Campy EPS Hands On

EPS in the flesh

We got a little preview of Campy EPS electronic shifting a while back, based on Mark Purdy’s photos and impressions from a training session. Mark just built a custom Cyfac Absolu for NAHBS, so I stopped by iFIXBYX to get a first hand look at the system.

Lever feel is excellent – more throw, resistance, and feedback than Shimano Di2. The lowered thumb paddle is very accessible from all positions, definitely better in the drops than Di2. We stated in the original writeup that Campy’s hold-multiple shift feature may not be faster than simply firing off several individual clicks, but we were dead wrong. Hold down either shift paddle for the rear derailleur and it instantly starts moving through the gears. You quickly get a feel for how long to hold down the paddle for a certain number of shifts.

Mark likes this placement for the control box – more aero and indicator lights are visible.

One little wire connects the shifters to the derailleurs. Super clean.

The front derailleur with clean internal wiring. It auto trims like Di2, but it doesn’t make its shifts in two steps like Di2 (video of Di2 in action here). 

The rear derailleur is almost as light as cabled rear derailleurs. 

While Di2 has inner and outer limit screws on the front and rear, EPS has just one, seen above. It’s more of a safety net to keep the cage out of the spokes. Once adjusted the system simply knows where the limits are, no need for limit screws.

Exit point for the rear derailleur wiring, which, for some reason, has a cable stop for this EPS specific bike.

Subtle reverse-relief downtube sticker, echoed by…

…the bottle cages!

EE brakes are 90 grams each and, unlike some other superlight brakes, they actually stop you. $600, though.

15 pounds 14 ounces with Mark’s Ardennes standing in for whichever swank wheelset it’ll sport at NAHBS. Mark has more shots of the bike here.

Having gotten my hands on EPS, I think it’s clearly superior to Di2. It’s lighter, has better feel at the levers, and the multiple shift feature is surprisingly quick and intuitive. Of course, once you factor in price…

Here’s a video of it flying through the gears. Check out the front derailleur trimming itself, also note its simpler one-step motion. Make sure to view at 1080p full screen to appreciate my awesome rack focus move.

And now for something completely different. Whenver I’m at Mark’s I ask him what’s new and cool and he gives me a sob story about how he sees so many cool things he doesn’t know what’s cool any more. Then I beat him about the face and neck area while playing a tiny violin.

For you tubeless lovers, IRC’s coming out with a 280g training and a 220g racing tire. Both are lighter and presumably faster and suppler than Hutchinsons. Full report once I get some time on them.

822 gram front wheel from Stan’s, complete with sealant and skewer. iFIXBYX will host a Stan’s free demo program. Look for an announcement here when it launches.


Jasper Fork

The angle of the dangle is proportional to the bootie of the cutie and the heat of the meat


A real master wouldn’t call himself “Sensei”. Unless it became an American word, and it took on a new meaning.

Farinata Seatpost

I refuse to purchase unless Campy comes up with internal shifter-based speaker that sings Italian arias with each shift.

Vieri Torque

You think that “1 little wire” dangling into the wind at the head tube is “super clean?” That looks ridiculous.

Did Campy source parts from the JC Whitney catalog?

Andy Shen

Good lord get a grip. One wire is cleaner than two shifter cables.

Steerer tube and seatpost are left long and uncut because the bike will eventually bit fit to its owner. I will not defend the stem length.

Alexandre Skidmark

All the writers and contributors at NYVC are independently wealthy. That’s why they do this. No need to get paid.

Why, I hear they toss scrunched up $20 bills in anger at cars who cut them off on the road.


cable by head tube should have been routed down the cable and then across the frame covered by a small piece of white electrical tape. That setup looks like shit.

Oderigo Supple

Looking at the video, it seems like there’s a pretty big lag between shifting across the cassette and the FD trimming. I would have thought they’d happen concurrently.

Vincent Cogset

That’s because they programmed a Papal blessing to occur between shifts. Happens in a millisecond. Not noticeable with multiple shifts, however.


Hey DB, how about you post a pic of your bike so we can all see how perfect your setup is? The method you describe will not work unless you only travel in a straight line. Otherwise, when you turn you will rip the tape off. This aint my first rodeo, Bitch. Routing of the wiring is more a matter of where the manufacturer puts the holes in the frame than anything else. There are reasons for everything I do. That doesn’t mean that I always have the right answers, but you just spoke out of your ass. That setup looks like shit? He-he, right.


Whether or not my method would work or not doesnt matter because that looks like unfinished garbage. Sensei my ass, dude if this is actually you, get over yourself. You work on bikes, give me a break.

Euro Pro

You silly little man DB, you are so Americannnn in your wiring, you must let le wire flow, like the Danube. You have no understanding for Le Velo

Jacopo Seatmast

why does the front derailleur screech so loud with every shift? Sounds like you are strangling a chicken.

Tire Licker

Those IRC tires are patchable from the inside with a regular butyl patch. They’re wicked expensive in Japan around $95 each. Where did you get them?

Jelly Fork

Thanks for all the hard volunteer work on Bear Matt – Sponsors, NYS Championship, gussyed up reg page, etc. Was looking to be back on track to being a great race again.

Sure does suck.

Wout Bearing

DB, Sensei does not work on bikes…he just needs to focus on the issue and the parts work themselves. Don’t be a hater…clear your mind and accept the higher power.


Yes, I do work on bikes. That’s very observant of you. But this is a bike related website and this is an article about bike mechanics, so… Unless your parents named you db, you have no credibility here. So tuck your tail and go home little boy. Or little girl, as the case may be.

Lennert Headset

Whoa, Sensei just owned Mr. DB, virtually pouring a tube of Tubasti tubular cement down his throat while saying, “Now who’s your daddy, BITCH?”

Lorenzo Internal Routing

Got a love it when people sign in with multiple “names” (and the same IP address) to make their point seem more valid. -1 for you db.


How about cable housing for the eShifter cable??? Just $50/cm…
Or, drilling frame behind the stem for cleaner feed?
shouldn’t the design be for eShifter applications? not simply a “tighter hole” than old fashioned steel cable, seems like eShifter cables were an afterthought?

Beautiful bike otherwise!!!

Diego Grips

How about those brakes? Has anyone purchased superlight brakes? It seems like it might be an upgrade of minimal interest. Of course I would take them if they were offered at a reasonable price.

Mohamed Fork

posting from the same ip means nothing except they used a different computer that didn’t have the name in there already.

Anyway, it looks like junk for a bike going to the handmade bike show. if i saw it on some CPA’s bike in cp i wouldn’t look twice. but for a showpiece it doesn’t look good.

Forese Headbadge

Hey Sensei how you like them EE brakes? Easy to set up? Did you get a chance to test on the street at all?


Well, of the ultra-light brakesets that are available these days the EE’s are among the best functioning. That being said, they still don’t work very well compared to good ol’ Dura Ace or Record. Is the weight saving worth the price tag and white knuckle feeling of semi-functional brakes? Only you can decide that. They are a bit trickier to setup, but just like anything else, if you know how it’s no big deal. If this is your first set… read the directions. My opinion… Ultralight brakes are NOT worth it. Find another way to save 50grams.

Headset Screw

What is the best way to say 50 – 200 grams, other than the obvious like new wheels or giving up Ben & Jerrys?

Wout Bearing

Mark Purdy you made it! You have haters…that means you are relevant and your actions stir emotions. You could have ordered vanilla and stuck with the usual game plan. Go forth and prosper…drill your own holes in carbon (those kids in China didn’t do it right anyway). Re-route cables the way you see best. Well done Sensei.

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