Gypsy Donut meets Piermont Bike


Just a quick heads up that Gypsy Donut of Nyack has opened up shop inside Piermont Bike (where I do my eBay bike money laundering), serving donuts, cookies, muffins, wraps, and Stumptown Coffee. Take a look.

Coffee, Donuts, bike porn, and Lombardia streaming on the TV.

Nice selection of donuts, but of course I had to try the…

…maple bacon! 

Additional seating in back, outdoor seating on the way.


Gypsy Donut

Nice to be formally introduced, NYVelocity. Of course we’ve met a bunch of you at our Nyack store.

Bring in this posting (or show it to us on your phone) and take 20% off any purchase at Gypsy Piermont this weekend (Sunday the 30th) or next weekend (October 6th and 7th). It’s our way of saying howdy.

Mathieu Lorica

this is awesome!

and yes piermont bike is also a great ebay seller. have bought a ton of bike stuff from him/them.

they’ve been sellin’ some oddball stuff the past year or so though. lotta clothes, shoes, electronics, etc.

sign o’ the times i guess.

Lorenzo Chainline

I used to stop by Peirmont quite a bit when they would let you pickup your ebay purchases. Now I have a reason to stop by at least once more to try out the goods. That bacon doughnut looks tempting.

Kevin Brazeon

Fantastic espresso, awesome homemade muffins / donuts, friendly staff, live racing streaming off the internet. Go Glen!

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