Garmin Mounts: Barfly vs Quarq

Computer mount shootout

As a friend said to me the other day, you know you’re dominating your market when other people start making accessories for your product. And a quick glance around my weekend start line indicates that Garmin is becoming the computer of choice for racers. So it’s no surprise that there are some aftermarket mounts available to replace Garmin’s rather rudimentary mount (no to mention a ton of homemade versions too). Here’s a quick comparison of the Barfly and the Quarq.

Both mounts move the computer ahead of the bars, where it’s more visible, and safer in a crash. The Quarq (lower shot) holds the computer flush with the top of the bars for a cleaner look. You can also angle it up for better legibility – angle the Barfly up and it really starts to stick out there. 

The Quarq’s bracket (left) is offset wider, which is great if you’re running that monster Cavendish stem. The Barfly is beefier, but both hold the computer vibration free and easily legible. And since there are hopeless weight weenies out there, the Barfly is 19g, Quarq 14g, and Garmin’s mount 6g.

The Quarq is a prototype that required some tape between the bracket and the bars (that’s what’s sticking out the side). The final product, due this summer, will not. The tape interface made it a bit tricky to get the computer perfectly straight and brought out the OCD in me. Hopefully the final product will plop on perfectly aligned like the Barfly does.

From an aesthetic standpoint there’s no question that the Quarq’s swooping lines are prettier. That faceplate actually serves to keep the computer in place, though it seems like a sneaky way for Quarq to usurp Garmin’s branding. Neither click and center the computer as smoothly as Garmin’s mount.

And the Winner is… 

The Quarq is lighter and holds the computer in a better position. The Barfly works with all Garmins, not just the 500. The Barfly’s $40 price tag seems high to me (I got in on the original production run, when it was $30), but apparently not to most other people. The Quarq’s price is as yet unknown. And of course, only the Barfly is available right now.



Damien Nipple

$40 for this is just ridiculous…but, they’ll get it b/c cyclists are suckers for these things. Does the 6g for the Garmin Mount include the bands to hold it in place? The Chinese will knock these off and they’ll be selling on ebay for a $1 by the summer.

FWIW, I crashed last year and destroyed my 500, which was mounted on the stem. It was crushed between the stem and the ground on impact, so I do think these mounts could offer a little more protection. That makes $40 sound cheap…

Studio Velo

Great to see the comparison we are currently carrying the Bar Fly and people love it – we can’t keep it on the shelves. But we are excited to see the Quarq option. The Garmin is an amazing tool and it deserves the best accessory.

Theo Schmid

Thanks for the review. There are still a few homemade ones that seem prettier. But what I really hope is that the guys at Trek, Specialiezd S-Works and Zipp come up with some bright ideas to integrate our loved Garmins into the stem, similar to the solution from 3T with their 3T Integra carbon stem with Garmin computer mount integrated. Integration is the word. More areo, less wire straps & Co!

Cosimo Helmet

having to buy a new stem for your cycling computer is the dumbest idea I’ve heard.


Thanks Andy. I have been thinking of getting one.
One question though – how do these make it safer for the Garmin in crashes? I’d think that something sticking out like that would likely to get destroyed more than something attached on the stem. I have never crashed or heard a story of a crash where the top of the stem area was scraped or damaged in a crash.

Rinaldo Saddlesore

These will make the handlebar mounted device obsolete soon anyway. Within a couple of years all your data will be on heads-up display on your glasses. You’ll also be able to watch movies and surf the internet while racing.

William Chainline

seriously, if you’re racing in central park or prospect park with a garmin your dumbass factor has gone thru the roof. “oh no, do i turn left here?” slap yourself in the face please.

Andy Shen

You do realize that Garmins are ANT+ compatible and record HR and power data, right? Right?

William Chainline

you’re either in the front of pack sprinting (or having already taken a flyer) for the win (or placing), or you’re not. that’s regardless of what the 1’s and 0’s say.

i don’t need a machine to tell me that yes, without question, i suck.

star struck

Yeah, yeah… $40 is a “crazy” price. And NYC bike racers are the sanest people on the planet

Mathias Headset

they make it safer for the Garmin in crashes because they use a new, secret technology that prevents you from crashing in the first place, as long as you have one mounted. well worth 40 bucks.


I really want one of these. Feels a little unsafe to look down at power numbers during hard intervals. But $40–Seriously? I’ll probably bite the bullet unfortunately, but there’s gotta be cheaper options out there.

Mathys Ceramic

where the heck is orchard beach? that’s actually a serious question since i’m too lazy to google it.

fuckna and totally off topic, but at what point will “google” stop being a verb in the modern lexicon?

West Coast Reader

So is it for the 31.X bars or can it also fit the 27.X bars? No data anywhere, other than I can see you have 31.X bars but still you’d think they’d advertise that.

For you cheapskates you can now make your own and I think in any color, get your 3D designer protractor out:

Download the app (Winblows only, sorry Mac losers)

Then send it in and in a week you have a Garmin mount, road testing and QC are up to you though.

Daan Clamp

Does anyone know if this will fit the oversized 35mm top handlebar from Deda TRENTACINQUE?

Luchino Setscrew

Has anyone seen these kedge mounts up close? i heard from my local shop in melbourne these will be about $50-$60 but superior to the competitors. I use one of the chain catchers and haven’t had a drama.

Romain Locknut

i gotta problem with my own asshole. it burns. too much messican food last night. arrrrrriba!

Le Blaireau

I went to buy a Garmin 500 from a local shop in NJ this weekend.

The shop had a bunch of Barflys that they were unable to sell, and so decided to throw one in for free with the 500.

It’s a nice piece… but it was originally stickered for sale at $49! Highway robbery, no wonder the shop couldn’t sell them.

I agree with Andy’s assessment – the Barfly holds the stem ‘higher’ than the stem, while Quarq looks like a better product by mounting the unit flush with the stem.

But, getting the Barfly for free was a nice treat. It’s definitely nicer to mount the 500 ahead of the bars than it is to use the Garmin’s standard mounts on the stem.

Chis Columbus

I went to go get a Garmin at a bike shop but got lost getting there. Now I’m in an endless loop driving around Columbus Circle. What should I do?

Paul Clamp

Thevzbarfly rules! And now the good folks at that company that does CNC aluminum so well, K Tech have a sweet Garmin holder out too. Have your pick. They’re all super.

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