SBR Multisports

NYC’s premiere cycling & triathlon store

At SBR Multisports, our business philosophy aims to introduce products that help people interact with nature through the multi-sport activities they love. SBR has all the resources a swimmer, cyclist, runner or triathlete needs to perform at their best. SBR Multisports has a variety of road, tri and mountain bikes from Trek, Cervelo, Scott, Argon 18 and more. We have the latest in cycling apparel, accessories, wheels & gear to fit your needs and budget. Schedule a bike fit with one of our FIST certified fitters who undergo continuous education & certifications. Full time bike mechanics are on hand for tune-ups, bike builds and more. Our experienced staff and online live-chat support can help answer all your questions. visit or email for more information.


if rider

one of the nicest bike shops ive been in. very friendly, knowledgeable staff. wide range to offer customers.

Romain Polished

please. SBR is the worst…unless you have cash falling out of your pockets, then you probably dont care to change a tube yourself anyway…You think good service is when you get your receipt with double billing…”ah excellent Christophe! Shitty service at twice the price! I love it!”

Andrea O-Ring

I’ve had good experiences and bad ones. They’ve taken care of some adjustments on my bike for free and other times they’ve made the adjustments worse. Sometimes sales staff is great, other times they are pretty snobby. Hit or miss. But they are convenient to get too and have a fair amount of stuff in stock, so i’ll continue going when I need something quick

Goro Tarmac

These are the guys that sell ill-fitting tri bikes to novice riders and put 250 lbs riders on Zipp carbon wheels. If bike shops could be sued for malpractice…

Jelle Fork

On Par or better than most local bike shops. Handled a complicated warranty issue smoothly and quickly for which I am thankful.

As with most shops, some of the guys are more experienced than others.

Noah Rear Entry

This shop is in the bottom 2% of shops I have visited. Lack of knowledge, arrogant staff and no parts.

Arthur Stiff

I dropped down serious dollars here for a bike but I think I paid a decent price. My complaint is the bike had an integrated seatpost and the manager refused to help me determine how much to cut. He said that would cost me $400 for a proper fitting. I’ve been to a few local bike shops that assist you with a complete fitting for no cost. Considering how much money I paid I found this extremely disappointing.

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