 15 years with anemia due to reduced kidney function. EPO’s safety profile is excellent as long you are not a dork trying to jack up your hemocrit to 55.

Synthetic testosterone has been around since the 50s and it’s effects are well known. In small doses (as used by endurance athletes) it aids recovery and combats muscle loss. Larger doses do scary things including cause cancer but testosterone has experienced something of a renaissance in the past 10+ years in low-dose patch and cream form. Even women are being prescribed testosterone for low sex drive. Yes, that sounds crazy and it is crazy.

HGH – approved for undersized kids. Not easy to administer properly but good safety profile. Not sure if it works for athletes but the placebo effect is a powerful thing.

I am a scientist and doping has always interested me. Just the dark side of the competitive drive. As a kid, I remember baseball commentators talking about greenies and bennies. I remember Alexei Grewal’s other worldly performance in the ’84 Olympics and the aftermath. I remember East German women shot putters with mustaches winning all the gold medals…


By: ???
Sat, 04/16/2011 – 4:03am

maybe it’s me, but there’s something profoundly wrong in what you’re saying.

first you have a lot of knowledge of local doping for someone who appears to claim they’re not doping.

you also say you can get anything you want, not speculation–100%, and presumably from physicians that aren’t treating you for some kidney ailment, or such, that you’ve failed to mention.

then you acknowledge doping works.

i’m no snitch, but if all the touchy feely “new clean-era of cycling” bullshit, locally or otherwise, has any iota of truth to it, then you sir are someone who should speak with some sort of authorities.

not that i care in any way except to find your posting bizarre.


Doping Circles
By: Helmut Gescheint
Sat, 04/16/2011 – 2:39am

My sense is that Cat 2/3 ‘young guns’ are doping with over the counter (OTC) shit. Tijuana crap that is scary and risky. This is speculation but true from what I hear.

Masters, because there are medical professionals and people with money in the ranks, can get the good stuff – EPO, pegEPO, prescription HGH with proper instructions, testosterone patches. This isn’t speculation – this is 100% true. I race Cat 3 and Masters and I could get anything I want from physicians I know. recrational cyclists who wish me well. I don’t and never will but…

Sadly, EPO or HGH or testosterone done right is safe. And it will make you faster. So as fucked up as this sounds, there is no real down side if cheating doesn’t bother you.

Alexis Housing

In the past week I’ve witnessed the NYC bike racing scene at its best and worst. To go from the DJ ride to this doping situation and the reaction surrounding it is depressing.

DA cheated in an amateur sport. he got caught and is never racing again. Yes, It’s sad and pathetic on many levels.

But you know what’s almost just as bad? The amount of vitriol that sprung up as a reaction. Its a sign that most of you in this scene take AMATEUR racing way, way, way too damn seriously. Doping might me the most obvious sign of a significant flaw in our community, but there were other signs as well. The type A finance dude who spends 20-30 hours a week on his bike after a 60 hour job instead of spending time with his family, all in the name of getting an arbitrary upgrade. The guy who spends 20K a year in equipment and coach and testing to turn circles in central park. Things like that aren’t admirable- they’re indicative of a culture that takes a game too seriously. This is supposed to be a sport that’s fun and challenging, but we shouldn’t let it feed into our neuroses.

Maybe DA and everyone else who takes racing too seriously have issues with self loathing. They can’t accept their limitations under normal training regiments within the context of a balanced life, so they push and push and push in order to be marginally better within the context of amateur racing.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a mediocre cat 4 park racer with a well rounded life vs. a cat 2 who doesn’t have time for friends, family, love, and life.

Nathan Seatmast

Guys he just got caught at a gran fondo, doesn’t mean he wasn’t saucing for a while. Considering his quick rise, makes you wonder how long he was on something and how far he should be cut down. Though, USAC doesn’t really do such things, because that would make sense. His upgrades are most likely ill-gotten, make him a 5 again, if he ever comes back.

Former teammate

It probably didn’t start when he was a 5, but looking back and thinking of the warning signs, it’s very possible this has been going on for awhile. A couple years ago, DA broke his collarbone twice in one season then made a surprisingly quick comeback. He was always the guy that trained the hardest, had the best gear, did whatever it took to get faster and get results, I guess at some point the drive to be better overcame his integrity. Hopefully he will be fully honest and forthcoming with when this started and not try to say it was just a one time thing, as well as come clean on the source. I find it hard to believe a guy who wants the best of everything would just google epo and order it online.

DA is a great guy who I admired as a cyclist and looked up to on the team, I’m really sorry to see that his obsession got the best of him.

Nathan Seatmast

If he’s spending 20-30 hours on his bike training a week he probably doesn’t need EPO. Or he has minimal natural ability.

Andy Shen

We’ll have answers for you but it’s going to take a little time to make sure whatever is presented is as accurate as possible.

DA was not in finance.

Beef Taint

Confession and admission are NOT the same. One happens before and the other after getting caught.

Used to be DA 's friend

Who are we to demand the details of DA’s doping.
He cheated and destroyed some friendship. He will probably never race again and if we ever saw him on a bike, many will never see him the same way we did before.

However, as much as we are curious of the details, he has absolutely no reason to share the details.
And we certainly don’t have the right to demand that.
We follow the pro shit too much – racers get caught doping and we never really find out how/when/why etc of their dark activities. It’s frustrating and annoying because the pro keep ruining the sport.
DA’s impact has great ripple effect but it does not warrant us, especially us who post annonymously on Internet, to demand that from DA.

I hope he works with USADA or whoever to clarify and perhaps he will write a book or he will go into details.
Who knows. He may tell his close friends but he does not owe anything to the anonymous public to disclose the details.

He cheated. He probably has some mental issues.
Let him suffer. Let him ponder at his own doing. But let’s start to let him go.
Let’s keep training and continue to race our bikes. Let’s make sure while all of us obsess about bike racing, see that sometime we need to take a step back.

There are and will be more cheaters. Some will never get caught.
Well that’s life. Deal with it. We do everyday with other circumstances and issues that are far more severe.

Ayoub Bearing

He cheated. He got caught. He will serve his time. It’s not like he stole a bunch of senior citizens money like Bernie Madoff did. It’s only amateur bike racing! Cut the dude, and especially his team, some slack. You would be better off spending the time and energy you haters have devoted to this thread riding your bike. Don’t misinterpret my comments to mean I condone his behavior, I don’t. It’s just that in the grand scheme of things this ranks pretty low on the priority list.

Andy Shen

“Drug testing of the BH team is not to help perception of the team, but this website. We need to see that distinction.”

Yes there’s a grain of truth in that but that’s not the whole truth. However, if it wasn’t for the site I’m not sure how I would’ve handled this. The temptation to keep my head down and let it pass would be great.

Admission not confession, noted.

As stated before, DA is cooperating with USADA. As far as how much info he owes the community, at the very least his competitors should know which races he doped for.

Joey deMunk

I’m no expert on the subject I am not a Dr nor do I play one… yadda yadda – anyway – I’m not so sure the issue is WHICH races he doped for and/or did he dope FOR the fondo — he benefited from the PEDs not just in the competition but more importantly in the training he did while in cycle.. the PEDs would allow him to train harder, recover better and repeat – so discussion of WHICH races is moot – he was elevated everytime he pinned on a number (or for that matter – and more reprehensibly – everytime he dropped some poor newbie that struggles to stay with the bunch on “hard” group rides and goes home demorizied week in week out – now.. I say that not knowing what kind of a rider DA was/is – he may have been a gentleman rider on group rides – you know, supportive of all riders, setting responable tempo and making sure the bunch says together and eveyone get home safe – they way ALL of the strongest riders should behave on group rides – or he was simply a hamerhead (amd that’s not a compliment)

Warre Tarmac

Andy Shen, you stupid fuck, you should just shut up. You are missing the ball then disappearing then returning to miss the same ball again. But this is your playground as I have been reminded many times.

Andy Shen

It’s not which specific races, it’s more like when he started, ’cause everything after that point was cheating. And you’re right, the effect is more insidious than just winning races. It makes you question what you’re doing wrong, why you’re training so hard but falling behind.

Andy Shen

“Andy Shen, you stupid fuck, you should just shut up. You are missing the ball then disappearing then returning to miss the same ball again. But this is your playground as I have been reminded many times.”

Care to enlighten me?

Joey deMunk

Warre Tarmac – PLEASE quit attacking Andy – he’s done noting wrong here – and PLEASE temper your anger issues –

and yes Andy – WHEN is the right question and INSIDIOUS is the right word


To anybody who says “let it go and go ride your bike….”

This came out Monday. It’s only Wednesday. The majority of us are, oddly, at work where we can’t ride and spend our day in between duties on facebook, or cycling sites or some other diversion. That we discuss something that is major local news isn’t exactly shocking. It’ll pass sooner rather than later. But like Jared or Pulla or Lisban or any of the others their names and results will be met with derision.


“Drug testing of the BH team is not to help perception of the team, but this website. We need to see that distinction.” !?!?

WTF does that even mean???

Last time I checked, this site was at the forefront of all things AMATEUR nyc racing related while AT THE SAME TIME using a harsh, snarky, critical tone against certain suspected PROFESSIONAL cyclists who used banned methods to be the best at their job. All the while gaining media exposure and web presence on the back of the fight against doping culture.

Is it only I who sees a terrific bit of hypocrisy in this matter?

NYCVelocity lost way more in this than any Gran Fondo winning Master did.

Time to face up to that and focus more on what’s going on in your own backyard then what happened nearly ten years ago in the pro ranks.

Ayoub Bearing

I hope Andy is thick skinned. He is putting himself up for a lot of abuse from the anonymous posters. Don’t attack the messenger! It’s not like Andy was doping or supplying DA with dope. I’m sure that when Andy has more information to share he will post it.

Joey deMunk

once agian …

comparing local amateurs with zero pro potential and pros (including legit aspiring pros) is ridiculous – it’s two different worlds

there is no hypocracy from the site – doping at the club level is ..how was it put.. inceduous. doping at the pro-level – at least until recenlty – a hazzard of the profession


The “hypocracy” comes from the fact that this site has made money over the last few years because of the way it attacked pros… Primarily Lance, over doping.

Just like DA is expected to give back his dumb socks, tee shirts, and medals, this site should refund advertisers due to its connection to the doper at hand.

Andy Shen

Non-doper, you realize that the quote marks means that it’s from another comment, not my words, right?

Joey deMunk

yes cuz non-doper – im willing to have a conversation with you about the differnce between a local amature doping and a pro if you’re really interested – we can discuss here or i’ll give you my email address (and yes, I am doing NOTHING at work but I love talking cycling and this is a good topic – till the Vuelta starts)


Not to burst any bubbles but I don’t think this site actually makes any money.

Is Lisban or Pulla or Bunde doping more ok because they were racing against pros? When we start justifying the actions of some while still pointing the finger at others I have to admit I find that the issue starts to get pretty confusing.

Larry Fortensky

yeah andy, this site has been making a fortune riding the back of doping scandals for too long!!!

Tristan Liner

what about someone like Chodroff who used EPO from cat 3 all the way to a pro contract? I’m so confused on what to think about this!

Hugo Stiff

A guy over 45 using EPO to win Cat 3 races. Talk about losing your way in life. I don’t live in NYC anymore, but the racing scene there is totally out of control with people taking drugs to win “shit, small” races. You guys should be ashamed.


With all due respect to DA’s coach and other coaches out there – do you not see when an average rider’s performance significantly increases just because he follows a regimen for 1-2 season? A regimen you probably learned yourself just 5-6 yrs?

There are many coaches out there but how many are truly qualified? Ok so you take some exams provided by USCF, you read up on things that we all have access to. You give some work outs and tell us when to rest. That’s great and it may be valuable but I feel like many coaches are too eager to promote their business(or software) or being too aggressive and focused/proud of riders watts. Do coaches focus on other ethical or sportsman like part of competition?

How many coaches out there truly care about their riderrs? Care enough to question the sudden improvement in performance. while fitness may improve ones one but not indefinitely. Not at age 45.

Do we need a coach that give us work outs, if there are drugs available and drugs may be cheaper?(ha!)And some coaches care more about performance improvement than understand how and why it occurred because they are too confident in their own shallow experience?
Did DA’s coach not realize the jump ? Did the coach ever sit down with DA and discussed the danger of bing too obsessive(a coach should be able to understand individual characters to make good decisions) and teach him? Or is that asking too much?

We watch TV, we read the stuff on every cycling mags and sites. We buy the goods. We think and train hard.
Coaches while they have business to run can impact the riders a lot as an athlete more than just judge and talk about numbers.

This is by all means not a personal attack on DA’s coach or any other coaches. It is an observation about this “coach” culture and it’s impact or relationship. DA alone is responsible for what he did(I hope) but this unfortunate event makes me wonder.


Fortune or not, the site uses sensationalism about bad news from way back to prop itself up in the current landscape of cycling. And hey, its a free country and we don’t have to read it, but against this news about DA changes need to be made or the site itself becomes insidious as the dope problem.

Joey deMunk

re: Chodroff, Lisban or Pulla or Bunde – interesting question and causes me to think about my amature hack v.pro/aspiring pro distinction.

the pros and aspiring pros I’ve known don’t really mix it up with rank amatures (they really find us intollerable on the bike) they train alone and race with the top pro-1-2’s –

so, I think, to saythat along the way they dopped and got contracts that non-dopped riders may have gotten – yeah – that’s justs as incedious and reprehensible – but a cross to bare by the other aspiring pros – not the cat 3/4/5 masters hacks that most of us are – so I still hold a distinction (just not as balck and white as before)


Its amazing that over a year later there are still douches out there being Lisban haters. Get over it. He served his time. If he wants to race “CRCA” let him. Stop the nonsense, idiot talk, of “lifetime ban” from “CRCA”. Idiots. and stop asking Andy and Dan to comment on a teammate – again, it’s stupid. DA f-Ed up, he cheated, he’ll live with it.

Lapo Brazeon

incedious? Are we looking for insidious or incestuous here?

Both seem out of context…or do they?

Joey deMunk

Non-Doper – you are making a very macro argument that can’t be disputed – don’t most media/news outlets use ” sensationalism about bad news” to attract an audience??

Tuur Butyl

We don’t hate Lisban. I don’t even know him. I know he knew better not to cheat and he did. And he just kept his silence. Chances are he will cheat again if not on bike then somewhere else in life. I don’t want to race against a cheater. I don’t want to be associated with a cheater. That’s all. Lisban go somewhere else.

Baldo Compliant

This sort of public shaming has a real role, and its important. We can’t fine him, sue him, put him in jail. There is no cause for threats, or hate – those would be too harsh for the offense. All we can do is point out the utter shame, and be sure the message gets through that its absolutely not ok to dope and cheat in our sport among otherwise honorable sportsmen competing for fun based on our own best natural abilities. Yes, some comments sound too harsh, and we need to keep perspective here. However, to suggest that we need to “just move on” or let the punnishment speak for itself without comment is to miss the point entirely of the role of public comment. DA may be a nice guy who simply went too far – I believe this absolutely, based on who his friends are. Still, he must take the hit, offer an apology to those he cheated, and then suffer his personal shame. We, in turn, must remain vigilent to make sure the sport remains as clean as possible, and to offer great shame to those who cross the line as a disincentive to doping – the only one we really have in the end.


Sure. Every media outlet does it to a degree.
But it’s apples to oranges for example, compared to the angle Velonews takes with it.

I can’t think of another “organization” that so obviously would like to see guys like LA burned at the stake. It’s just a questionable opinion to have and so strongly push on the world in light of the recent news.

Joey deMunk

non-doper – well there is a hierarchy of journalist standard isn’t there – the reader/advertiser can decide if they want to keep coming back.. as for this site – (and the club level cycling scene as a whole) – the only trasgression I see is taking some aspects too seriously and apply homour to others – inconsitant, yes, hypocritical, … I personaly don;t think so … but then that’s a thin line

Joey deMunk

“The guys who go from 5 to pro usually come from some other sport and are ridiculously gifted.”

and in their 20’s not 40’s

Romain Threadlock

He doped to gain a certain social status in the local cycling community. He doped to make “friends” and be admired, get into a well known local racing team and so on. Winning races was just a means to becoming a popular guy and satisfying his ego.

Imaging a parallel universe in which DA didn’t dope and didn’t cheat. Would we even know him? Would he have friends he used to have because he doped? He would probably remain an overweight mediocre Cat 4 rider at best. A few people who would know him, would know him as somebody who has access to the best equipment and coaching and still rides like shit.

DA will quit cycling because he lost his social status (and without doping everybody will know what his real performance is).

Torquewrench McGillicutty

Yes, your commentary was, in fact, a personal attack at his coach. In any case, the fact is DA won his first Battenkill as a 5 in a solo break 4 years ago. Going from that to a cat 2 in 4 years is by no means an alarmingly meteoric rise. He has been winning races for a long time. It’s easy to look at the anecdotes and make snap judgments about what should have been noticed, but the fact of the matter is that his performances, though eyebrow raising in a few isolated incidents, are not of the cat 5 to pro contract in 2 seasons variety. Should those around him have noticed SOMETHING? Maybe, but hindsight is 20/20, especially when looking at it from the outside.


Most masters guys who win 1,2 races have been racing for decades. The guys who go from 5 to pro usually come from some other sport and are ridiculously gifted.

Joey deMunk

Romain Threadlock – good point

however – if he was the “good/stand up/nice” guy that many have said he was yes, he could have developed a good social network within the community – even as a mediocre cat 4.

if he is truly a douche – no, he would have been just another douche on a $4000 bike

Clean Bottle

And that is why this public flogging is neccesary. There is no other real deterant to dope besides the shame associated with getting caught.

Sacha Bearing

Romain Threadlock @ 4:30pm you are an idiot and a troll. DA’s a good guy and I’m happy to consider him a friend. Could care less what he does or doesn’t do on a bike, be it win, pack fill, or dnf.

All of this raging hatred commentary–you’ve all got your own issues, obviously. Lot of you need to do a mirror check.

Cycling should be fun. Many of you take it far, far too seriously, especially when sitting so high on your saddles.

Tegghiaio Headset

anyone caught taking bike racing too seriously – junior to master, doper or not – should have the training wheels put back on until they regain perspective.

Tri state Andretti

“USADA’s Annie Skinner confirmed that Anthony tested positive for synthetic EPO.

“We know that the win-at-all-costs culture in sport today creates an environment where the temptation to cheat affects all levels of competition and we appreciate Mr. Anthony being honest about his actions and accepting responsibility,” Skinner said in a statement she sent BikeRadar.”


Paul Carbonara

I believe that doping in the lower ranks is a sign one doesn’t take racing seriously enough. It represents a total misunderstanding of what it is all about. If you took it seriously, you would get that it is about fair play, hard work and good sportsmanship. If you took it seriously, you would recognize that winning at any cost is contrary to the whole point.

Its a noble thing to be an amateur athlete, that should be taken seriously.

Adrien Skidmark

I believe that doping in the lower ranks is a sign one doesn’t take racing seriously enough. It represents a total misunderstanding of what it is all about. If you took it seriously, you would get that it is about fair play, hard work and good sportsmanship. If you took it seriously, you would recognize that winning at any cost is contrary to the whole point.

Its a noble thing to be an amateur athlete, that should be taken seriously.
Ken H (WW team)
Anonymous posting increases comments frequency, not quality


“We’re trying to do the confession right, for a change.”

Even during such a disgraceful moment, Andy can’t resist the urge to criticize and “mock” other past dopers…

Hypocrisy, plain and simple.


interns stop posting here? it’s pretty obvious that you are only here to rabble-rouse to earn your gold stars so you can get on your knees sooner rather than later in front of LA.

Lemon Fresh Scent

Who doesn’t use drugs — I rub a numbing solution on the head to help last longer!

Vincent Cogset

I’m sure when this DA kid was sitting on his bathroom toilet with the rubber strap around his arm shooting up the juice to win that oh so important Cat 3 race – he never saw this calamity coming….good riddance.


if the CRCA starts testing does that mean i cant toke up before park races???

this is gonna suck!

Jelle Drainhole

What he really said, “I’m really sorry…… that I got caught…. and I’d still be doping and taking Strava sections if I wasn’t caught…. total bummer… for me”.


You guys need to remove the ability to comment anonymously…link it to Facebook or something. Jeez.


It’s on facebook too! Why should we be limited in our ability to tell DA to go fuck himself? Maybe we can sell rubber bracelets and raise money for some cause.


Andy began making the case against Lance Armstrong when it was deeply unpopular, the mainstream cycling media spent little to no effort to cover the story. Over the years Andy built a compelling case against Lance and helped expose the systemic doping and corruption in cycling. He woke a lot of people up to this problem, including many in the cycling media who realized they could no longer ignore it. Remarkably, he has done all this from a tiny regional website with zero budget, never seeing a dime of profit for himself.

It is ironic that a guy on Andy’s team got popped for drugs, ironic but NOT not hypocritical. Andy did not benefit from DAs performance and certainly didn’t know about it. He has handled this crisis with remarkable grace and transparency, letting everyone know as soon as he found out and patiently answering all comments directed at him, no matter how asinine. He is only guilty, like the many friends DA made over the years, of wanting to believe that a nice middle aged man, relatively new to cycling, was capable of winning races in dramatic fashion by simple hard work and dedication. In retrospect many of us were are guilty of that.


Sander Cable

For those who don’t get CRCA mailings, they’ve updated the doping policy:


CRCA’s doping penalty is a club ban for double the length of the relevant governing body’s ban for a first offense, and a lifetime club ban for a second offense. If the rider doesn’t submit to a required test, the CRCA ban is two years, regardless of the penalty from an outside governing body.

Unclear what this may mean for CRCA members who have just returned, or are just about to return, from a USAC-imposed ban . . .


Alex, yes. This site did all that. But it went about it with maliciousness ( probably cuz Lance pissed off Andy personally at some point in the long ago past ) and has never veered from reporting the situation from one point of view with complete bias. It has used confessed dopers ( and lairs )to gain an audience.

Cheap tricks… Kinda like the ones DA used.

Start with bashing the NYC guys who dope and then you are entitled to share your opinion about the rest of the world.


Out of completion testing is a bit much. But overall it’s a move in the right direction.


“The cost of such testing will be borne by the Association but the cost of attending the facility shall be borne by the member.”

If you’re going to ask people to pee in a cup and impose a ban on people for failing to do so then you should cover all the associated costs.

Dumb biker

Don’t worry you cheap a$$e$, the crca will give you a subway voucher for having to go to the NYU hospital


The CP bathroom is the ideal location. Already has no doors on the stalls so the USADA rep can watch. Will just have to wait for Paulie to finish pinching in there.

Michele Lube

Full disclosure is a good thing, and hats off to Andy/Alex/Schmaltz for breaking the news with candor.

Facilitating an anonymous electronic mob isn’t doing anyone any good other than spiking your page counts with an incendiary topic.

Regardless of your anger at DA, you are creating an electronic artifact of more savagery than is fair or appropriate.

We did away with the stockades long ago for good reason.

It is time to close the comments.

Joe deMunk

from the smaltz blog:

at the end of the day we should all be thankful that the headline didn’t read “local NYC amature found dead in his apartment after injecting tainted EPO” time to heal… bring on the Vuelta

Schiatuzzo Locknut

How is CRCA’s new policy of random out-of-competition testing going to work? Do I get suspended if the drug czar’s show up at my apartment and I am at work? Do I need to register my whereabouts with CRCA? How do you explain to your boss that you need to leave a meeting early to pee in a cup?

Come on.

I like that the Board takes these things seriously but I also belive they have a duty to take a reasoned and measured response to issues that arise. Sometimes a quick response is not as good as a more thoughtful one.

Dylan Chainlink

Michele Lube — seriously? Hats off? breaking the news was going to happen. they had a scoop on their own in-bred doper and like any good bloggers reported on it before their team got reported on. What were they to do, especially given the soapbox they’ve been on for the past few years. Cover it up?

That any of you associate the words integrity, transparency and honesty with the purveyors of this site or the doper who was caught is absurd — I actually, crazy as it seems, admire the self-delusional audacity it requires to even explain it that way.

There is no integrity in these actions — they continue to provide a platform for anonymous hate and perhaps even contributed to their teammate so wanting to be wanted by this “community” that he resorted to the most extreme and irrational behavior.

The act of integrity would be to exit stage right. Shut down this venomous site and rethink their mission in life.


Agree, time to close the comments.

re: … – force people to own up to their hate speak. Doesn’t stop you from bashing anyone. Just empowers you to own it.


today’s the day when the anonymous posts need to stop? when a guy gets popped for taking epo to race mostly local races? come on, get a grip. the anonymous posts need to stop, but they needed to stop a long time ago. plenty of people are publicly calling this guy a fucktard all over facebook and the country.

Joe deMunk

is anyone here REALLY saying anything so controversial that it matters if they are anonymous or not?? it’s just a bunch of dudes wastng a bunch of time chatting about a subject that has our attention for a few minutes –


World Anti-Doping Agency President John Fahey announced Tuesday that over 100 aspiring Olympic athletes were banned from London as the result of positive doping tests in the six months prior to the start of the Games. More than 70,000 tests had been conducted in the run-up to London. “Doping athletes should know that their chances of avoiding detection are the smallest they have ever been,” Fahey said. The announcement was quickly followed by the news that nine track and field athletes were suspended for doping, including three who were identified through retests of samples from last year’s world championships. London officials will analyze around 6,250 samples this summer, more than at any previous Olympic Games.

Joe deMunk

“World Anti-Doping Agency President John Fahey announced Tuesday that over 100 aspiring Olympic athletes were banned from London ”

wow!! that is amaizing – really

Michele Lube

@Dylan Chainlink

I agree with you. They are boiling the already potent NYC hatred into something hideous and harmful, and collecting page ranks/views in the process.

They could have done this revelation better or worse, but on balance it seems they did more better than not… unless you consider the Venom Factory element.

It is time to close the comments.

We’ll have plenty of time to see how transparent & candid they are in the long run.



I have not really had the opportunity to read all of the comments on this site on the last couple of of days, but I have read some and I want to make a couple things clear.

First, the CRCA Policy is a working document. The board thinks its important to make it very clear that we intend to make changes. The statement on CRCA.net made it clear that things may change as we explore exactly what we are able to do and think fully through the logistics. We want to hear people’s comments, so please get in touch with your favorite board member and make some constructive comments. We can’t have a dialogue with people posting anonymous comments on this board.

Second, I read comments below indicating that Foundation was not up front about Lisban last year. That is simply not true. As soon as the team was made aware of the positive test, CRCA was notified. CRCA received a statement from Foundation announcing the positive test and Lisban’s immediate suspension from the team and this was posted to CRCA.net See http://www.crca.net/2011/06/the-boards-statement/ This was prior to USAC handing down its formal suspension and prior to any announcement by USADA. In my personal view, both Foundation and BH/Comedy Central have been upfront and transparent with this community once the facts were known.



Did the site ever suspend comments when there was too much negativity against lance? Lisban? Marmo? The burrowed brothers? TT vegan? It seems inappropriate to start now just because some people think DA is a nice guy, especially considering he was a teammate of the moderators.

It seems most of his supporters are also choosing anonymity as well, props to chesebro for self identifying.


Testing CRCA riders is just absurd. Testing local amateur riders is absurd. Come on!!! You all – CRCA and USA cycling – are taking yourselves way too seriously. If someone winds up taking EPO to beat other middle-aged cat 3’s, I don’t want to know about it, and I do not care that it affects my possible placing in whatever race I am entered in. I am in this sport for the fun I get from getting better at it, and I can tell if I am getting better even if my results don’t show it. The truly talented future pros with the right mental make-up will rise to the top no matter how many of their competitors at the local races cheat.

Former Fellow 4


We have ridden together and raced together briefly as you passed through Category 4. Memorable among these times were when you won our field at the Tour of the Battenkill, a couple of CRCA CP races when you repeatedly attacked like the field solo was your yo-yo and when you and some others turned the Rachel Morgenstern Memorial Ride into an impromptu race. I admired your accomplishments both on the bike and in your professional life from afar, some witnessed firsthand and others through various accounts of others. I took particular note, since we are the same vintage, but apparently have made different life choices: you, a bachelor and apparently able to dedicate more time to your avocation, and me, trying to balance family and professional responsibilities with mine. I was envious of your apparent natural ability and success in a relatively short time, and at our age. At times, for kicks, I might wonder what would be possible if I was able to train more and had a modicum of your natural gifts. I never spent much time there, however. I am happy with my life choices, accepting of my athletic limitations, fueled by passion over ability, and compete mostly with myself for “results”. After more than 10 years of racing, I have seen 40 year-old phenoms come and go.

Your admission to using EPO was at once astonishing and unsurprising. It’s shocking that you would go to such lengths as a 40+ amateur, risking your health and possibly your life, to stoke your fragile ego. Yet, it was also hard to understand how you could perform at such a high level for demanding races with regularity or eclipse the performance of Pro and Cat 1 riders on local rides. I suppose for every Evelyn Stevens there could be a few David Anthony’s on their way to Masters or Senior Olympics glory.

I feel a range of emotions about your actions. I’m angry that you would damage the sport and tarnish the efforts of those who put so much heart and soul into amateur racing, including riders, promoters, sponsors and some great local cycling supporters, like NYVC. Cyclists can be a selfish and self-centered lot (myself included), but like much else, you took it to another level.
I am disappointed that you cheated your fellow racers. I am a lifetime middling Cat 4 at best. Yet, even Cat 4s want and deserve to compete on a level playing field. I also feel violated. Trust is a key part of bike racing. Even in the most heated competition, when racing at 30+ mph in a pack, you have to rely on your fellow racers to abide by the rules of the road. You have to have faith that your fellow racers will hold their line and not move erratically. There is implicit trust that allows the sport to work on the most fundamental level. Untrustworthy racers are left behind for good reason.

I am also thankful. I thank you for definitively answering my question as to how I could barely compete in Cat 4 races at times. I have to laugh at the absurdity of competing in a Cat 4 race with a guy that trains 15-20+ hours a week and dopes. No worries, again you are not alone here. While it’s never a certainty without proof or an admission, I’ve learned to spot the signs: moody, arrogant, difficult, egotistical, self-centered, attention-seeking, self-promotional and progressing from Cat 5 to Cat 1/2 in short order without a history of athletic prowess. Still, they are ONLY suspicions, but too good to be true usually is just that. I am grateful. Grateful that as a Cat 4 you and other cheaters move through Cat 4 pretty quickly on your way to the top at all costs.

Mostly though, I am hopeful. I hope that you follow through on your statement that this was a “wake-up call” for you, and get some help. I hope that you can come to understand and address how you got so (in your words) “out of control”. While this letter is very judgmental, it comes from a good place. We are all human, with our own failings. Some years ago I experienced my own “crisis”, and while immensely painful at the time and for a long time thereafter, dealing with and overcoming the issues I faced then (which had built up over the years) was life defining. On the other side, it is glorious. The work and progress is painful, slow and long, but so worthwhile. You are lucky to have many friends and much support in the community. While it may be hard to imagine now in this dark moment, people do forgive. Time will pass, hopefully you will work on the issues that led you to want people to like and love you as cyclist and give them a chance to like and love you for just yourself. Maybe you even will be able to give back and use this as an opportunity to help others, the sport and community. As a wise friend of mine says when someone makes a mistake, “it’s not what you did, it’s what you do next.” Give us time, work on yourself, we’ll all be better for it, and we’ll all go for ride someday…when we’re ready.

Former Fellow 4

Tuur Skidmark,

I thought quite a bit about posting with/without my name. As I note by your anonymous post, its not an easy decision. There is so much vitriol here. I think if all were required to post with a name I would have done so.

Your point is well noted.

Adrien Skidmark

Post anonymously or not, that is up to you, without your name comments carry little to no real weight. More than enough people post here with their names – growing up is hard, no question about it – as david anthony’s immature and childish choice shows. We will never have everyone doing the right thing, but hopefully a majority speaking up can help build integrity within amateur competition among masters.
Ken (WW team)

Jacopo Seatmast

This site suspended comments when folks were jumping on Greg Olsen’s case. I don’t recall any other time that has happened, but then I don’t live on this site.

Mats Rotor

EPO thickens the blood….it’s dangerous enough when you are a pro cyclist in your 20s but to take it in your mid 40s for other than its intended use, is insane. You are risking a heart attack or stroke. Winning a bike race is worth that? One big reason I got into cycling is for the incredible health and fitness benefits…..I’ll keep my pack finishes, thank you very much.


in the past 7 years 34 people have tested positive for THC

you guys are like the nerd down the hall that reports you to campus security

Jacopo Seatmast

EPO will only dangerously thicken your blood only if you take it in high doses. That is what was happening in the early 90’s when cyclists were dying. Since then much research has been done and you can get the performance boost in much lower dosages that won’t dangerously thicken your blood. If you are like Lance and can afford to pay the doctors who know how to dose EPO properly, you can get the performance benefit without taking a dangerous dose. Read http://velocitynation.com/content/interviews/2009/michael-ashenden to get more info.

Rune Lorica

One of the things that made DA’s doping harder to detect was that he was still a relatively new cyclist. If he had been toiling in the pack in the 4s for five years then suddenly, at age 45, ripped through the 3s, of course a coach would wonder what the hell was going on. In DA’s case though, he was progressing steadily, if quickly. That’s not entirely unusual — I think we all know some talented guys who were physically gifted, worked hard and then worked their way up to pack fodder in the 2s. And DA worked hard — harder probably than 97% of his field. So there was no real spike that would’ve given him away. In retrospect, all looks obvious but at the time…he also changed coaches, which could’ve thrown things off a bit too in terms of tracking progress, etc.


I love how a lot of people are all “oh, so that’s why I was finishing mid pack, I would have won if people weren’t doping.” wrong.


I don’t see any comments to that effect…I see that people don’t want to race with dopers, but no one saying that they would have won. The only guy on here with that legitimate claim so far I have seen is Andrew McGee (the very first comment, ironically enough, btw), and he was actually quite supportive of DA.


Do people really believe this started in the last year though? Did he switch because cisco caught on?

DA's jockstrap

all of you mediocre cat 4’s who are thinking “well, that’s why i could never hang with DA”. you can’t hang with 2nd through 15th places either- and most likely those guys were clean. get over yourselves and just enjoy riding the bike.

Noa Neck

What about all the people that follow him on Strava? didn’t they catch on by reading his power numbers??

fact is that they weren’t that impressive. His wins were though.

Noah Rim

David, riding to win a Gran Fondo is really the bigger embarrassment. The EPO is just part of what it takes to win at Prospect these days.

Lucas Tank

Yeah…trying to win a Grnd Fondo is pathetic. But trying to win a race in a park at 530AM against the same five guys every week is OK. You clowns really need to look in the mirror

Raphael Lube

god lord that open letter at 9:17 is a big self love stink bomb. nobody wants to go for a ride with you as an act of healing. get over yourself.

Antoine Kevlar

Before you start giving this site a standing ovation for transparency and quickly posting this, they initially wanted to wait it out and DA wanted to deny it. It only popped up here because keeping the lid on it was not going to last. It’s been out and about since at least last week.


Calm down. Folks are entitled to sit with bad news for a few days before outing it. They still beat the USADA or USAC announcements.

Andy Shen

Yes it was on the USAC site but it was anonymous but with team name, and only officials go see it. There was a screengrab of it being passed around, tons of people must’ve known.

The process is supposed to be confidential until the B sample is returned. As long as DA was fighting it we thought it was wrong to put it up here. We talked him out contesting it and posted this the next day.

Joey deMunk

Antoine Kevlar – you say “and DA wanted to deny it”

is that fact?? or was this an off hand comment? (either way is fine I’m just really curious)

Arno Rivnut

It’s great that everyone is jumping on the pro-testing wagon. We should also reach out to other cycling groups in NYC. I heard from a good source that some of the NYCC riders use “stuff” to upgrade their SIG status. TA could probably use some help drug testing at a Critical Mass…but that’s probably more DEA than USADA
I’m very opposed to doping on any level but testing at local races takes what should be training/low key/fun races to the obsessive intensity that fosters doping in the first place.
Tone down the CP races and perhaps give out club awards to those teams and individuals that properly represent the CRCA in the “big” races. Just shift focus a bit.

Andy Shen

DA was having the B sample tested, so yes he was denying it. We talked him into not fighting it, and that it was leaking out helped pressure him. But the fact that it leaked is not cool. If he was actually innocent he should’ve been able to have the whole process be confidential, ’cause having an A sample overturned still makes people suspicious of you.

Luchino Grips

so then someone who is a usac official was passing it around (if only officials had that access). classy. guessing it was someone in our midst because otherwise why would they care?


So he took went to a wind tunnel, had the best gear, took epo and was prepared to lawyer up to fight something he actually did (with no possible financial gain) and two guys who draw a comic about an obscure sport talked him out of it?


He was going to fight it?! This guy was that big of a douche and you as teammates didn’t know (the douche part not the EPO).

For his coach not to know is damning of that coach’s abilities.

Noah Rim

“But the fact that it leaked is not cool.”

Andy, I think this is a funny statement, coming from you. You’d give your left nut to be able to scoop the “real journalists” using an anonymous source that was leaking something particularly juicy. You’d do it without hesitation. That is, unless the leak potentially made the team with which you seek to dominate a local park, look bad.

What’s the bigger surprise, some wealthy masters fattie doping with EPO, or the fact that he applied his USAC fitness to “win” a gran fondo?

Thank God we caught him now. He might have gone on to beat everyone to the first beer at Rosarito-Ensenada this fall (in Baja Ca. Mexico). He might cap it with an El Tour de Tucson “triple”.

You guys should be laughing at him, not angry. By taking this action, you guys are revealing the “Fred within”, because you’re not REALLY big-time. You have wanted SO badly to have a scandal like this so you can feel like the pros who’re actually annoyed by having to submit their blood and urine samples high and low. By doing this testing crap, you’re falling into the same ego trap that this retard has already fallen into. Why not reach your hand out, say “seriously? E fucking PO? For a gran fondo? And all drink a beer together at mcsorleys and have a good laugh.

Andy Shen

Actually if you dig down our twitter thread you’ll see me bitching about the fact that Frank Schleck’s A positive was leaked. But you already think I’m a douche so there’s probably no convincing you.


i don’t think you are a douche, andy. and dan needs help with his weekly prostate “exam”…

Noah Rim

Andy, you just slapped your own face trying to make me look meaner than I actually am. I just disagree with you, no need to call yourself names and attribute the statements to me, ok.

To me, having an EPO testing program for a local yocal club makes about as much sense as a non-racer buying a ten thousand dollar bike and putting on a yellow jersey every day. Live strong!

Milan Neck

Park racing is to pro racing as community theater is to Broadway. Those community players give up a lot of their free time and social engagements as well.

Joe deMunk

thnak you Andy for the honest and straight forward answer to my question… your answer, however, raises another for me so I appoligize for beating this dead horse but…

you say “DA was having the B sample tested, so yes he was denying it. We talked him into not fighting it”

did he decide just to “not fight it” or did he truly admit that he doped?”


mcsorleys? what are you from jersey? (sorry schmaltz). most of the Andy bashers are really starting to look pathetic. no wonder you arent posting your names. you’re really starting to have the opposite effect desired- you’re making Andy look really good.


I live in Jersey, I’m not FROM Jersey. A reference to Paul’s Big Game tavern would’ve been appropriate to me

Joe deMunk

top story on Pez Eurotrash Thursday…

“Top Story”

Two EPO Positives at New York Gran Fondo

Joe deMunk

I like PEZ, i think they offer a nice slant on the sport – racing yes but also touring – they usually stay clear of the doping topic but I guess it’s a slow week in EuroRacing

You don;t like them??

Joe deMunk

“wait–is David Anthony going to Rehab??”

he’s 2 year ban from racing under USA Cycling and 4 year ban from joining a CRCA club and/or racing in CRCA events right??

Verrochio Fork

Honest questions for Lisban Quintero: Are you really returning to competitive cycling? If so, why are you returning to competitive cycling? You were an ok Cat 1 while you were on PEDs. You had a glimpse of what you were capable of WHILE CHEATING and it took you to a level 98% of us will never see, yet still very far from being able to make a sound living on. Do you expect to exceed what you had accomplished previously, but clean, this time around? If that is the case science says you are in for a wake up call. If you are returning just to enjoy good, CLEAN local competition like most of us super freds are, than welcome back! Not a glamorous existence, but pure, simple fun to be able mix it up with our buddies!

Schiatuzzo Locknut

News Flash – Lisban can’t return to racing for at least another year, is not back on Foundation and likely wants to return to racing once his two year ban is up because he enjoys it and has many friends that race. He has been racing locally for a decade for CRCA teams like Foundation and Empire and non-CRCA teams like Mengoni.

Gianni Polished

till a buddy in Costa Rica sent me the link after reading about the DA story. They guy is being slammed on multiple continents.

Great reading, keep it up NYC

Baptiste Rubber Hood

…but lying directly to your friends, teammates and sponsors in the name of an ego boost isn’t? sorry, but “railing” on him using EPO and these “personal attacks” you speak of are one in the same. he made the decision to do it, and he did. thus, he is a scumbag.

Jasper Brifter

DA is no different than any other rules-breaking, scum-sucking, unethical and certainly-hypocritical cheater who gets caught lying to friends, family, teammates, competitors, regulators/officials, etc., and then – lamely – when caught, purports to “apologize” but only because he got caught! Not as a result of any genuine ethical conversion or awakening. What an insincere prick! He deserves to be hounded relentlessly right out the back of this sport and every-other Olympic-movement sport to ensure that after two years he has no interest in returning to competitive athletics. His kind are a cancer and a plague upon sport – and life.

Worse than DA though are all of the knob-polishers who blindly defended him against allegations of doping, just b/c said allegations were made anonymously! Idiots! lol. Sanctimonious, knob-polishing, racer-chaser, chamois-sniffing groupie idiots!

Enzo Dropout

Anonymous allegations aren’t inherently without merit, and I don’t know why they are assumed to be frivolous, as they have always been on this site. Catching people without any structured testing program just won’t happen–you’ll only catch the dumb that race out of town on the sauce where they actually do test, and unless people call out suspect or known to be dirty riders, nobody is every going to take note. Amateur racers know better than USADA when it comes to guys that blast off mid season, as they have better things to do than clean up a bunch of jackoffs “racing” circles around the park. Like it or not this site is kinda the clearing house for calling attention to those that should probably pee in a cup. Maybe you should do something with that instead of screaming where is the proof?! The easily obtainable proof is a positive test.

This situation is not all that common–random dude taking EPO as a cat 5,4,3, whatever, when compared to elite amateurs looking to either hang with the big boys or be competitive-the prevalence is far greater. It’s most likely a waste to test weekend warriors, where the real focus should be on the faster dudes. If you think about it, dope all you want to get to cat 2, but if they start testing with regularity once you get there, good luck racing as a 2 and moving up whilst clean when you probably had no right to be up there, especially amongst those that actually earned it the old-fashioned way–clean hard work.

Enzo Dropout

It is a sad state of affairs that success is met with suspicion in this sport, but that’s how it is now with pretty good reason. Whining won’t ever fix it, testing will.


Testing at local races makes sense. Testing at club races is dumb. It’s pretty easy to avoid joining CRCA. I’m not in it. I have no interest or time for marshaling duties, and I’ve no reason to race at 5:30 in the morning when there’s always something else to do. So, like national championships or bigger events where they may test, those guys will gravitate to other races. If the goal is simply to clean up CRCA it may make sense, but it’s just spreading the problem somewhere else. It’s the prospect of systematic and random testing that will clean guys up. And not random like winning the lottery random, as it is now.

Does it matter that guys cheat in club races…no not really. Small prizes. Little notoriety.

But it does matter on a larger scale. Folks around the country and world are talking about this now. NY guys dope for gran fondos. Even if that’s not entirely true, there’s your sound byte.

With the amount of racing and racers in NY this scene should be so much more productive than it is. Guys race too much. Don’t rest enough. There are guys racing 100 times a year. No wonder guys need help recovering. CRCA is the largest club in the country. There’s no reason it shouldn’t also produce world class cyclists. But that’s not happening and one can only blame it’s reactive leadership. You can not lead by simply following whatever trend there is at the moment. From the juniors on up the goal should be for crca members (and their sub teams) to excel regionally and nationally. But here again the conversation isn’t about how NYers look (and you folks are painting all NY region cyclists with the dumb brush right now..thanks) or how we can clean up our image in the sport, but how to make the freaking club races fair. They’re $10 training races. Get over yourself. There’s a wider problem, CRCA wields power, and there are people willing to throw money at it. Lead. Don’t clean up your stupid club and your early morning races. Work on looking at the bigger picture of NY cycling and support actually cleaning the sport up.


How are you going to sit there and attack a club for trying to become better. You almost make it sound like you have a vendetta against them. This club “the oldest club in the country” has every right to take THEIR funds and test THEIR riders, or whoever they want to test. At a minimum they are taking steps in the proper direction to curb the desire to dope in our sport. Kudos to CRCA for doing this, and hopefully other clubs will join in. then maybe there could be an organizational anti-doping pool in which it would be random riders at random events, but in no way should they be held responsible for testing all of new england.

Vincent Cogset

Dear DA,

My Labrador really needs some pep in his step. This is really hindering my training for these very important crack of dawn CRCA races – you know, all that carbon and lycra gets me so light headed just thinking about it.

Let me know if I can get the left overs (if any) for Fluffy. Call me at 1-877-752-9253, thanks your the best.


No vendetta. And not really intended in the way you took it. It just seems to elevate club races to way too high level of importance, and being the largest oldest best there exists an opportunity to lead. Other clubs aren’t going to test. They’re too small. This has to happen at the race level and perhaps by an independent foundation looking to clean things up. I’d rather see a guy caught at battenkill or Harlem than in a ten dollar cp race.


So the cost of entry for Battenkill per rider was not enough for testing at that event? How much do you think riders should pay next year to roll around in the dirt? 300.00 a head perhaps?

Hugo Internal Routing

Anyone ever hear of the Florida Clean Ride Fund? They are doing good work testing in their local community.

Joe Brennan

No, the Century Road Club of America and Saint Louis Wheelmen are tied for oldest clubs (1891). Century Road Club Association was established several years later.

Marco Seatmast

Great stuff from bikesnob
“Is there a huge difference between an amateur riding a $15,000 race bike, paying coaching fees equal to his rent, and spending inordinate amounts of time “training,” and actually taking that next step and using a banned substance? Not really. Once you’re that far gone it’s a pretty small step. Sure, doping is actually illegal whereas stupid upgrades are not, but once you’re that deluded it’s probably about as easy as it is for some people to fall into bed with someone who’s not their spouse. The amateur doper is simply committing adultery while the rest of the amateurs are constantly foffing off over porn and telling themselves it’s healthy behavior. “

monorchid conconi

I’ll have you know there are chiropractors and orthopedists who buy second homes on marinas with the money they earn spending realigning the spines and hips of habitual foffers. Especially if it’s always with the same hand.

Schiatuzzo Locknut

Basta has a good point – I think money spent on testing should be geared towards testing at open races organized by CRCA.

Rim Splenda

Dave Sommerville is the USA cyclIng official that turkedl DA and leaked the A sample positive.

Andy Shen

I spoke to Dave S it wasnt a malicious act. There’s a loophole in the USAC system that needs to be fixed.

Mohamed Polished

Does anyone know hom much it would actually cost to test one racer?

In local short track auto racing they have found an effective way to police themselves. You can pay a protest fee after the race if you think that someone is using illegal parts. That racers car is then inspected by race officials. If the racer is found to have cheated, he is disqualified and fined. If he is found to be within the rules, he is awarded the part of the protest fee as compensation his harrasment.
This would be really simple to incorporate into our races. Make the protest fee twice the cost of the test. If the rider is clean, he is awarded the difference. If not, use the balance to pay for random testing or donate it to the local juniors program. The cost of the protest fee would be a self-limiting factor to prevent abuse.
If someone is dominating and clearly performing beyond normal abilties ,several riders could join together and pool there resources to cover the fee.Instead of throwing around accusations, just put your money where your mouth is.

Just a thought!


Mathis Tigweld

Shouldn’t an official with access to confidential information keep that information confidential?

Schiatuzzo Locknut

Awesome. So it took Dave S. abusing his insider knowledge to get DA and the BH team to come “clean”?

Mad respect all around!

Mathis Tigweld

I’m guessing the positive test caused DA to come clean. a leak of confidential information is orthogonal to this.

Wout Rear Entry

The positive test had nothing to do with DA coming clean, it was simply an abuse of information DS was privileged to

Le Blaireau

If you really want to make testing effective, work at driving down the costs to actually administer the tests, and lower the number of tests. Further, drive down the costs by not testing randomly – winners/podium, and with targeted information.

What are some ways the club/teams could drive down testing costs and raise money to pay for them?
-Negotiate for bulk rate testing deals?
-Test only for targeted substances (skip the weed)
-‘At event’ only testing (no out of competition)
-Reg fee increases
-Lower prize $, more towards testing

I’m no expert on testing methodology and administration, and I’d like to hear some other opinions.

Benjamin Headbadge

Does a WADA/USADA rep have to administer the test? Is there someone locally that has the proper authority to administer the test and transport the sample? Does someone have to be flown into town from USADA to do this? Or is it just AVD asks you to peepee in a cup and then disappears with the results?

Gherardo Swage

Did leaking the positive make David S feel as important as DA did when he was getting the results? I hope so.


I think this will hurt his personal business. What a great choice DA. LOSER x 10

Cheat for a GF. What else would this dork cheat on?


Hello All,

I would like to clarify some aspects regarding any information involved with me simply “discovering” information during the course of normal duties as a USAC Official and Race Results Coordinator and thus further inquiring information from various sources.

As part of this normal duties posting results for events I am asked to regularly check the “No Authorized to ride” list on USAC of which I did while posting last weeks results.

This list is available for over hundreds if not thousands of Officials, hundreds of Race Results Coordinators, 1000+ Race Promoters and several other levels of USAC members to include Board Members and others. Would venture to say between 5-10%, possibly more, of the total USAC membership has access to the information which makes it as close to “public” knowledge.

USAC does not have a history of posting premature, false or incorrect information on suspensions or any other aspects of their membership. When someone or something is on this list there is a reason. The list is vague in details and it just lists names, dates and infractions.

I was amazed upon discovery of this information, which is equally as evident based on the hundreds of posts here about the subject, and wanted to know more information.

Its insinuated here that I “leaked” or took advantage (Abuse) of “privileged ” or “confidential” information regarding the David Anthony disciplinary suspension with direction towards malice or harm and this is not true.

I did inquire with several other Officials and my friends in the cycling world to see if they knew any additional information as I simply wanted to know more facts to be better informed.

As several days have transpired it has come to my attention that I was NOT THE FIRST PERSON to know this information locally and that other inquires were in motion too!

The “problem” is that there is a “potential” loophole in which was discovered in the system with regard to procedural rights of a “alleged” infraction. If the details are correct, USAC listed him as suspended and it should have not been listed until his actual USADA case was resolved.

I am also in the initial phases of working with USAC to help correct this “potential” error.

This effort is taken on my part as I fully respect and understand that individual athlete rights need to be addressed on all levels of sport.

Thanks for reading and understanding.

David Sommerville

Gabriel Steerer

thanks David. I guess putting all the words like discovering in quotations was tongue in cheek. Bottom line is you emailed this out to your friends so that you look cool. you are a douche for that.

Wouter Cable

DA took EPO….got caught…..decided not to fight it. End of story.

What kind of Omerta are we talking about here?


keeps getting longer…

DA’s so-called friends
Alex O
Mike McC.
David S

Who did I miss? Who’s next?

Milan Lube

“thanks David. I guess putting all the words like discovering in quotations was tongue in cheek. Bottom line is you emailed this out to your friends so that you look cool. you are a douche for that.”

Dude hold on. If DA had not been a lying fraud none of the following events would have happened. He cheated, was called out. Was forced to give an admission.

Dave was marked as suspicious for a while. You would have to have been deaf not to hear the rumors. The guy lost sight of reality. Someone on his team should have staged an intervention. Anyone that tries to defend him just looks ridiculous. Step outside the CRCA cocoon and read and listen to what the rest of the World thinks of this clown show. He embarrassed NYC racing. As for others rumored this is a wake up call. USADA is all over this. Don’t worry about internal testing. They will be here enough to make it redundant.

Mehdi Brifter

depressing as this story is, I’m glad it happened if it provides the catalyst for us to really start doing some testing at local events. let’s clean our community up!

Director of Common Sense

“I did inquire with several other Officials and my friends in the cycling world to see if they knew any additional information as I simply wanted to know more facts to be better informed.”

You’re a douche. You should be suspended too.


Sorry for the double post Andy. I accidentally posted in the hopeful friday thread.


DA got what he wanted…people know his name. Imagine, he’s doing interviews with the NY times. Sorry the dope sucked the fun out of the sport for you Davey. Oprah next?

The Lisban question is an interesting one though. As one of the stars of the local scene why didn’t Lisban’s positive test get met with the same ire. As Andy said we’ve rolled this thread into multiple pages and that’s never happened here before. Is it simply the nature of the substance. DA took EPO. Gold Standard stuff. Is it the time of year? A bit later in the season and guys are more tired and burnt out? NYVelocity simply have more anonymous watchers and thus more vitriol? Or is it that DA wasn’t a star? Sure local wannabes liked to pretend he was the real deal, but truth is he wasn’t really more than good. Is it that no one is surprised when a guy like Lisban gets popped, but a guy like David Anthony represents the common man and cheating in cat 4 and 3 races seems so much more egregious than doping at Basking Ridge.

Rinaldo Tank

“The sport is all-consuming; it’s not like weekend softball”

I’ve known ad agency softball team members who’ll scream at you on the subway ride home for missing a pop-fly. Likewise, I’ve met some real asshole bike racers.

I’ve bike raced without spending several thousands of dollars per month. David: It wasn’t the sport.

It was you. You chose your specific path within the sport. You were the all-consuming one.

David, I’m being very serious when I suggest you get yourself into some kind of addiction therapy, be it a shrink, 12-step program, expensive “treatment center”, what have you.

Mathieu Rubber Hood

How about DA (or any other doper) has to forfeit the bike he used in the race? Sell on eBay and donate $$ to charity. Race waiver will stipulate these (loss of) rights. Heck, maybe they have to leave their bike with the race organizer and can pick it back up when their doping tests clear. It’ll surely never pass legal muster, but boy, I’d love to watch these cheaters squirm…

Mathieu Rubber Hood

…or maybe the person who finished next behind the cheater gets the bike? Assuming he/she is clean. Boy, I’d love to watch that transfer!


DA is the biggest asshole, pussyface around
Mr. Shen seems to hold double standards, but has managed the crisis with some dignity
NYC amateur racing appears to be a big, over-financed joke (with all the type-A, business dicks playing their ego-fueled, little monopoly on wheels)
Some folks are out of bounds on this site (oddly enough, business-types)
BH-Comedy Central will never live this down (Foundation Mengoni appear to get a free pass)
DA is still the biggest asshole, pussyface around

Mario Tube

Lisban pulled a Sammy Sosa and forget how to speak english after he was popped. We thus lambasted Foundation (and still do) because we didn’t think he would be reading posts, or quite frankly giving a shit. LQ was relevant because he did steriods and won money ($5000 for Basking Ridge?)and got his Foundation stipend in return. We don’t hold as much of a grudge because we probably weren’t beating him without the juice anyway.
DA is different. Put your $2000 wheel argument away for a moment — what people do with their money is their fucking business. There is a line and DA crossed way over it. You want a coach, a $10k bike, a O2 tent, go spend your money. (i am a believer it supports the bike industry and therefore benefit me in some way). Drugs are way different and now I assume he beat me (you) because of it. Don’t give me this shit that these races don’t mean anything. Why the fuck else am I doing max intervals twice a week if that is the case. I need something to get me out of bed in the morning to train and winning a B race or 3/4 race is it. I don’t know how the fuck you wake up at 4:30am if these races mean nothing to you, but that is your business. So i suppose there are a lot of guys like me that lost to DA or had a race effected by DA is some way that was adverse to me being a reason for all the vitriol.


Yes, David S may have prematurely let out some Info he didn’t realize it was too early to release, but does that change the fact that DA tested positive for epo and admitted it was true? At this point, the only point in villifying DS seems to be to deflect from DAs actual, admitted guilt for cheating and lyIng

Noah Threadlock

DA and BH/Dopers Central are slim shady – DA and his team never would have come clean if reports of his doping were not leaking and CRCA board did not insist.

Way to be open and honest though!

Andy Shen

That’s just a lie. If you really want to know the truth there’s an email trail out there. And the board was totally blindsided, Rod was not happy with me for not giving him a heads up. Ask around and you’ll know.


So you were waiting to tell the board for what? Crafting a press release? Getting drug testing involved so you could spin it properly. Seriously, most of us are members and I for one am not happy about how BH handled this. You’ve made us all look bad.


Stop blaming Andy, BH team and their riders.

So far all we know is that DA did it on his own.
Andy is upset and his teammates are disappointed.

“The way BH handled”? I am sure they were more shocked than all of us outsiders, and did what they can while pursuing the truth. Put yourself in his shoes for one second.
Can you handle the pressure and disappointment the way he did and many of his teammate did?

If you are angry, write DA a letter. Tell him to his face, but stop accusing Andy. If it wasn’t for him or the site, you probably would have not found out anything about it much later.

Dylan Pulley

So because we found out about it on this site through Andy means it was handled correctly. Excellent!

Baptiste Rubber Hood

Please inform as to how this miserable situation could have been handled better. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


No, that’s not what I meant.
What does Andy or BH Team had to do with what DA did, if DA alone cheated?

You know what – tell me what you would have done if you were in Andy’s position?
Let’s hear it.

Ayoub Tigweld

Enough bashing Andy and Dan. They didn’t give DA the Peds. What more do you want. they feel like shit and he’s getting what he deserves. Give DA shit not these guys.

alan b

Sander Flange

If you don’t like the way things unfolded blame David Sommerville – not Andy or even really DA.

USADA has a process and Sommerville decided he wasn’t going to abide by that process. I don’t care what he says, if there was not a public announcement about a sanction then he should not have been emailing inquiries to anyone outside of USA CYCLING or USADA. It is absolutely his responsibility to abide by the rules and follow the process.

That process says that once an athlete is confirmed to having an adverse analytical finding everything is kept confidential and the athlete has ten days to accept their sanction – and if they don’t USADA goes public anyway. Ten days in which to do things like talk with their team, their sponsors, their club and whoever else the positive might effect.


Look, Rod represents the CRCA and thus me. If he’s unhappy with how BH handled it then so am I. Did I misinterpret what Andy wrote below? He’s the one that said the CRCA board was blindsided. Not me.

I blame DA more than anyone but if BH delayed telling the club than that deserves some blame too.

Andy Shen

I posted it here before telling Rod. I assumed he knew ’cause quite a few people already knew.


Beast who are you? What’s your name? You say you are a CRCA MEMBER but how do we know? You could be a not so bright, not so friendly dude who may not even know how to ride a bike.
If you really think someone wronged you, go to the next Crca board meeting and address it. Or pick up the phone and call Andy directly.


There are a number of dwelling possibilities that exist in the period of time between a week and forever. I’m proposing we dwell on it for a length of time that falls in there.

If anyone is actually pissed at BH for DA doping you’re taking yourself way too serious. Maybe Andy and Dan were consulting with their attorneys on and PR people on how this would effect the public image of the sponsors? Honestly. This rec league softball. CRCA found out. It should have been on DA to tell them. The relationship between a rider and their rec team is pretty loose and temporary. I’m not even sure everyone can name all the guys on their team. To hold guys responsible for stuff that is off the charts like this is too much. Yeah, make sure he wears the right kit with a CRCA logo. That he doesn’t curse at little kids in the kit. Put to start pointing fingers over drug offenses and who was told when is the kind of stuff that makes folks take their ball and go home. There are other ways to race and ride.


I suppose you have the insight to criticize Andy and BH of the protocol of handling the announcement, I hoe you have the decency to see that attacking them annonymously on such public site qualifies you as a hypocrite.

Hank Headset

It’s clear these guys did everything in their very limited power to get DA to confess asap when they heard the rumor of the positive A sample. He denied it initially. In less than a day, and after considerable pressure from the team to come clean (about what exactly, they didn’t know), DA issued his public statement, which came before the B sample test was even returned. For an amateur cycling team, that’s a pretty quick turnaround and straightforward handling of a bad situation. They didn’t remotely have the full story and yet they pressed for a complete and public admission, and said they’d publicize it themselves if DA didn’t come out with it. I guess he saw the writing on the wall and spared us all the discomfort of a Lance situation, by continuing to deny it. But BH gets credit for putting the heat on him to fess up.

These guys, particularly Andy, got screwed by DA. Newsflash: a guy who will cheat all his buddies at amateur bike racing will also hang them out to dry when word of his cheating gets out. No surprise there. Why don’t we stick to blaming the asshole who cheated, instead of the friends and teammates he screwed over?

Also, IMO David Sommerville was within his rights to inquire about what he saw on USA Cycling. That’s not private health information — it’s a quasi public list of cyclists who aren’t authorized to race. Don’t want to have your drug test positives posted to USA Cycling? Don’t join or don’t dope! Again, let’s blame the cheater here, not the people who were put in the very awkward position of deciding on the fly what to do when they heard a local rider had a positive A sample. If DA hadn’t confessed and/or the B sample had come back negative, people here would be trashing all of those who moved on the information of the A sample, saying they interfered with due process etc.

Again: a bunch of good folks were screwed over by a guy who cheated. Everyone can widen the circle of blame out as far as they want (I’m waiting for the columnist who blames all male racing cyclists for DA’s actions), but I’m going to confine my blame to the actual cheater.


I heard David Anthony of BH got busted for EPO. Is this true? I still can’t believe it. The guy trains like no other and has the best in carbon technology.


Yea, I blame Zipp wheels for getting amateur cyclists hooked on performance enhancement technology.


Damn those Zipp dimples. I knew it made that fraction of a difference in the wind tunnel. I wonder when Zipp will come out with dimpled syringes. Every second counts.


Less time spent shooting up means more time in the altitude tent = more time to screw your teammates and racing community!


Dan an Andy…Dandy treat the drug issue as fodder for their trite and inconsistent musings while bottom feeding off of the traffic they stir up. Kind of like bike snob while the same shit is going on in their own make believe world. They then handle it like the lightweight jokers which they portray themselves to be.

Rim Splenda

Interesting post Hank Headset. So it okay to leak confidential info and subvert the rules as long as the guy was guilty? I see. Sort of like the end justifies the means, right ?

Good thing he actually did it. Not so good if he did not.

Mathis Clearcoat

All this circular firing squad and sniping still going on here while one of our own competes in the frickin olympics, and races like a champ. She made me incredibly proud today – to have known her, for this thing of ours on the park, and for our country

Hank Headset

Is it really in the rules that no USA Cycling official is supposed to acknowledge or discuss word of a positive doping violation? I don’t know. I do know that the USA Cycling site didn’t say it was only an A sample test — it said that a rider has been suspended for drugs. Period. It turned out that was because Anthony had voluntarily agreed not to compete until the B sample came back. There was no way for Sommerville or anyone else to know that — all they saw was: rider suspended/drugs. A reasonable person could infer from that that the B sample had been confirmed. Not speaking for the guy, but in general, I’m going to round up in favor of the people who got thrown into this mess involuntarily and who were rightly shocked that a local Cat 2 or 3 would be doping and doing their best to make sense of it. I’m going to hold the doper responsible, on the other hand, for putting these people in very difficult positions.

Noah Rim

Just an opinion, but you guys take yourselves a bit too seriously. A doper on a world tour team means a team in jeopardy. A doper on a CRCA club team means a wealthy Fred going up and down a hill in Harlem.

It’s just hobby bike racing, guys!

Noah Rim

If this were the 1950s, and we were all playing “combat”, you guys would show up with real tommy guns and bazookas. Like I said… Too serious.

Rim Splenda


Yes it is in the rules. The A results are communicated from USADA to USA Cycling, the USOC and WADA, all of whome are not allowed to make it public. Actually not just until the B but until all proceedings including appeals are complete. Emailing outside of any of these organizations is yes, leaking it and making it public.

One thing that is interesting is that USADA has a strict policy that says athletes are completely responsible to know if any supplement they take have any banned substances, whether it is listed in the ingediants or not. But this official, somehow gets a pass in your thinking because he did not know the rules. He took a screen shot of a page that only USA cycling officials have access to and emailed it to the owner of the guys team. His defense? I didn’t know the rules and a lot of other USA cycling officials also had access to it. Well none of them emailed the owner of the team. He alone did.

His other defense? Other people already knew. Really? Yet Rod Millot the president of
The CRCA didn’t?

Rim Splenda


My bigger point? My guess is that you probably know Sommerville personally and give him a little leeway based on that. Kind of like the folks who acknowledge that they are not down with DA’s doping but also acknowledge the other aspects of their relationship with him.

Hank Headset

Never met Sommerville and have no connection to him. If the posts below are correct, sounds like he shouldn’t have emailed the screenshot. Maybe he made a bit of a bonehead move, but the guy’s a bike racing official, not a member of the CIA.

My bigger point is that a few splenetic posters seem to want to exact their revenge on various perceived rivals by linking them with DA’s doping. I’m going to stick to blaming the guy who doped, and I have sympathy for the people he screwed over.


What about his friends and girlfriend? Dude traveled to races and training camps all over with teammates – including Bermuda – and its one thing to hide your porn, but how do you hide your syringes??? Others must have known…and they are almost as guilty – the taint smells all over the place..

Veteran Observer



“Anthony said he used drugs to maintain his social standing within the local racing scene and on his BH-Comedy Central amateur team.

“It wasn’t for money, and it wasn’t for winning,” said Anthony, a three-time winner of the Tour of the Battenkill race in upstate New York. “It was about being relevant in the group, which was pretty addicting.”

Anthony, who began racing in 2009, said he had recently upgraded to the amateur category 2 — one step below the highest amateur category. A former cigarette smoker, he said bicycle racing quickly took over his life. He trained 16 to 20 hours a week and spent several thousand dollars each month on race entry fees and transportation to events. He also slept in a $4,000 hypoxic altitude tent, which pro cyclists commonly use to legally increase the production of red blood cells.

“The sport is all-consuming; it’s not like weekend softball,” he said. “I was only involved in it for four years, and it took over most of my energy.”


Veteran Observer

“several thousand dollars each month on race entry fees and transportation to events.”

Limo there and back, penthouse suite at each event and four course meals all the way


I could just see if I asked my wife if I could buy an altitude tent for park races. No wonder the guy is single.

gorgeous george

if you look at his race resume, you can see that he targeted the out of town races- Bear, Battenkill, Capital Regions, etc…


I just got my first set of carbon wheels (with carbon braking surfaces too!), should I be worried that I’m going to be doping soon? I don’t have electronic shifting yet.


His race resume is a joke.


Is the the code you cuties used to mean you were ‘preparing’ for a race.

Dino Limit Screw

Some of you cyclists need to target elementary reading, spelling and grammar.


Grammar Police

gorgeous george

if you try hard enough, you can belittle most any “hobby”. whether you do or not publically depends on the state of your self esteem. you don’t really gain anything from doing it other than the satisfaction of knowing that you just belittled someone. FYI, targeting means he singled the race out and doped to win it. it’s really that simple- or maybe your just a moran…

Gaetan Saddlesore

” I will work with USADA and racing clubs to educate cyclists about the dangers for those racers tempted to begin doping”

WTF!! This is the definition of disgrace. David Anthony will never understand: You got caught, you didn’t confess. You are the problem, not the solution. What an ass.

Mateo Internal Routing

I’m furious with what DA did, but this is the first sign that he’s taking responsibility for his actions and not playing the victim. It’s good that he’s been in touch with USADA too–hopefully he has indeed been forthcoming with them. I’m bracing myself for the fuller accounting that he says is on the way tho.

Elias Crank

The USADA ban only nullifies results from the Gran Fondo on, so it seems he hasn’t been fully forthcoming. He didn’t give the NY Times dates either. Hopefully he will be open and honest when and if he gives that fuller accounting.

Forese Dropout

Does any NY times reader not already on this site care about this story? Sounds like he is still an attention whore….

This story is really tired and sad..

Matteo Rivnut

I doped to win the mud pit dance contest at the last Phish concert. Should my results be nulified?

Mateo Internal Routing

Agreed that it’s tired and sad. BUT, people on this message board have basically been screaming for more details and more info (me included), so I don’t mind the update.


Is DA going to give Andrew that bottle of chocolate milk from Battenkill that is so rightfully his?

Oscar Wilde

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”

Hey DA – when you’re ready – make a full statement, give a complete accounting, apologize and disappear again for awhile. Please also get some professional help – a really good psychologist.

It appears that you realize that your behavior was pathological. Well, I hate to break it to you, BUT getting caught and owning up to it does not cure you. That is, maybe, the very first baby step in a long road for you to be able to interact with other people with empathy, compassion and true caring. These are all concepts apparently quite foreign to you. I think you almost understand that much of the local cycling community (and even beyond) are really angry at you. Part of the reason for our anger is that you cheated, and in the process abused our trust and demonstrated a complete lack of respect for us.

We feel ‘duped’ – you held yourself out there as someone special, deserving of praise, when all along you were deceiving us. You were duplicitous in the way grand egos lose a complete sense of reality. No doubt, you can be engaging and charming as many charlatans are – PT Barnum, Bernie Madoff, Barry Minkow or Eddie Antar (you can Google the last two).

It does not impress us that you have spoken to Travis Tygart, or Andy Shen or anyone for that matter. We don’t care if you are now, less than one week after your revelations, going to serve as the great savior for all other ‘closet dopers’. For everyone’s sake, please don’t continue to torment us…we’ve had enough already.


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Crank Tigweld

Many here have demanded details. He does not owe anything more to you or USADA than to accept his sanction. That’s what every other local positive has done.

Crank Tigweld

Right Wild…similar to the type that writes long anonymous diatribes on message boards and then innsesintly hits refresh to see if there’s been any responses.

Gianni Neck

Is it me or does this dude look completely different in every single photo? I have seen pictures that look 25 years different in age, differing races, varying hairstyles, etc… Did EPO turn him into the T-1000?


In addition to the drugs, there is a portrait in his attic in which he looks to be 150 years old

Marchionne Brifter

According to current anti doping rules a positive A sample results in a “provisional” suspension. In the past it was up to the riders discretion to accept the provisional, or wait for the B sample analysis. The anti doping rules, and the minute specifics, change every year.

DA had “accepted” his provisional suspension. Did he speak with his team before they were informed of his suspension by other parties? The issue here is not the “leaking” of information, it is continued deception on the part of DA. DA was apparently listed as suspended on the USAC website, if there is truly a problem of leaked information/privacy, it should be addressed to USAC, not a local official who was doing his job.

Euro Trash

DA: What makes you think you get to decide what the “right” questions are and if some people are being too rude on you?

You fucked up. Big time. You stole victories from honest people who were working their asses off to win. And who knows for how long you have been doing this?

You don’t get a fucking medal for admitting that you cheated. You get what you deserve.

And please stay the fuck away from USADA. Like you are now some hacker getting a job at IBM. Fuck you and fuck your attempt to be some kind of clean wiseguy afterwards. You wouldn’t have say a damn thing have you not been caught. There’s nothing noble about that. Stay away from cycling.

Simone Chainsuck dope for fun tours

my broken leg, my obsession, my cheating to be the best cyclist who no body could less about. Dude your joke and give a very bad name to our local cycling. To think who dopped for a fun tour, like NYGF you have some real issues dude!Thats not even race?!!!!

Rinaldo Tank

Mr Anthony,

You must have had some advice on dosage, and along with that, blood monitoring. You didn’t end up dead, so someone helped keep you alive while you did this. Who helped you? Explain this stuff in vivid, FULL detail.

You DID NOT do this alone. Stop saying that. You own your part, and that’s a really big part (and this statement in no way minimizes what you’ve done). But nothing gets solved along the way until a busted doper reveals the name of the cancer that is willing to break the chain of custody for controlled substances. We need to go after the medical or pharmacy licenses of these people. This stuff isn’t produced by hillbillies with a still in Kentucky.

We’re not looking for an adequate amount of sorry and shame. We’re looking to eliminate the enablers of this. These people aren’t “everywhere”. They’re a fairly small group of people. Help us eradicate this problem. Putting your head between your knees now will not solve anything. And please, please don’t say “no comment” because USADA told you to do so.

Rinaldo Tank

Remember David, Tyler helped no one. Big deal, he admitted he did it. Big deal, he threw LA under the bus. But he keeps saying that he doesn’t want to bring hurt to any more lives. And that’s BS. He’s taking the proverbial bullet. But the buck didn’t stop with him.

Same goes for Landis. He’s willing to mention his first doping mentor, Lance Armstrong, but remember, he parted ways with Lance long before he got popped (just like Tyler). And he has not identified his suppliers. He kinda-sorta threw Allen Lim under the bus, but not in great detail. And yes, Floyd Fans, the same Allen Lim who is currently employed by Vaughters.

David, please don’t just sit on this and cower. Face it. Blow the mutherfucker up. Throw everyone under the bus. Bust it mutherfukcing-wide-fucking-open. Spare no one. Because eventually, some day, someone needs to go 100% totally public and let every chip fall where it may. Not one doper has done this yet.

Believe it or not, your admission is one of the most comprehensive I’ve seen from such a new case. But it’s not anywhere useful enough.

If it ain’t broke, break it. Break it David.

Nicolas Rivnut

nyvelocity – please find a new ‘scoop” for this spot – it’s old, it’s tired and until something actionable arises with regard you are only providing more fuel for this guys ego – NEW TOPIC PLEASE


You really can post in some other thread. There’s a bunch. Unless you’re saying you really can’t control yourself…which was kind of DA’s problem.

M. Vinnicomb

So the guy who was willing to dope himself like a top pro (and risk his own mortality) to boost his own ego & “social racing status” and win cat 4 races, is now willing to become a guiding light in the fight against doping since he’s been caught.
Well it seems to me that the same limelight seeking ego is alive & well, now just moved over to another avenue. Hey everyone, look at me! I win races. Hey everyone, look at me! I got busted doping (but you all want to know every dirty detail)!
Maybe nyvelocity and all it’s readers should let this guy drift out to sea. Personally, I dont want to hear anymore about this. There’s already enough info out there, we don’t need to hear about bush-league dopers with monster egos. The 15 minutes are up.

Sandy Vagine

Your pissed when dopers don’t speak up. Now your pissed when they do. Nothing changes if this just goes away. Houston, we have a fucking problem here. What is done is done and if USADA wants to work with DA, then hopefully something positive (pun intended) can come out of it.

Gaetan Crank

This story would make a great episode on the CNBC show “American Greed” busting everyone from the doctors, labs, down to pseudo cyclists taking this crap. Ratings would go through the roof.

M. Vinnicomb

enough dopes have spoken up to know how & why it happens. I’m not pissed, just bored. It’s a boring old story with the same driving motivation. I’m not pissed, I just don’t care anymore. Why drive this guys ego with more acknowledgement?
See you next week nyvelocity.

CRCA Director of Closed Racing

In an effort to offer climbers an opportunity for more success in select club events, CRCA will introduce a new feature in Central Park races by introducing an Hors Category finishing climb. After completing the number of laps for their respective fields, racers will then attempt to ascend David Anthony’s ego.

Mathis Ceramic

This David Anthony guy has been cheating his whole life, and he just got caught, again, darnit. He’s gotten caught so many times, he doesn’t even use his real name any longer. David Anthony isn’t a real fucking name. Had he served, any half assed drill instructor would have caught that pansy ‘David Anthony’ bullshit the first fucking minute and marched his dumb ass right over to personnel and figured that shit out immediately. David Anthony? What bullshit. I’m shocked you all are so gullible, getting taken by a load of bullshit that a dumb georgia cracker sargent would have picked up in two seconds.

Look at the whole picture. Is ‘David’ working, contributing to society in some way? No. He probably stole the code and intellectual property he used to start his ‘business’ in ‘imaging’ with, or paid the person who created it nothing while destroying him or her. Doubt me? Really? Ask fucking David jerkoff to name his business, his credentials, and his expertise.

Look at the whole picture. Does ‘David’ have a family? No. He probably cheated on everyone he’s ever been close to, female or male, looking for a way to take advantage of them and use them. What was the last serious relationship that fucker had and how long did it last?

Look at the whole picture. Has ‘David’ ever volunteered for anything? Military? Charity? Soup Kitchen? No. He spent all his time pursuing goals that would make him feel good, and cheating to do it, on a carbon jerkoff machine, clothed in spandex. What a pussy.

Look at the whole picture. Is ‘David’ educated, did he obtain that education himself, or did he join a frat and crib notes from everyone? You know he cheated his way thru school, all the way.

If the answers disturb you, then don’t ask the fucking question, spud nuts. The guy is a dangerous combination, a person to be pitied, but one who’ll take advantage of that pity to advance himself, instantly. As a vet who has put his ass on the line personally and knows a thing or two about honor, I can tell you this DA character is a dangerous combination.

‘David’ should put himself to work in service of persons less fortunate than himself, for the rest of his life, and make frequent and generous donations to charities from his city or state or federal salary, so he can see the human wreckage he and people like himself are responsible for, every fucking day. Go fuck yourself, DA, and all your fucking asshole elitist friends can go fuck themselves, too. Want to impress me? Donate your savings to charity, live on a loaf of bread a week and a can of soup a day for two years, get a government job, and donate a third of your salary to charity, and then race.

What a fucking jerkoff, cheating with pharmaceuticals to win a local race. Where have all the tough guys gone?


You are all a bunch of fucking pussies.

Your former boss

If you so tough and if you are that confident in what you know, why don’t you make your statement using your real name?

for real

all prospective dopers have to do to realize the futility of doping is look to Schmalz. he’s the number 1 ranked rider is all of NJ without the juice.

Wouter Cable

Why is everyone so bent out of shape about a guy putting drugs in his own body but no one seems to care when people ride like a@@holes in a way that could kill someone?

Mr Ed

Ror those of you looking for a cheaper way to get the benefits of EPO, or are just too much of a wuss to inject yourself, here’s the product I endorse — http://www.epoequine.com
No reason it shouldn’t work for you too.

Who does not belong in the list: Contador, DA, Schleck, Foundation, or Armstrong?:

Veteran Observer

The idea that DA doped ‘all on is own’ is BS.

Anyone who believes this line of shit is a fool.

He knows who assisted him;

He knows the names of those who supplied him;

He knows and they know where the origin of the EPO came from;

He knows and they know how and when it was administered, in what doses and at what intervals;

He knows and they know a hell of a lot MORE than he’s pretending;

Why does he keep saying, incessantly that he “did it alone”?

Because he’s PROTECTING a circle of DOPERS, SUPPLIERS and COACHES who are in on this entire lie – OMERTA, pure and simple.

Tom Headbadge


Some time ago I overheard that David Anthony bought into the ownership of this website. Is this true? Is he a part owner of NYVelocity.com?

Killian Brazeon

DA will cooperate with USADA, give the name of his supplier, have his suspension reduced by a half, and be racing next July. Happy?

Andy Shen

DA thought about buying into the site years ago but wisely decided against it. We’re hopeless at making money with this site.

DA told me he’ll never race again. Any reduction in his suspension will be irrelevant.


Andy and Dan,

Since we’re in the mode of full disclosure, who does have an ownership interest in this site?

Diego Threadlock

And here we all thought you were independently wealthy gentlemen cyclists.

Dont shatter the illusion!


AlexO is wealthy. All those nyvc riders pay him monthly dues which more than cover coaching fees, they pay for their own kits and race fees, and than theres a few thousnd from siggis and other sponsors that goes where? But whos counting…

Diego Threadlock

I bet Alex has enough left over after the bountiful harvest that is the nyvc team program to go out and buy a bowl of Ramen. Maybe.

It's not about the doping

I am not a religious person in the popular manner though I have faith.
I understand people in this country looooove to assert their god’s influence and the teachings.
“God bless America” this and that, in every occasion possible, as if you are the special ones.
And a very strong sense of Christianity exists on this land(well, ok, among other faiths especially in NYC area)
You guys loooove to shop at Christmas, too.

Isn’t one of the fundamental teachings about hating the crime and not the person?

You all need to go back to your cave to rewire your beliefs or lighten up – not a little but a ton.
Take yourself seriously somewhere else that matters more. Put that anger into a something useful.

You are beginning to sound funny and neurotic, just like your so called God. Look yourself in the mirror. See? You are not special, you are no saint either.

Torquewrench McGillicutty

Man, the quality of users on this site has really dropped in the past few years. Chapeau to Dan and Andy for dealing with all you vultures on a daily basis

Thomas Seatpost

yes NYVC team, publish those financials god damnit! @TaxMan, people OWE it to you, the anonymous website comment guy. everyone is OWED an explanation from andy and dan about DA; everyone is OWED the true story from DA; everyone is OWED their 30th (instead of 31st) place result. go audit something in your own posterior.

Eric Ragot

1. I am friends with David
2. I have access to more information than David
3. All the USAC site gives to us is that David Anthony received a disciplinary suspension for 2 years. There is no mention of doping.
4. Now if you’re halfway intelligent, you put two and two together to deduce that there was a doping violation.
5. Inquiring about why someone was disciplined (a public thing actually) isn’t leaking any information.

You are all way over the top on this issue. no rules have been broken, secrets betrayed or code of officialdom.

Now can we talk about the olympics and doping?

Forese Dropout

Adler jokes (see 2007)
CJIA bacon and fart jokes
Prensky Cross reports
the Hungry Cyclist
Harris setting an hour record or some shit at Kissena
reading about Wilson “big Mengoni” sprint dominance
Dan’s never ending dissapointment at the Jiminy Peak RR

I think this site stopped being fun in 2009

Forese Dropout

Bonus to that video is Littlefield talking about his 2 cat 4 wins.. What happened to that guy and the Razorfish team / TeaNY

Pedal wrench

FGX. a few guys left Teany and joined Sixcycle. Etsu grabbed a few guys from FGX, their title sponsor, and merged it with Teany. Old FGX is now new and Dingos.


@jockstrap, yes and you’ll also become attracted to other horses. You won’t need your bike anymore though.

Lucas Brazeon

Its possible you’ll slam on brakes in middle of horse shit alley while at full gallop (pun intended) in order to sniff the ground for some fresh hay. Be careful out there.

Domenico Dropout

“One thing that you will not see in my accounting, however, is a roadmap for how I doped–the last thing I want is to provide guidance on how to go down this destructive path.”

Clearly DA just doesn’t understand. It’s not the mechanics of how to dope that keeps the rest of us from not doping, it’s that we don’t have that mental defect that causes us to cheat.

I’m sure with a few hours on the internet finding the right forums and blogs we could all come up with clear instructions on how to dope. That’s the easy part, but actually taking that step requires a lack of a moral compass.

“During my two-year suspension from racing, I will work with USADA and racing clubs to educate cyclists about the dangers for those racers tempted to begin doping, as well as a pathway out for those who want to break free of the same destructive cycle that I allowed myself to slip into.”

What an arrogant twat! What qualifies him to talk about a pathway out for dopers when his pathway out was to get busted at a Grand Fondo!

DA doped because he has deep seated psychological issues that he needs to address. He’s the one that needs the education. Him ‘educating cyclists’ on the dangers of doping is a joke.

Tom Ziptie

Normally I am not loving the long posts but that was a good one. Now, can we get back to racing, fun riding and articles from Dan and Andy and having fun in our scene. C’mon guys.


It’s interesting that there seems to be more outrage at DA then LA. Somehow it’s more personal. If you ask me they are both crooks. Lance is the Bernie Madoff of dopers.

Bernie Maddoff

Hey Guys,

Bernie here. Man! It’s been crazy reading all these comments! I mean it’s petty crazy I can read them all from prison, but they let us have a few hours of Internet time each week. Nice, right? Anyways, I’d really appreciate it if you don’t compare my cheating to a dopers cheating. Mine took a lot more intelligence. I had offshore accounts. Charts, graphs, algorithms, all that financey stuff. It was some super braniac business I had going on. Plus, I got rich. Mega-rich. This guy sounds like he spent a little too much money on things that don’t matter at all, and could actually kill you. Sounds like a lose-lose to me. I’m more of an all-in kinda guy. Well I gotta log off and get back to the cell. Stay clean!

Thanks homies!


George K

Even on EPO you still suck.
Next time you come to Philly, I’ll give you a good old fashioned ass kicking through the hills of manayunk!



Does anyone have any opinions or Robert Forstemanns legs. As in do you find that sexually attractive?
But, really are there any EDUCATED opinions as to whether that is humanly possible without the use of drugs. The muscles look to big for the human bone structure to support.
It seems so blatant I don’t know how he wouldn’t have gotten busted.

Bernardi Cable

“The objective reality is that it is an extremely empty and damaging experience all around.”

Oh so we’re supposed to feel sorry for you over your terrible ordeal?


Well, it’s hit Velonews…. DA doesnt paint a very good picture of himself. Trying to fight it initially and thinking he would get away with it. I’m sorry i ever shared a race result sheet with this guy.


DA was using HGH from an anti-aging clinic AS A CAT 4!!!!!!

It’s looks like the comments in the original DA thread about anti-aging clinics were right. How many cat 4’s are hitting the HGH?

USAC doesn’t care and doesn’t want to know. It hurts their business.

Lorenzo Tarmac

I have a lot of respect for DA for this article, probably took a lot of courage to own up to it like this. He’s got to be a first in that sense.

Tom Drainhole

Read the VeloNews article and it is really pathetic and madenning. This guy isn’t sorry for anything and nobody should be fooled into thinking that he is. I foresee a lot more media appearances and potentially a book out of this. Don’t give this shithead any further recognition (and that includes NYVelocity). I personally have seen enough here. He cheated us. He got caught. DON’T let him win.


That’s cuz Lisbon is still working in the industry…. Who in their right mind would support the shop that employs him!?

Luca Limit Screw

…I thought he was suppose to give NY Velocity the scoop?

Is he still your guys’ friend or what?

Jules Lube

mate – you’re a cheat. Pure and simple. Just like every other cheat that’s used anything that enhances performance illegally. Every time you people enter a race or event you are stealing from those who have given blood, sweat and tears to honestly fulfill their potential. I spend hours away from my family training as hard as I can so that someone like you can cheat your way past me on the race course? No my friend – there is nothing you can say or do to change the fact that you are a dirty cheat. You and all like you should be banned from the sport permanently.


I just read the VN article on David Anthony today and all I could think was how doping at this level is just pathetic. I raced for 16 years and after watching a masters national championship ride up the road to a doper in my last year of racing, I couldn’t believe someone would cheat my sport like that. I can see doping to win the Tour or stay a competitive pro as justifiable but to do it to win a Cat 3 race?! If you’re in an oxygen tent and doing HGH to win a Cat 4 crit, news flash, you have zero ability. That’s where you have to look yourself in the mirror and realize you’re a poser and stick to the 30 mile Saturday morning club ride. It makes me sick to think that I used to train 20k miles a year back in the 90’s just to get kicked around in pro races and THEN realize I didn’t have the talent to be a pro. All of you Cat 3 masters racers with a checking account that cheat need to get a grip. You are cheating just to be average! And if you’re above average and winning you’re just taking prize money away from people with talent who actually deserve it! Save your drug/coaching/SRM money and by just buy a more expensive bike to support the industry so kids with talent get get sponsorships.

Blunder Butt

He is a cheat but I kind of respect him for going national with VN to give the scoop and not NYVC (although he owed them an interview). I just wish he added one line appologizing to everyone he raced against, trained with and took from. Beyond that he does seem sorry and realizes he is off the deep end and the sport that once gave him so much joy is now forever dark to him. He does not say whether or not he will be back… I am guessing he will. Most come back, they cant stay away…

Finally, I dont think you can say that he did not work hard at the sport. Sounds like he was more dedicated than most, and that is the problem. His personality did not provide a moral boundary to make him stop beyond the normal craziness of coaching, tents, training gear and nutrition. This sport attracts nuts, some just crazier than others.


A middle-aged obsessive and misguided soul now in confessional mode. And his racing club that is adamantly anti-doping and has made a name for itself nationally — if not globally — for ripping into the scourge of doping at every level of the sport. Except this one directly in its midst. Nice work.

Pedal wrench

being male and single in your 40’s means that you are a loser? Social misfit? Wtf kind of world do you all live in? Please leave the otherwise liberal state called NY and join the Tea party please.


While that would be awesome, I don’t think these guys can take it as much as they dish it out.


These articles just make things look even worse. First he supplied photos of himself for the article?! Still seeking attention clearly. Worried he might get dropped from BH without results?!! That’s bad PR for BH. Hiring an expert to fight the A positive. Sounds like he was only willing to take the suspension because he broke his leg and was going to be out of competition for awhile. Quick jumps in performance but everyone tries to tell me his coach had no idea. Damning for that coach.

All I can say is wow at this point. He’ll probably doing a big interview for NYVC too. He’s probably out getting professional head shots done right now for that.

Gaetan Saddlesore

Those that think DA has any courage, please think again. This guy is in Velonews for EXACTLY the same reasons he was doping.

You think he’s a first, blah… Joe Papp has given expert testimony and blah blah blah, Papp is also a total f*cking disgrace.

DA missed the point of it all. So utterly completely missed the point. What a shame.

Not to mention, bypassing NYVelocity for any kind of interview or scoop, that is the way this idiot operates, himself always first.

Over and out.

Lucas Post

“Who’s his coach?” Its obviously HIS fault for not spending 100% of his time with him. let’s be real, guys. coaches assign workouts, look at comments and progress and assign more workouts based on that. how the hell is a coach supposed to know someone isn’t a natural talent who is training like crazy? his team didn’t know, his coach didn’t know, his best friends didn’t know, etc etc. get over it, he’s a good liar and lied to everyone. and continues to lie. CAN WE STOP GIVING HIM ATTENTION NOW?!?!?!?!?!

Andy Shen

“While that would be awesome, I don’t think these guys can take it as much as they dish it out.”

We let you bash us anonymously nonstop on our own site. How much better can we be at taking it?

Dr. Ferrari

not sorry he’s a cheater. He’d still be on the sauce if he didn’t pop. Notice how there’s no mention of HGH in his first statement. According to the statement, he tested positive for EPO. He didn’t say he took it, just tested positive. Spin away, and go away. I’m done listening to this asshat.

Andy Shen

Nope, ain’t gonna happen. You think it’ll be awesome, I think it’ll be super lame. Nothing’s stopping you from satirizing us however you choose though.


Seriously guys you sound like congress with all your over the top outrage. Oh no you were ROBBED of your 3rd place in a cat 3 race! If it matters that much to you get a life. Seriously this guy did something wrong but it’s not even as bad as some of you guys that don’t know how to hold a line and crash other folks out. I mean if you were legit losing money or whatever over it I might even listen but you guys are just doing something that’s supposed to be for the enjoyment of it. As for park drug testing, I’d really rather be able to smoke a doob without worrying about it coming up in a drug test than worry about catching people that are spending thousands of bucks to beat other mediocre riders. I mean the truth is there are a lot of people who will beat you clean if this guy was able to beat you dirty. His results weren’t that great. Take it down a notch and enjoy the summer riding. Andy and nyvelocity folks you’re doing a good job just remember it’s not that serious, anyone who “suspects” some central park rider of doping based on their results needs to take off their tinfoil hats.

Robin Clamp

“It’s one thing, you’re off on your own, shooting up some drugs, winning Cat. 3 races,” he said. “It’s another thing to tell people you’ve known, known for years, a lie.”

Um, no it’s not, idiot! Did you not talk training with your buds who thought you were so “relevant?” And when you did so, did you mention that your power improved dramatically when you started flying to fucking Mexico to get EPO, which you were balancing out with HGH? No, you didn’t. That’s almost EXACTLY the same as telling the people you’ve known for years a lie.

You didn’t avoid being “that guy” by telling the truth. You ARE THAT GUY!

Snoop Lion

i smoke two joints before i smoke two joints, and then i smoke two more.

will that be a problem for crca?

Ronde von Mullet

FACT: David Sommerville should ALWAYS be vilified; just because he doesn’t go away, like syphilis before anti-biotics, doesn’t disguise the embarrassment this clown has caused humanity since the goddamn bus from Kentucky or wherever the hell he’s from broke down. I’d say the man himself should be ashamed but everyone knows the guy is the definition of shameless (and an incurable attention whore).

Keano Saddlesore

Why are people out for blood weeks after the news coming out?

Here’s why DA doping bothers you. DA was one of us. He’s white. He’s old. He was slow. He was destined to be 1/2/3 packfill. That’s 99% of NYVelocity readership.

Bunde, Lisban, Papp, Floyd, etc. I never knew what it was like to be young, fast, talented. I was never good enough to need the extra 5 to 10% through drugs. I always could have rode more miles, done more sprints, climbed more hills, spent more time on the TT bike, pushed away from cheese fries. David Anthony I can relate to. He was in my race. I thought he was in my league. I thought we would trade places for 15th – 18th for the next few years. We did 30 – 50 park races together side by side. Then he got better, faster and won races. That’s why it stings so much. That’s why it bothers me weeks after I found out.


I just keep tryin’ ta get a little better
Said a little better than before

I used ta do a little but a little wouldn’t do
So the little got more and more


I don’t know what is more pathetic, some 40+ guy doping to chase his Walter MItty bike racer dreams or some of the ridiculous soapbox moralizing and vicious commentary I’m reading here from all these other idiots after the guy makes an open apology. I’m not sure what else he can do. It wouldn’t matter of course.

Maybe some of you clowns can burn him at the stake. I’ll bring the marshmallows.

I take it back, I DO know what is more pathetic here, and astonishingly enough, it’s not the doper. Well done.

Ethan Dropout

just read the VN article. what strikes me most is with the gear, the tent, the coach, the time to train, etc…, AND the dope his results really weren’t that good. pretty much no results in races that take savvy.

Mateo Internal Routing

It’s one thing for DA to apologize in a statement to his friends, his former teammates, his coach, his girlfriend, and others. Just wondering if he’s actually apologized in person to folks like Alex O, Warren, Cisco, Meredith, and all those who have been dragged through all of DA’s shit and had their own reputations questioned as a result. You’re a selfish man–I’m disappointed that I called you a friend.

Elias Crank

How does the girlfriend not notice track marks in his his stomach? Sketchy…..

Also – was she doping as well – didn’t she do well at Battenkill as a new racer? Very, very suspicious. She should definitely be tested next.

Elias Crank

Ugh, yeah, so has anyone thought of testing cisco, meredith, etc? Probably not a bad idea. Actually, a really good idea. That’s exactly where CRCA should start with testing.


That is very suspicious if she also did well at an event he admitte doping for. Did he share his secrets with her?

Jules Drainhole

Really, it’s no wonder people stay silent if they dope and/or get caught.

Talk about a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth lynch mob of self important ninnies. You all sound like a a bunch of stepford housewives with nothing better to do, going after a dude in the neat & tidy subdivision who parks his rusted ’86 Chrysler Cordoba with the genuine corinthian leather interior in the driveway, which violates some sort of made-up standard of aesthetics and self-importance.

Really, get over your sense of moral superiority for feeling cheated or robbed because DA doped. What exactly were you robbed of? 16th place in an amateur race going in circles? Some extra pain in your muscles because you couldn’t ride as fast?

Good lord, at what point do you just get over it and realize it’s all a joke anyway? Where does it end? Who made everyone judge, jury, and deiety? Do you rag on the parents who can afford to send little Johnny to batting camp all summer so he can be better at t-ball? Or little Susie to soccer camp so she can play better and perhaps have more fun?

Frankly I’d be more embarrassed to be raising the level of stink that some of you do than to dope itself.

Nathan Saddlebag

elias crank, you fail to understand that cisco’s results have not been over the top throughout the cycling years. he is consistent with his efforts and when he is not, you know cause his racing sucks. it is called having responsibilities like a job and having to work hard for everything instead of dropping thousands on ped’s as if it were pennies. one could only wish to train 1 hour per day let alone 6 hours a day. he is strong but not superficially strong like DA was in his races. As for Meredith, it is questionable because of the many podiums she got this season and all while hanging with DA. She is not necessarily strong to have upgraded to a cat 3 just like that. the truth is DA will never tell the truth about Meredith and she will deny it always. maybe not epo but what are the chances of her not trying something else? hgh?? you know she is just as competitive as DA. you see, the same thing is happening now that happened with DA, it is all a popularity contest and no one wants to go there because no one wants to look like the bad guy if it turned out that it wasn’t true. so don’t hang around here and complain about wanting to implement testing in the future if u are not ready to address the issue with the current suspicions that all of us have on certain racers right now. this is a cycle of convenience. when it is too much for us to deal with or if our poor friends are involved we make up excuses! Selfish egomaniacs and that is a FACT.

Le Blaireau

+1 to us all collectively moving on.

At this point,

1. I’m disappointed that more of the commentary on NYV isn’t focused on constructive discussion on *how* to test more – the financials, logistics, etc. The horse is out of the barn with DA. If you want to feel good about the amount of time, money and dedication you put in the sport, let’s talk more about how to implement a testing program. Further, a testing program legitimizes the sport and the efforts of those who won (and got tested).

2. DA is definitely a loser. We know. And from me, if it takes EPO to barely beat me, a Cat 3 father of 2 little kids training 5-6 hours a week with a 50 hour a week job… then enough said.

Let’s move forward.


DA is clearly doing all this confession BS and agreeing to be the say no to drugs spokesperson as a latch ditch effort to remain relevant and keep the cool kid status he drugged for because he was so desperate to keep. He probably thinks he can get David Millar status as the ex doper everyone wants to hang out with. He probably even daydreams of headlining next years roller races just like fellow doper Floyd.

Arne Liner

Agree with some comments on here:

So some guy cheats at low-level amateur sport – big deal. It’s pathetic. Does he deserve a prison sentence? No. Does he deserve to be publicly ridiculed? Yes. The results were “empty”… umm, duh…you didn’t really earn them.

As for testing CRCA members – well, you all better hope the ingredients list of every product that goes into your body actually matches what’s in it.

Blaise O'Glory

A 25 year-old woman does not need to take HGH. Her body makes plenty of it. A 45 year-old takes HGH because his body doesn’t make it anymore. That’s why it’s called hormone REPLACEMENT therapy, dipshit. Furthermore, an EPO regimen takes months to take effect — you have to train on the shit to get the effect. DA wasn’t even dating his lady friend in time for her to have engaged in what he was doing to any effect.

Baptiste Rubber Hood


Do you realize that doping at this level requires a serious glitch in personality and personal ethics? Do you realize that DA embodies all character flaws necessary to lead a person over the line to use the needle?

Accusing someone of doping is not a study of simply results, but equally important as a study of character and lifestyle. DA had the means, loneliness, arrogance, and total lack of humility to do this. If you actually know even the slightest thing about those around him whom you are accusing, you would know that none of them are stupid or fucked up enough to do what he did. So please. I’m all for outing doper fucks. But recognize that it’s something that extends past simply performance.

Jean Flange

@Elias Crank and @Nathan Saddlebag, do you really think there are track marks with an injection into fat? are you that dense? have you never gotten a booster shot as a kid? and i would hardly call his lady friends results “impressive”:
coming in 3rd in a womens cat 4 race which is equiv to cat 5 in mens is not exactly suspicious. well, maybe for your dumb and slow asses. leave her alone, i imagine she is going through enough right now without you gossipy little c*nts with your bone-idleness.

Remi Supple

Its pretty obvious he worked with someone – who was it? NJ Coach, CT, or NY. There are only a handlful of good coaches this guy would have paid.


I mad still because every time I get beat or dropped by someone who I could beat or drop the year before I’m going to wonder if he’s doping. I don’t give a shit if I’m 4th, 24th or last, I just hate having to think I’ve lost before I even have stepped to the line. So I’m going to continue to be a ninny and complain about what a giant sized dick DA is.


“I basically destroyed my leg,” he said. “So, I’m off the bike completely at this point, for a couple of years.”

No place in the VeloNews article does DA say he’ll never race again. You haven’t seen the last of him.

@Le Blaireau and everyone else who says “let’s move on”:
Are you so obsessive compulsive that you have to read every post on NYV? Sounds like you have a problem too.

Arnold (I never got caught doping)


As someone who is diabetic and has to inject insulin into my own fatty tissue 8-10 times a day, and has been doing so for years and will continue to do so everyday for the rest of my life (and yes i have TUE WADA forms and USADA clearance) I can tell you, there are no track marks with subcutaneous fat injections, there is no evidence of an injection site. You just tap a needle into your fat and press the button to release. I don’t even hide that I have diabetes, but I have worked side-by-side with people who had no idea I was injecting myself with insulin for months at a time until one day they look up at an awkward moment and ask what I’m doing.

If you don’t know you should be looking for something, you won’t see it.
Meredith, Cisco, Alex, whoever — why would they question it? He’s been doing drugs since he picked up a bike.
And DA is/was a cool guy, so why would anyone suspect he’d be in such a deep dark obsessive place? – You can keep pointing fingers at everyone for missing the signs, but it seems like every single one of us missed the signs…

Also, can I buy the movie rights to this whole story? I feel like it’s gonna make a great lifetime docu-drama, and I’d love to make a buck off this ridiculousness.


I’m not saying they should have known, but to say “If you don’t know you should be looking for something, you won’t see it.”, I would think that a number of accusations on this very site would give you reason to look, no? His coach at least? I mean if numerous people are accusing one of my clients of doping I’d look into it.


Relax folks, high school kids use performance enhancing drugs, policemen, firefighters, movie stars, athletes and soldiers use performance enhancing drugs – what is the big deal? It is American Culture, we have the best drugs available at our disposal and the advertising industry that forces us in that direction to use them.

Now we have a new field of Anti Aging medicine, essentially performance enhancers being prescribed by doctors.

Sylvester Stallone looks awesome for a 65 year old, no?

Who is going to watch his new movie “Expendables 2”, Arnold Schwartzeneger will feature in this movie, he started using steroids at 15 years old. He is now the Governor of California and a big movie star. Wonderful role models that I aspire to be like.


Bigger Faster Stronger



Research any of them…

Intentional fraud…takes a very disturbed individual to openly and continually deceive everyone around him. Particularly, those who are closest and most trusting.

Many of us are pissed because we trusted the little sh*t. I for one don’t like to have my trust violated. It’s got nothing to do with the fact I might have gotten a different result in any race…etc. It’s simply about be taken for a ride by a pathological lying egomaniac.

Mehdi Internal Routing

A Pro doping = unethical
A Cat 4 doping = pathological (+ unethical)

At least a pro has actual reasons to dope: win bonuses, better team/contract next year, etc.

Moving On

NYV posted the above earlier this week. Judging by the lack of comments, not many people read it. It gave a step by step outline on how we can move on by leveling the playing field with testing (and the threat of testing). More importantly we will see who starts to not show up at certain races, who decides to “race Ferraris” and who stops racing well all of a sudden. Most importantly, per the article, those that get tested will have their piece of paper and be able to give the two finger salute to the anonymous accusers on this site.


its a shame his team put so much pressure on him that he was forced to dope. He didn’t want to lose his place on the team.


Of course, your co-workers might be clueless about your needlework. Do you think they care? But if you have a boyfriend, you think he might notice the empty syringes?

His coach should have noticed the remarkable change in performance for someone his age. He might want to figure out how DA’s training would apply to other athletes.

Not everyone thought he was cool. Some questioned his results but had no proof. Now no one thinks he’s cool. Except maybe you.

Becca – DQ.

Seppe Post

you think its hard to hide syringes? people hide massive amounts of gambling debt/drinking/drug abuse from their spouses ALL THE TIME! you, “@becca”, are DQ’d from DQ’ing people. and you should check under your bed to see what your spouse is hiding from you…

Veteran Observer

“It cost about $500 a month, but it was something Anthony was willing to pay”

That’s rent in some parts!

Veteran Observer

DA is a sad symptom of yuppie bike racers coming into this sport.

Since the mid-80s I have been training and began racing in the 90’s. I started with toe clips and woollen jerseys.

There once was a CODE, based on bike handling skills, racing skills, gradual respect from the racers and riders on the road.

But this code has been buried knee deep in $$$, big money assholes coming into the sport with carbon this and carbon that, coaches, SRMs, Wattage Wankers, Strava obsessives, with one thing on their mind — WIN AT ANY COST, by any means necessary, fuck integrity and honor!

DA is the pinnacle of these super-TYPE-A individuals. He needs serious psycho-analysis and nothing else.

Too much attention.

Here’s a quote from an ex team mate via Velo News —

David Tacheny · NYU

I’m a life long cycling fan and racer and was on the same team as Anthony in 2009 and 2010. When he started he couldn’t even ride a straight line on his shiney Pinerello Prince with Zipp 404s. I had to explain to him what sew-ups were. By the next year he was obviously a totally different rider. I had to suspend my racing to take care of my son, but as I kept up with my former team mates results, Anthony’s rise never seemed legit. I’m 35 and have raced on and off for 25 years. I’ve seen more ‘fat men on carbon fiber’ come and go over the years than I can count. David Anthony thought he could BUY himself a hobby, a lifestyle, and a little admiration for riding a cool bike (while wearing a rolex, by the way) shaving his legs and winning a few races. He never understood what the cycling fan/club racer lifestyle is really about and he never will. He’s not evil, he’s not an ass-hole, and certainly no soul-searching, remorseful victim of his own nerocies. He’s a sad, sorry, pitiful loser and he’s not worth VN’s time.

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· August 2 at 4:51pm

Alessandro Bottle

Hey Veteran, if you were racing in the 80’s/90’s, you’d know that shit was just as rampant back then at many amateur/elite levels. Only thing was, it was mostly painkillers and uppers. Maybe you just weren’t aware of it, since people had to do the old fashioned thing like talk in person. No internet. Oh the longing for a more simpler time!