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Shake and Bake






 Here we are, boys and girls- It’s already mid August, and the road season is almost over. This year’s season ran a bit long in the tooth and by July I felt about as burnt out as astoner at Burning Man… I guess going full-bore starting with training camp in Feb until now takes its toll (and i don’t think I’m the only one…) The ennui of late summer bike racing was all around, but now three things have happened that have set the fire in my loins once again: 

1)  Cyclocross season’s around the corner!!!! If I have any hope of finishing in the middle of the pack as a newly minted cat 3 in CX, I better start training more…

2)  The team has been absolutely kicking ASS lately. 2 wins in the park by Zak, Alvin winning Tokeneke (and finally getting his cat 3 upgrade), and the little stunt Zak and I pulled at Lou Maltese (more on that below)

3)  For some god-forsaken reason, I’m pre-reg’ed to do the Green Mountain Stage race. After last year’s spectacle* you think i would have learned my lesson, but no.


So in order to not embarrass myself too much at GMSR or in the 09 CX season, I’ve ramped up my training again. I know, coach roger must be so proud. It’s easy to let yourself go for a few weeks after racing pretty much nonstop since march, but I’ve toned down my normal diet (not really) and started putting some real miles in again.
So onto Last Sunday:
I’d never actually raced Lou Maltese before, but it’s widely known as the Ultimate-mega-Excitable-cat-4-world-championships. Needless to say, this race was in our sights.The race started out in a similar fashion to CRCA races, with the addition of some non-CRCA jokers from Bklyn and Queens (Kissena, etc). It was pretty much guaranteed that it was going to be a sprint finish, what with the entire excitable cat 4’s in the bunch. There were numerous half-assedattempts at breaks, but the field never let anything stick for more than 1/3rd of a lap. I played my usual be-lazy-and-don’t-do-any-work,-you-fat-sprinter card. The rest of our team did a few leg openers, with Zak, Beckerman, Tim, and Chad attacking a few times. Nothing special. The non-sprinters did a good job of helping to rein in whatever did go. Coming into the last lap, Reggie and Zak stuck near the front. I waited till the west side/tavern to get into position- looking for my leadout of destiny- AKA TIM ROGERS.  




Tim’s surgical precision in the leadout is remarkable- he’s steady, finds great lines, and guides you to victory with perfect timing. I stuck onto Tim’s wheel like Britney Spears at an all-you-can-eat-buffet. Zak was on my wheel, waiting to do his thing. I had been anticipating giant leadout trains from Setanta and NYVelocity, but nothing came around. I kept an eye on "Union" SteveMarmo, who I had been talking sh!t to all week. I was praying he wouldn’t whip out a tire iron and take a swipe at me mid sprint (kidding!)- he’s been racing strong and i made sure i knew where he was. With 1 or 2 K to go,Beckerman goes off on a flyer. The field freaks out, knowing he’s a TT monster, and the whole pack sped up and got strung out trying to chase him. I think this was extremely beneficial to our finish, as we had a great position when it got strung out. As we got to the boathouse, Tim was chugging along. The Sprinter on Organic tried to go early and we followed. Tim rammed us about 1/3rd of the way up Cats paw and then Zak and I went. Zak came around me and I started to sprint. Our timing was perfect and no one was getting around us. It’s a great feeling when you know you’re golden before you cross the line- it’s almost surreal; it goes in slow motion. I vaguely remember hearing Steve curse my name.  




The minute we crossed the line 1-and-2, we did a GuidoFistpump and screamed in victory. We showed up to the Cat 4 World series and dominated on our home turf. Everyone played their part- we won because everyone raced well and for the team. Reggie, Chad, Tim, Zak- I’m so glad that we get to race together!

My "oh" face even made an appearance:




This month has by far been the best month for the team so far. We’re finally coming into our own, and done with the growing pains of a new team. Everyone’s racing their strengths, and we’re taking advantage of those strengths with our solid, selfless teamwork. I’m so proud of our guys!

I didn’t remember this right away, but before the race i had called that we would finish 1st and 2nd. As Andy Shen was photographing that day, and apparently I made sure to remind him of my prediction mid-race:

If you think that’s a shocker symbol I’m throwing up, well then you don’t know me very well. I’m a polite, meek person who isn’t fond of the spotlight at all. I’m also 6 feet tall and have a full head of hair. Ladies?

This latest result puts me within earshot of a cat 3 upgrade. No, really- stop laughing. that wasn’t supposed to be a joke! 




Note- due to the lack of an actual "podium" for the podium shot, it looks like I came in 3rd if you go by height order. next time I’ll wear risers in my Sidis.      




 *Last year’s GMSR incident involved a hilarious road race stage, where i took a wrong turn, did 15 extra miles, bonked, got severe GI distress and had to poop my brains out at a pizzeria at 11:30 AM right before hitting the final climb. I proceeded to get passed by Evie Stevens, who had probably started about 1 hr after me. 







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Mael Lorica

What is that second to the last picture – your two in the pink, one in the stink high sign???

Benjamin Dropout

Cat 4s dont get cold in the winter because of bodyfat and training rides are same pace as their races

Lucas Housing

“training rides are same pace as their races”…why would that prevent them from getting cold? if anything, it’s colder to go slow? I’m all for putting down excitables…but you’re, you’re…um, dumb.


Britney Spears was at an all you can eat buffet? Which one? I’m there. I was going to make a salad tossing joke, but this site is way too classy for that.

Seriously, congrats to FGX. Keep up the good racing.

Jarne Seatmast

He would have worn a baselayer but he left it at your mom’s house the night before. He was doing some openers with his shocker hand.


i’ve had enough. until nyvc sets up a password protected cat 3 or higher chat room i’m out of here.

Jacopo Clearcoat

cat2erpiller, it’s so unlike cat2 to be jaded and almighty like this, that is a cat4 response. real cat1 and 2s are supportive of the wannabees moving up the ranks because they’ve been humbled to know there’s always someone stronger.

David Supple

It’s fine for NYVC to appeal to cat 4s — there are way more 4s than any other category, and therefore have the greatest appeal. However, it would be nice if these blogs had a slightly higher standard.

It’s equally ridiculous to say that there is nothing here for higher category racers. Who doesn’t like to read an interview with DZ or JV?

It would also be nice if the site could recruit a few higher-category racers to blog. Of course, that won’t be easy, at that level, time training takes precedence over silly chores like blogging.

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