Sram QuickView Garmin Mount

Sanely priced mount

I posted a quick comparison of the Barfly and Quarq prototype Garmin mounts last year, and was utterly surprised to see it become one of our most viewed postings. Who knew putting the Garmin in front of the bars was one of the burning issues of our time? Anyway, the Quarq prototype is now a final production model, now branded Sram (Sram owns Quarq).

Likes: It’s rock steady, light at 18 grams, and aesthetically pleasing. It works with any Garmin. Best of all it’s reasonably priced at $20.

Dislikes: The prototype was purpose built for the 500, so it kept it nice and snug to the stem, down low like K-Edge’s adjustable mount. The final version trades sleekness for versatility, which is probably the smart move given Garmin’s new 510 and 810.

Verdict: It’s prettier and cheaper than the Barfly (19 grams, $25), less sleek but lighter and cheaper than the K-Edge (30 grams, $50). My fastidious side was initially bothered by the fact that my Garmin was no longer low and in line with the bars, but that was quickly forgotten after the first ride.



West Coast Reader

My issue with it is it says SRAM, my humm… what’s that brand of the one made of aluminum, its totally blank! So no to logo of a brand I don’t use on my cpu mount at the top of my bike.

Just read the last part, its a K-Edge.

Hey, the K-Edge is made of Aluminum so hence the price so at least it makes sense, plastic = lower price and prone to break when you are loading the bike when you accidentally bump it.

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