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I didn’t get to choose the colors, but at least it’s a fade. Saddle’s a lot cleaner, too. Researching CNC cutting services, so if we do decide to sell these they’ll be super clean and tight.


Ken S.

Nice! It’s like that little no-pedal bike, the one that costs, what, 400 bucks, but cooler. I especially like the fork. (What kind of wood? Granted, it’s for little tykes, but is the fork in particular strong enough to take the pressure?)

I’ll take two, please, for the niece and nephew.

Chris M

Dude, that bike rocks! Your daughter must be psyched beyond words. If you make one for me in 54cm and gears, Ill use in next years TT….or maybe Ill enter a Triathalon…


All 3/8" plywood. Might go to 1/2" for the fork assembly if we make it for anyone else, just to be safe. If we can get enough interest (10 pre orders?) Schmalz and I will tool up. Other animals possible as well.

Daughter pretty psyched. Would only give me hugs last night.


Remember the cows all around the city a few years ago?
You guys should have famous Nyvelocity commenters do custom paint jobs.
JFT could paint dollar signs, Lee3 could paint a little something on each of them, HHater would paint his black, Schmalz a proscuitto, Cupcake a…well, you get it.

Chris M

Andy, dude, its NYC – charge more than $300 please for this custom artistry… I cant even get a decent plate of pasta in my hood anymore for less than $20 and it takes the cook 5 min to get it done…

Tree hugger

I like the natural wood much better than the painted version – its really cool all around though nice work. Just don’t paint it next time.

Scott G

Imagine it in monocoque carbon fiber – nothing like a cool carbon fiber cat. I’d be really peeved if someone passed me on the Mountains of Misery on that cat-bike (Cat1 Bike, no doubt). Way cool bike. What other animals? Kangaroo, Dog, Giraffe, Snipe (does anyone remember ‘snipe hunting’?) Maybe some brakes would be cool, after the pedals are in place. Imagine a ‘wrench’ at the bike shop getting a splinter after working on this jobbie. Awesome!!!!

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