Learn about Biking Rules! from Transportation Alternatives and enter to win $4,000

Playful, fun, yet serious rules…

“Biking Rules, is a guide to cycling in New York City, brought to you by Transportation Alternatives, New York City’s leading advocate for bicycling.

Biking Rules is a new ‘Street Code’ for NYC cyclists, following the simple principle that our responsibility to others on the street increases in relation to our potential to cause harm.

With Biking Rules, NYC cyclists are taking the lead to create safer, saner streets. We need your help in making this Street Code catch on. Click here to find out more.
To build support for the campaign and improve the public image of cyclists, Transportation Alternatives is currently hosting a Biking Rules PSA Competition.Winning video, photo and graphic design submissions that exemplify the Biking Rules Street Code and the excitement of riding a bicycle will be screened at the Biking Rules PSA Festival this coming November in NYC. Contestants have a chance to win up to $4,000 and a new bike. The competition is open to media makers worldwide. Submit today!”