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I fell asleep on the couch with the TV on, waking up at 4 with vague recollections of an infommercial.

Multi tools are a saddlebag must and can save your butt in a jam, but with their clunky bodies and short bits they can be a pain to use. A chubby character actor in a Primal Wear jersey tightens a bolt by turning the multi tool a quarter turn at a time before its body bumps into the bike, each time struggling to reposition the bit in the bolt head. Eventually our DeNiro wannabe’s frustration boils over and he melodramatically slams the tool to the ground, turns to the camera and says, “There’s gotta be a better way!”

Introducing Fix it Sticks, the tool that’s as easy to use as shop tools, but as compact as a multi tool. The secret is in its patented two part construction.

Each of the two sticks has a hex socket on either end to accept a variety of bits, as well as another hex socket in the middle to join the two to make a high torque T wrench. Use a stick by itself to quickly start a bolt – at 15mm wide and 105 mm long, access to tight spots is no problem at all. Once it’s finger tight pop on the second stick to finish. The studio audience applauds, flabbergasted. Closeup of two audience members turning to each other and nodding.

Our protagonist is now Schleck thin, flashing his nipples through a Rapha Sky jersey. He’s too pro to suffer a mechanical, but he does pull over and save a damsel in distress. They ride off into the sunset hand in hand while Vince the slap chop guy is furloughed to hop into frame and give two thumbs up.

What would you pay for such a product? $100? $75? $50? How about $30? Fix it Sticks are available here, but if you act now we’ll send you a second pair free, just pay handling charges equal to the price of one unit. Seriously, act now. There’s just 13 days left in the Kickstarter campaign.


Fix It Sticks

yup, there are magnets holding the bits in place and there is also 1 end of a magnet in the middle to keep the T shape in place.

MOTO man

Watch out for the MOTO man. he has eyes in the back of his head plus it swivels like an owl. he can spot a dime on the floor like George Costanza

they have been trained according to the crca powers to do all of this.

Thibaut Housing

I was surprised when the DQ’s weren’t in the B race. There was a crash on lap 4 just north of 72nd St. 6-10 riders went down next to the joggers lane. Coming around on lap “4.8” we were met by marshals blowing whistles and yelling to slow down. EMT’s were supporting riders heads. Some jerks at the front of the group saw it as their chance to go full gas and go for the win. I sat up and watched in disbelief due to the severity of the situation. Some terms come to mind such as lack of class, sportsmanship, and no moral values.

In a matter of 6 blocks after the crash how did the below placings on lap “4.8” make it to the finish line with such a large lead? Care to explain yourself??? I’m sure the rest of us in the B group can confirm this lack of class. People were seriously hurt and you were chasing a amateur, early morning park race win. Below are the results for the sprint of the final lap. (not the accumulation of the final results)

318 Gras, Laurent 9
516 Kim, John 6
429 Garcia, Jaime 4
322 Rivera, Luis 2
424 Rasch, Reginald 1

Sugem Pulla

Three DQed riders in the A race (1st, 5th and 9th). What happened, and where are the rest of the results?


I wasn’t there, but will default to the discussions following the first SS race of 2012 when the 3/4 field swerved through a large wreck toward the finish from the previous 5 field. Some sat up all together others kept going. A lot of confusion ensured.

In the end the officials and promotor concluded that if the moto continues on and the moto does not neutralize the race or if no other official neutralizes the race, it continues until until an official interferes. In this case the crash was as much a surprise to the moto as it was to the riders. Had the moto stopped there was a high likelyhood of another crash as there was only a narrow space for the moto and 3/4 riders to squeeze through. Since the riders and moto had no warning until upon the wreck, the moto did the safe thing and ride on, getting out of the way as fast as possible.

In this case the marshals should have run ahead of the wreck to neutralize the oncoming field. Since this didn’t happen the results stood. The people who eventually slowed for the wreck and complained were way too far back to be in contention anyway.

Quentin Cage

I raced in the B field and was in the group (not at the front) at the end of the race. The crash certainly was bad but it had no bearing on the race. We all went around the crash, no one took advantage of the situation and the sprint seemed fairly contested by those who were in position to actually win the sprint. Moreover, the moto continued forward, there was no neutralization of the field. They followed the conduct of the moto. Racers race, plain and simple.

Thibaut Housing

Nonsense, racers race my butt. The ambulance was taking up the whole left lane of the street. EMS employees were stabilizing the neck and head of two different racers and the stretcher was out. We had to slow down and consolidate to maybe three wide. Roger Parmalee had his vest on, blowing his whistle and was waiving to everyone to slow it down and ride cautiously. Clearly the below poster has no class or consideration for other people. The race was over. A few classless jerks decided to take off immediately. There is no reason you can give for those type of actions. This is amateur racing for fun you have no chance of becoming a pro. Show some class.

Louis Helmet

Man there is a lot of bitching and moaning in this sport. Can you imagine if this was the MMA? “…and, then he, he, he, he slammed his elbow into my face and gave me a wedgie…ouuuuch.” Nice work at assuming the role of judge and jury and then trying to publicly shame these guys. State your case through the proper channels and quit your whining, or join the chess club.

Fix It Sticks

Sorry that is unclear. On the kickstarter page is a photo of a cut-away stick. that shows what I mean. it is hard to explain in writing. About 1/3 of the way down you can see how the magnets are placed. The long magnet has 1 end serving as the bit holder and the other end is serving to keep the T shape engaged when not in direct use.


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Robin Dry Lube

I was near the front of the B race when it went around the crash. The front of the field was moving quickly, single file and strung out going down the hill. When we saw the ambulance and the marshals waving, the front eased up and stopped pedaling. The moto kept going and it was apparent that the right lane was completely clear, so people started pedaling again before clearing the ambulance. No one attacked and the field bunched up plenty from the drop in pace. If anyone was taking advantage of the ambulance, it was the riders further back in the pack who had a chance to get better position.

If we want to complain about riders in the B race, how about we focus on the rider who decided to crash into a jogger and risk giving the Parks Dept. a reason to end CP races.

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